Are You An Alpha Male? You’re Are The One If You Do 7 These Things

Most guys secretly dream of being a confident, charismatic and assertive man who takes the lead while dating. Instead of being a “fuckboy,” he wants to be known as the grown-ass man who has his shit together. He wants to be driven and wants his style to be dapper AF. He does want to be an alpha male. However, mainstream culture has always inaccurately portrayed alpha males as being overly cocky, narcissistic, and overbearingly dominant, did it ever occur to you that most alpha males actually make good boyfriends? Well, it definitely does!

Below are some only the real alpha males have:

  1. He Leads

Whether its work, life or play, alpha males confidently takes charge. However, it’s worth mentioning that a true alpha never believes his masculinity is compromised when his love interest takes the lead either. You can be a feminist supporter and an alpha male at the same time.

  1. He’s Confident, But Not Cocky

A true alpha male doesn’t brag or show off or acts like a total douchebag. He knows that he doesn’t to show other people and his dates that he’s confident or has skills.

  1. He’s Ambitious

If you have a goal or a purpose in life and have a clear idea or plan on how to get there, you can be called an alpha male. Alpha males are dedicated and ambitious. He’s intelligent, never jealous, and he’s someone, a woman can open up to and talk about their thoughts and feelings. And most ladies like to see those qualities in their man.

  1. He Makes His Girlfriend Feel Loved And Safe

He doesn’t feel the need to tell or whisper the words ‘I love you’ to his girlfriend because he already knows how he feels about his partner. And his girlfriend can say it by his actions. He makes his girlfriend feel safe with him. His girlfriend feels entirely comfortable and at ease with him, and brings the best of her. And because she knows that her boyfriend will always have her back, support her in the bad times, and she can always depend on him.

  1. He Spoils Her

He wants his girlfriend that she’s a top priority and she shows it her regularly. He takes her to romantic dinners and other places, and he takes the time to plan them and marks it with his unending affection and love her has for her.

  1. He’s Relentlessly Honest And Trustworthy

An alpha male is honest and reliable, and we all guys who don’t have these two qualities have zero respect for women. A true alpha male is accountable to his mate; he pulls you up and gives you feedback when you need it. He’s loved and respected by all, and they value his advice. They trust him, and that is something every woman should look into.

  1. He Pleases Her In The Bedroom

When you’re in a committed relationship, satisfying sex is highly important, and a true alpha male knows that very well. So, whenever, he and his significant other get physically intimate, he takes charge of the situation and brings his attitude to the bedroom. And he always and every single time he ensures that you enjoy yourself and feel satisfied.

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