Advice On Attracting Woman At Work – Get Access To Tips That Work

Office is another place where people spend most of their time. You interact with same people almost daily, and it’s pretty obvious that you start liking someone at the end of the day. However, it’s not compulsory with everyone, but if you are lucky one and you need advice on attracting woman at work, then you are at the right place. There are so many people just like you who want to date someone from their office but can’t find a way to ask her out. It may be possible that they are sacred to mix pleasure with work or simply they are lacking in confidence. So, don’t feel alone in the battle field, there are many people who are in the same position like you.

All about the advice on attracting woman at work

What to do when you fall for first sight love

What if you suddenly see a girl for the first time, and you feel that this girl is going to be perfect for me or in simple words you fall for her. At this time, you can do two things; first behave like a civilized person who is very professional in his work. You can greet her and make small talks with her. Or you can be little silly and stupid like be little bossy and after that you can tell her that you were just kidding with her. You can take a step after knowing her behavior as messing with her might create troubles and your path to get your love more difficult.

What are the things that you don’t have to do?

Before moving further, it’s important to know that you are not doing anything that will reduce your chances for getting your girl. So, here are some points for your help. Please make sure you are not doing these things at your office.

Being a complete douche – its little tough to make an impression good, if you are behaving like a complete douche person. Any girl doesn’t want to talk with a guy who is completely making himself a fool. So, don’t do anything stupid at your office.

Being a love stuck puppy – whenever you see that girl, you just feel lost and at the end you realize that you’re staring at her like a creep. It will make things awkward for you and her, so don’t such things at work. You need to be little careful otherwise you will become a part of joke in the office.

Being bossy – if you are a boss, then bossiness is good but only when you are signing an important deal with your client not when you are dealing with that girl whom you like. So, don’t be bossy around her, make her comfortable around you.

Things that you should do when you see her

These are a few points that are important to keep in mind whenever you are around her. It’s important to have an image of yours in the work place.

Be friendly – office is a place where everyone is busy in doing their work. The atmosphere is so boring that everyone wants some change and so does your girl. Whenever, you see her free try to do little jokes and healthy flirt. Your playful attitude will be a change for her and that can be a reason that she wants to talk to you more often.

Do little chitchat – you can send her some messages with funny quotes or something that will make her smile. But don’t send too many messages; it will disturb you and her. After all, you are in office and there are some rules that everyone has to follow.

Do private little talks– whenever you both are free, ask about her weekends and things that are little private. If see is responding to you then you can do little more question-answer game. If you think that now things are going good then invite her for a cup of coffee.

Things that you should do when you are working with her 

There are so many things when it comes to advice on attracting woman at work. Some of the advices that you can follow are discussed as follows.

Do praising – if she is working good then praise her in front of everyone and in personal. It will boost her confidence and also she will respect you more. If she is not working good then help her, but don’t get too much involved as  it will make things little awkward and it can be possible that people will think wrong about you.

Be easy –There are so many people who think that business is male oriented place where a girl can’t do anything. Show her that you don’t believe in such stuff and you support a talent, not a gender. Your thinking and views can also play an important role in impressing a girl and grab her attention.

What to do at last?

If everything is going perfect according to you and you think advice on attracting woman at work is working on your favor then ask her out. But make sure you are not finding different meanings in the signs. If she is smiling with you and likes spending time with you, it may be possible that she likes you as a friend. Don’t forget to check the position where you are standing, there is a slight difference between friendship and love. Make sure that the girl has not kept you in friend zone.

After calculating everything, if you are sure about your and her feelings then don’t be late. Ask her for a date directly, it may be possible that she will reject you and it may be possible that she say yes. So, it’s a like a gamble, where you can lose or win but for that you need to play first. If she rejects your proposal, there is no need to get disheartened. You can do your part of work and look forward for her accepting your proposal.

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