Abusive Relationship Signs of a Devious Lover

Nothing can be worse and painful than being tricked by your partner to live in an abusive relationship. It starts verbally, and one day something is thrown at you. With the passage of time, it becomes scary. Your dream of a perfect relationship is broken apart, and you feel utterly hopeless and helpless against it.

Abusive relationships will leave you isolated and alone. Several people all around the world are experiencing abusive relationship, and it is not only your boyfriend or spouse who upsets and traumatized you with abuse, but it can also be from your parents, boss, coworkers, siblings, etc. The person who makes you distressed, miserable and drains out all your energies then chances are you are being abused by such a person.

Being abusive in a relationship could be of two types; one is emotional, and the other one is physical. Emotional abuse shatters you from inside, whereas physical violence smashes you from outside. And undergoing from both hurts the most.

Signs of Abusive Relationship

No matter what the circumstances are, nobody has the right to abuse you in any manner. In a relationship, watch out for the following signs that will reveal the truth before your eyes about the abusive behavior of your partner.

  • Your partner always keeps on criticizing you no matter how well you have handled the things. To your spouse, you are always a big disappointment. They will starve you to helplessness for the compliments and appreciations.
  • Your partner embarrasses you in public. They can become loud and disrespectful for only the smallest reason.
  • Does your partner use foul language now and then? If yes then you need to take a serious notice of this.
  • One of the biggest and the clear most sign is the physical hit out of the heat of a moment.
  • Some partners after verbal and physical abuses will feel sorry and tries to make up after the fight. They will start making eternal promises and use sweet wordings.
  • Some partner may use silent treatment and try to pressurize you further by putting all the blame on you. They want to make you believe that it was entirely your fault, not theirs.
  • Your partner may try to end up the conversation by pushing you away or raising their hand.
  • Your partner may slap you very often. In the beginning, it might be a slight slap on the cheek, but later on, it may reach to hard hits for even on small silly errors.
  • At the start of the relationship your partner may seem like just being involved in your life but after some time they will start controlling your life. Eventually, you will lose all your friends, and you become completely dependent on your partner.
  • Your partner always wants things their way. They will be the dominant ones. They will either order or in case of argument, they will continue to argue until you give it in their way.
  • An abusive person’s moods are highly unpredictable. Their mood swing from happy to anger within no time or one can say just in a flash.

How to get away from an Abusive Relationship?

After getting to know about the signs, it is the time to gather the courage and stand against the abusive actions of your partner.

  • You have been manipulated by them that you are dependent on them. Stop thinking this way. Take one step forward at a time, and you will become capable of doing things independently.
  • Do not tolerate all this quietly. Don’t be scared and take a stand for your right. You will start feeling confident, and one day you will be able to get over with all this.
  • Get some help and support from your family or friends. Talk to them about what to do with such an abusive behavior of your partner. If necessary, seek a professional help.

After identifying the abusive signals, it is better to walk away from such a partner. After all, no good can come from such a partner.

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