What Acts Are Counted as Cheating?

What kinds of actions can be counted as cheating? There aren’t any absolute answers as the infidelity is a huge gray area. And romantic relationships are constantly changing. They transform from one thing into another and a variety of forms without warning like casual dating, just friends, hanging out, getting back together, exclusive relationship, engaged, and so forth. Each form comes with its own rules and expectations, and to make things even more complicated, the two people in the relationship won’t know or may not agree on what type of relationship they’re actually in.

For these reasons sometimes it can become difficult to determine when you’ve crossed the line. There might be something that you’ve done that can come across as cheating to you, but actually, it’s not. Anyways, here are some questions that will help to clarify the issue for yourself:

1. Even if you aren’t sure that you’re cheating, would your boyfriend/girlfriend say you are?
Are you aware of your partner’s expectations? Do you find those expectations acceptable to you? If not, do you assume that those expectations are unreasonable to you at your present stage in the relationship? If you think they’re, then the two of you need to have a serious conversation to list of what you consider appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

2. Are you enigmatic about harmless things?
Sometimes we need to hide things like site memberships, passwords, social interactions with attractive men and women, coworkers, friends, etc., not because we are doing anything questionable, but simply we want to make things easy for us in case we tend to do something questionable in the future. If this relates to you, then it isn’t a good sign as it reflects that you might not be cheating with your boyfriend or girlfriend at the moment, but you’re open to the opportunity in the future.

3. Are you predicting the next step?
Even if someone has been observing your actions and behavior might conclude that you aren’t breaking any rules, are you still secretly interested to discover how the third party responds and what might develop? Do you notice any subtle shifts in how the dynamics of the relationship feels every time you interact with the third party? Do you think it’s progressing toward something that isn’t completely platonic in nature? Are you eagerly looking forward to every progressive step before it happens?

4. Do you think that you will be uncomfortable if your significant other behaved the way you do?
A helpful way to make a change in the situation and decide by yourself whether you get disappointed if your significant other acted in the same way as you did. If you have a friendship with a coworker or friend of the opposite sex that has become a little intimate, ask yourself whether you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to have that kind of relationship with their friends or in the workplace.

5. Find Out the real motive behind the interaction
When you’re dating someone, and the issue of cheating comes up, then the whole thing can be boiled down to one thing: intent. Ask yourself why do you want to talk or flirt with that hot girl in the gym? Why are calling or texting your ex? Why made to excite in meeting that person for coffee? Remember, sometimes, even the best and most self-aware men and women deceive themselves about their real intentions. Therefore, be true and honest with yourself, so that you can be honest with your partner.

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