Alphadex Review: Do These Supplements Help Build Muscle?

If you are someone who just started working out, you will soon realize the need to try male dietary supplements. You have been hearing how these bodybuilding supplements boost your energy and stamina and improve your athletic performance from the bodybuilding community and other supplement users, so you feel determined to try them out. The first supplement most men pick is a pre-workout. Later, they use testosterone boosters, post workout recovery products, Creatine, and so on. After testing out all of them, some guys decide to only stick with the essentials.

Alphadex from Myokem is once such essential supplement. So, what is Alphadex? Alphadex is an anti-aromatase formula that hinders the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. The supplement is marketed as an alternative for men taking hormone replacement therapies. For others, this supplement promises users to increase their strength and build hard, lean muscle mass faster.

Most of us know testosterone is a male sex hormone and estrogen is a female sex hormone. But men also have estrogen in their system, just not as much as women. What most guys don’t know is that testosterone in the male body can be converted to estrogen. This is the reason why men who use steroids get Gynecomastia, also known as “man boobs”. If a huge amount of free testosterone converts into estrogen, males will start developing female traits. That’s an extreme scenario, but not uncommon. The thing is that if you have more than the optimal amount of estrogen in your body, you will look soft and bloated instead of looking lean and vigorous.

Benefits of Alphadex

The primary benefits of taking this supplement are:

  1. Increases free testosterone by minimizing conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  2. Controls estrogen levels
  3. Regulates hormone levels
  4. Increases hard, lean muscles
  5. Muscle fullness
  6. Vascularity
  7. Improved sex drive

Ingredients of Alphadex and How They Function

The Alphadex formula is a proprietary blend that includes:
• Safflower Seed Extract: It lowers cholesterol levels and prevents hardening of the arteries.
• Brassaiopsis Glomerulata Extract: This ingredient assists in minimizing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It also helps to inhibit the effects of declining testosterone levels as men age.
• Garcinia Mangostana Extract: It reduces inflammation and regulates blood sugar levels.
• Acacetin: This compound minimizes the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.
• Black Pepper Extract: It helps increase metabolism by burning more calories. Black Pepper Extract also acts as a natural anti-depressant. It also helps with weight loss and helps the body to use nutrients more efficiently.

Alphadex Pros and Cons

Advantages of Alphadex:

  1. Alphadex can be used with a testosterone boosting supplement. It will help users to get more benefit from the product.
  2. All the ingredients are natural.
  3. There are no side effects.
  4. We found many positive Alphadex reviews at

Disadvantages of Alphadex:

  1. Professional bodybuilders experienced in using popular anti-aromatase supplements say that Alphadex is just an “okay” supplement. It’s isn’t great or powerful.

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