All the Wrong Things: 3 Things To Never Say To A Woman

things not to say to women

When it comes to wooing a woman, there are things you should always say and things you should never say. Some things will win her heart and other things will send her running. So how do you know the right things and the wrong things to say? Let us help! We've got three things to never say to a woman:

1. “Calm down.”

This is hands down the worst thing you could ever say to a woman for multiple reasons. One, it's just annoying. Two, it invalidates her feelings. When you tell her to “calm down” about something, it implies that she is over-reacting to a situation which, in all likelihood, is something she should not calm down about. Three, it implies that you do not care that she is upset about something.

2. “Did you gain weight?”

This one should be obvious, shouldn't it? This is not a compliment. It is not an appropriate question. Just keep it to yourself. No woman wants you to point out the fact that she gained weight. Even if you think it might be a compliment, she probably won't think so.

3. “You're not like other girls.”

So many men think that this statement is a compliment, but women beg to differ. Telling a woman that she is not like other girls implies that there is something wrong with other girls. Most women will find major problems with this implication. It is misogynistic and also insinuates that you harbor bad feelings towards other women. This will make her wonder why you look down on women as a whole and what has gone wrong with the women in your life that you think “not being like other girls” is a good thing.

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