Androfen Review

Testosterone is a sex hormone in males that is responsible for the male characteristics. It also plays a vital role in muscle development, the growth of the reproductive organs, providing energy, and maintaining the overall health. During teenage years, testosterone levels peak in males and the rapid body growth in all areas. But, as men age, the production of testosterone starts to decline and reaches critical levels in the late-thirties and beyond. It’s called Andropause, which is the male equivalent to menopause. It’s at this age the signs and symptoms of low testosterone starts to show such as the tendency to lose muscle mass, put on fat, general lethargy, sluggishness, and a decrease in sex drive. No immediate medical attention is needed, but if these symptoms are left unaddressed for long, it will lower your overall quality of life and happiness.

So, some men start taking hormone replacement therapy, anabolic steroids, and natural testosterone boosting supplements to increase their testosterone levels and enhance their athletic and sexual performance. But, natural testosterone boosting supplements are safe and more convenient than hormone replacement therapy or steroids, which normally are expensive and have side effects. Androfen is one such natural testosterone booster than can be purchased online through a free trial offer.

So, what is Androfen? Well, Androfen promises to help men to increase their testosterone level by boosting the body’s testosterone production capability and decrease estrogen levels. You probably know estrogen tend to bind with body’s free testosterone, which diminishes its functionality. Androfen helps to hinder estrogen action. As a result, testosterone levels increases.

Benefits of Androfen

Some of the key advantages claims by Androfen are:
1. It increases testosterone
2. It decreases estrogen
3. It boosts libido and sexual performance
4. It increases muscle mass
5. It improves your overall performance

Ingredients of Androfen and How They Function

The formula of this supplement is proprietary, which means the manufacturer only included the names of the ingredients, but not its amounts. It is unfortunate because it may cause some confusion to some consumers. Anyways, there are three natural ingredients in Androfen's formula. They are:
• Fenugreek: This ingredient is believed to increase testosterone levels in men.
• Tribulus Terrestris: This ingredient increases the secretion of Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which in turn signals the testes to produce and release a high amount of testosterone.
• Tongkat Ali: This component also assists in increasing free testosterone by reducing the amount of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). SHBG attaches itself to testosterone, rendering it useless.

Pros and Cons of Androfen


Pros of Androfen
1. The ingredients are all natural.
2. There are no side effects until now.
3. The main ingredients are proven for improving male hormonal health.
4. Androfen has an official website, and the supplement can be ordered from the site.
5. It is affordable.

Cons of Androfen
1. The complete ingredient profile is not listed.
2. There are no Androfen reviews from customers to know whether it works or not.
3. Androfen will only work with a proper workout. Without exercise, users won’t get good results.
4. The free trial offer isn’t fully free as you have signed up for ongoing shipments and payments.

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