Alpha F1 Review

Waking up early, taking strict diets, and doing intense workouts, don’t always help you to build the body you desire. You also need to have an optimal level of testosterone in your system to give you more energy for longer workout sessions, enhance muscle strength, and speed up muscle recovery post workout. But, testosterone levels in men starts to decline in their mid to late thirties, and it continues from there. Taking steroids will help you with it, that’s not totally safe. Testosterone boosters like Alpha F1 can be considered as safe alternatives to steroids to provide you added strength, enhance stamina, and lose weight faster.

What is Alpha F1?

Alpha F1 is a testosterone boosting supplement that aims to increase the level of testosterone in men. Besides, boosting testosterone levels, the supplement also regulates estrogen levels in the body. Taking Alpha F1 regularly promises to eliminate testosterone related problems such as fatigue, sluggishness, decreased sex drive, excess fat, and so on.

Benefits of Alpha F1

1. Helps to burn fat faster
2. Enhances libido
3. Increases body muscles
4. Increases energy and stamina
5. Improves determination and sex drive
6. Promises long lasting results

Ingredients of Alpha F1

Alpha F1 is marketed to be an over-the-counter testosterone supplement. To be that good, the list of ingredients needs to be unique. But surprisingly this supplement contains only four substances, which is quite small for a testosterone booster. Anyways the ingredients are:

• Enrycoma Longifolia: Also known as Tongkat Ali is a common ingredient used in most testosterone boosting supplements. This herb is also traditionally used as an aphrodisiac. It works by increasing the testosterone levels in the body resulting in increased stamina, blood circulation, and libido. The amount per intake is listed at 100mg. But some studies show to get the desired results the effective dosage should be in 300 – 400mg per servings.
• Zinc improves overall health as well as increases body’s immune system. Zinc also supports the chemical reaction that enhances the production of testosterone.
• Vitamin B1 is an essential element in muscle growth.
• Vitamin B6 also plays a part in increasing the testosterone production.

Pros and Cons of Alpha F1

Advantages of Alpha F1
1. The ingredients are all-natural.
2. Increases total testosterone production.
3. Enhances muscles, and increases energy
4. Promises in improving sexual health
5. Having Zinc is a bonus.
6. Effective in burning fat

Disadvantages of Alpha F1
1. As a testosterone booster, the list of ingredients is not sufficient.
2. The amount of Eurycoma Longifolia (aka Tongkat Ali) is listed as 100mg per serving which is very low compared to other testosterone boosters.
3. This product lacks real customer reviews which lead us to question its performance
4. This supplement is only available in free trials, which seems sketchy

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, we aren’t telling that the Alpha F1 is an inferior testosterone booster, but its formula is simply too weak to be a powerful testosterone booster. This is a major drawback of this product, and we think it might fail to deliver what it claims can do. And having no real customer review makes it even harder to recommend this product. There are similar testosterone boosters available in the markets that are better and much more powerful.

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