All In the Family: 4 Major Signs You’re Dating A Mama’s Boy


When it comes to dating, there are several types of guys you totally want to avoid. One of these is the “mama's boy.” It's one thing for a guy to be close with his mom. It's another thing for a guy to be too close with his mom. Dating a mama's boy can be a complete nightmare, so you want to know if you're with one before you get too involved. Below you can read four major signs that you're dating a mama's boy!

1. He Tells Her Everything

Do you find that your boyfriend shares a little too much with his mom? It's okay for him to tell her what is going on in his life. It's another thing for him to tell her every single thing that is going on. If he is sharing every detail of his life, especially private details about your relationship, then he is way too close for comfort.

2. He Needs Her Approval All the Time

If your boyfriend needs his mother's approval for everything, he's a mama's boy. If he's over the age of 18, there's no reason for him to be asking his mother to approve decisions in his life. It's one thing for him to ask for her advice every once in awhile, but it is a definite problem if he needs to speak to her before making every decision in his life.

3. He Always Takes Her Side Over Yours

This is a major sign that you're dating a mama's boy. If your boyfriend thinks his mom is right about everything and always takes her side over yours, consider yourself the second priority. This means that his mother is Number 1 in his life and it's likely to stay that way.

4. He Still Depends On Her For Everyday Things

One of the biggest red flags of dating a mama's boy is him still depending on her for things. Does she give him money often? Is she still doing his laundry? Consider these major warning signs that your boyfriend is still very much a child and very much a mama's boy!

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