Adrian Peterson Diet Plan Is Different Than Any Other NFL Player

Adrian Peterson is a mountain of talent and athleticism who made a good impression from his college years when he played for the University of Oklahoma. His coaches saw big potential in him when he was still young, and time proved that they were not wrong. Adrian managed to win the distinction of holding the most yards rushing, in one game, of 296. He also holds the NFL record for the most number of yard rushing games played by a rookie. In addition, his skills brought him some important titles and therefore he won the “AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year Award”, and the “NFL Most Valuable Player of the Year Award”, in 2012.

Adrian follows a vigorous and highly challenging workout routine, split into three workouts targeting upper body , lower body, and conditioning drills. On top of that, he is very committed to his diet plan which he changed drastically over the years in order to give him the results and performance he is looking for. However, workout and diet are not his only secret. He is using Adrian Peterson Supplements also that help him burn fat fast and get jacked without too much effort.

“I try to create a different environment. I don't really say much, but guys are watching you, especially when you're in the position I'm in. That's not why I'm doing it; it's how I've always worked, and I've always had my mind set to be the best. And I know what it takes: hard work and discipline especially when it comes to diet plans and training regimen,” he says.



  • 4-5 egg whites, Low-fat bacon, Whole-grain pancakes


  • Baked chicken, Vegetables and Rice


  • Grilled chicken breast & Pasta

Nighttime snack:

  • Muscle Milk Ready-to-Drink

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