All the Small Things: 40 Of the Worst Pet Peeves People Have In Relationships

While being in a healthy relationship is one of the most fulfilling feelings in the world, it doesn't come without its annoying aspects. Every person has pet peeves and when it comes to being in a relationship, you're definitely going to have some pet peeves about your partner. Your partner is also going to have some pet peeves about you! In fact, it's highly likely that you're annoying your partner with some of these pet peeves and you don't even realize it. If you're wondering what some of these annoying little habits may be, check out forty of the worst pet peeves that people have in relationships:

  1. Being Unreliable
  2. Comparing Yourself To Other Couples
  3. Ignoring Calls or Texts
  4. Talking To An Ex
  5. Not Cleaning Up After Yourself
  6. Sharing Private Details With Your Friends
  7. Never Chipping In For Anything
  8. Not Giving Your Partner Their Space
  9. Being On Your Phone All the Time
  10. Putting Everything On Social Media
  11. Never Helping Make Decisions
  12. Being Rude To Others
  13. Not Helping With Household Chores
  14. Never Apologizing For Things
  15. Acting Jealous
  16. Having Bad Manners
  17. Being Selfish
  18. Telling Your Partner What To Do
  19. Refusing To Ask For Help When You Need It
  20. Having Poor Hygiene
  21. Hogging the Remote
  22. Leaving the Toilet Seat Up
  23. Not Asking How Your Partner's Day Was
  24. Forgetting Important Dates
  25. Refusing To Talk About Issues
  26. Being Dominant or Controlling
  27. Micromanaging
  28. Constant Complaining
  29. Snoring
  30. Loud Chewing
  31. Leaving Clothes Everywhere
  32. Not Sharing Pet/Child Responsibilities
  33. Needing Constant Validation
  34. Ditching Plans
  35. Being Cheap
  36. Being A Poor Communicator
  37. Putting All Your Focus On Work
  38. Saying “I Told You So”
  39. Spending More Time With Friends Than With Your Partner
  40. Loud Bodily Functions

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