All Fun and Games: 5 Things You Should Know About Dating A “Funny Guy”

Dating Funny Guy

There are few things sexier than a sense of humor. Guys like Paul Rudd, James Franco and Ryan Reynolds are all hilarious and loved by women all around the world. Sure, they're good-looking, but it's their sense of humor that makes them even more attractive. A good sense of humor could take even an average-looking guy and make him attractive. This is the reason that so many women gravitate towards funny men. Before you run out and find yourself a comedian boyfriend, we've got five things you should know about dating a “funny guy”:

1. They Might Joke During Serious Moments

Some so-called “funny guys” use their sense of humor as a defense mechanism. This means that anytime they feel uncomfortable, they'll crack jokes to ease the tension. This means they joke around during serious discussions. They might even joke around at inappropriate events, like at a funeral. It's not that they're insensitive. It's just that some of them like to use their humor like a safety blanket.

2. They're Great at Parties and Social Functions

If you're not the life of the party, then it's great for you to date a funny guy. His sense of humor will take away from the fact that you're not a social butterfly. People will focus on him and his jokes rather than you. He makes a good distraction for any awkward behavior you may display at social functions. His sense of humor also makes him more likeable, which means you can readily take him to a family get-together without worrying about your parents disapproving.

3. They'll Make Any Day Better

Whenever you're having a bad day, you'll be particularly glad you're dating a funny guy. He'll be able to bring you out of even the most stressful times. When you're down and out, he can joke with you to lift your spirits. No matter how upset you are, how could you not feel better after a really great joke?

4. They're Not Obsessed With Comedy

If you're dating a funny guy, it's important to remember that they're not all obsessed with comedy. Just because they are funny, it doesn't mean they want to watch every funny television show or comedic movie. It doesn't mean they want to go to comedy shows every weekend. It also doesn't mean they're obsessed with Seinfeld re-runs or Woody Allen movies.

5. They Can't Be Funny All the Time

This is the most important thing to remember when dating a funny guy. He cannot be funny all the time, and you shouldn't want him to be funny all the time. You have to realize that your “funny guy” is still a person. He has good days and bad days. He's not always going to feel like being funny, so you can't expect him to be. Besides, joking all the time will eventually get old and lose its novelty.

Dating Funny Guy

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