Age Is Just A Number: Does It Really Matter If There’s An Age Gap Between Partners?

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When it comes to relationships, there are so many factors to figure out. These things are complicated! One of the biggest dating topics that almost always leads to a heated debate is the idea of age gaps. (When we say “age gap,” we mean an age difference of at least five years.) Many people say that “age is just a number,” and therefore it has no relevance in a relationship. Others feel that large age gaps can seriously impact a relationship and that in some cases, they're even inappropriate (as in one of the partners is underage!) To add to the debate, we're going to break down the good and the bad of age gaps in relationships right here. Take a look:

The Good

Those in favor of age gaps in relationships may be on to something. Barring any relationships that involve underage individuals (if you're in one of these, consider yourself disgusting…and a criminal), relationships with age gaps can actually be great things. If you're involved with someone significantly older, they are more likely to be more experienced, cultured and wiser. This can help you to grow as a person and improve upon yourself in a way that being with someone your own age cannot. On the flipside, if you're the one that is older, you get the great privilege of helping someone else to grow.

The Bad

While there are good aspects to age gaps in relationships, we have to admit that there are more bad aspects. The most obvious bad aspect is the stigma. There is a major stigma surrounding large age gaps in relationships. For instance, younger women who are with much older men are often viewed as “gold diggers” who are only after the man's money. Many people doubt the legitimacy of these relationships due to the social stigma. Another negative aspect is that the two partners are at very different points in their life, and therefore they often want entirely different things. The younger partner may want to have kids one day, while the older partner does not want kids because they already have them and are past that point in their life. Being at different places in life also makes it hard for the two partners to understand one another. Issues that are important to the older partner may have no relevance to the younger partner, mainly because they have not reached a certain point in their life.

The Conclusion

All in all, when it comes to age gaps in relationships, it really depends on the people involved. For some couples, age gaps totally work. For others, the relationships ultimately reach their end. What matters most is that everyone involved is of legal age, is comfortable, happy, and in love with their partner. If all those requirements are met, then maybe age really is just a number.

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