Here’s How Alexander Skarsgard Diet Plan Helped Him Become Tarzan

There's been a lot of rumors in the media when “The Legend of Tarzan” was launched. And there is no wonder that the media was so excited considering how Alexander Skarsgard looked. If we would think a bit how Tarzan should be, we would think that the actor who interprets him has to be strong enough to be able to swing from one tree to the other without too much effort. But Alexander was more than that. He showed off his 8 pack abs and made the female admirers of the movie go nuts and start dreaming of this super hot actor.

When Alexander signed up to play David Yates in “The Legend of Tarzan” he took also the responsibility of following a very intense and strict diet and workout regimen. But Skarsgard didn't disappoint his trainers. On the contrary! He was so dedicated that there were many moments when his trainers asked him to take days off from training or cheating days from dieting. And you could see the results for yourself. But there was also something else that Alexander took: the Alexander Skarsgard Supplements which enhanced the results of all his efforts in training and dieting.

“When I was offered to play the role of Tarzan I knew that this was my moment. So I decided to put everything I have to make this role epic. I dropped of alcohol for 8 months and engaged myself in eating 6,000 calories a day. For me, a normal person who was never used to eating that much, it was an extreme effort. But in the end, everything was worth all these efforts.”




• Omelet with spinach

• Tea with homemade almond milk

Lunch 1: 

• Shrimp fried in olive oil with garlic

Lunch 2:

• White fish fillet

• Asparagus

• Sweet potato

Lunch 3:

• Poached eggs

• Green vegetable


• Smoked salmon

• Brown rice

• Brussels sprouts

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