The Allure of a Woman No Man Can’t Resist!

Have you ever tried understanding why a man will fall in love with a particular woman, even after she thinks that this man isn’t right for her? The reason is pretty simple. A man gets attracted to that ONE woman than the other women around him mainly because he FEELS attracted to her. That’s the only reason.

Reasons He Won’t Fall In Love
Let’s make one thing clear; a guy doesn’t decide to be with a woman he likes because he values the relationship with her. It certainly doesn't mean that it’s because he found the love of his life. Or, because she’s been good and caring to him that he wants to repay it back by staying with her, and thinks that it’s a right decision. Most of the guys will say that all of these are logical reasons. But, feelings and emotions have their logic. It doesn’t rely on what makes sense or is fair. The sooner you acknowledge this about men, the easier everything will become in you love life and romantic relationships.

Emotional Attraction Is The Reason Why He’ll Choose You
The single most compelling reason a man decides to be with a woman he likes, and establish a long-term relationship is the emotional attraction he has for the woman he wants to be with. Relationships also end because the man isn’t feeling any emotional attraction to the woman he’s dating. It’s the emotional experiences that make him believe that you’re the woman he needs in his life. Keep in mind that emotional attraction transcends physical attraction, and it’s this attraction that will keep on growing as long as the relationship lasts. So, what exactly is the cause that makes a guy to develop an emotional attraction for a woman?

The Attraction Of The Woman In Control Of Herself
We all know the communication is the key to developing a healthy and long-lasting relationship. A lady who can communicate to a man on a deep level is well aware and in control of herself and her emotional state. The combination of these two elements will make a guy feel intense attraction for her on that same emotional level as her. If a man is emotionally attracted to a man that he can tell all sorts of things about her beyond the typical physical attraction and interest he might have for her. This particular woman doesn’t depend on what a man does or doesn’t do to her for her daily feelings. If things don’t work out, either she’ll keep moving with the flow, or she’ll frankly tell her boyfriend that this new plan or thing isn't working for her. In other words, she’s capable of communicating her feelings in a calm manner before the problems become complicated. This behavior conveys a secure and reliable message – that’s she’s fully in control of her well-being and happiness.

Overall, when you’re dating someone, relying too much on your boyfriend to make you both emotionally and physically happy, creates an enormous amount of pressure on him. But, when he realizes that you’re with him because you want to be with HIM, not because it makes you happy, then he’ll feel an intense attraction towards you, which is hard to resist. And that’s one big attractive quality to have!

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