Animal Test Review: How This Supplement Helps Build Muscle and Improve Fitness

When it comes to bodybuilders, both amateurs and professionals are all looking for the perfect bodybuilding supplement. For most men, the ideal supplement has always been the natural testosterone boosters. You've already realized that working out long hours at the gym isn’t enough to build the huge muscles that you always dreamed of. You need to have an optimal level of testosterone in your bloodstream. After all, testosterone plays a vital role in building lean muscle mass. Taking natural testosterone boosters is much safer and more convenient than hormone replacement therapy or anabolic steroids. Natural testosterone boosting supplements such as Animal Test also provide comparable results to hormone replacement therapy or anabolic steroids.

So what is Animal Test? The Animal Test is a natural testosterone boosting supplement made by Universal Nutrition and is a part of the Animal line of products. These products are designed to push you all the way to your peak performance. It is the ultimate muscle supporting and testosterone boosting supplement that will significantly improve your muscle building endeavors and your performance in the gym.

Benefits of Animal Test

The primary benefits of Animal Test are:

  1. Boosts testosterone levels
  2. Facilitates the body to produce testosterone naturally
  3. Helps build lean muscle mass
  4. Minimizes aromatase (the conversion of testosterone to estrogen)
  5. Increases the mobilization of fat stores
  6. Regulates estrogen levels
  7. Promotes joint health
  8. Provides antioxidant functions
  9. Decreases the release of catabolic stress hormones

Ingredients of Animal Test and How They Function

The formula of Animal Test is split up into two blends. The first blend is called the Pro-Androgen Complex. It boosts testosterone levels in various ways. It stimulates the body’s own natural testosterone production process. It does this by freeing up the testosterone that would be bound to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). It also minimizes aromatase which is the process where testosterone is converted to estrogen. Divanillyl, an active ingredient in Animal Test helps in reducing the levels of SBHG found in the body. Another ingredient, Cissus Quadrangularis, lessens the release of catabolic stress hormones. Cissus Quadrangularis also provides antioxidant function and supports joint health. Meanwhile, Yohimbe helps to increase the mobilization of fat stores.

The second formula blend of Animal Test is called the Hypertrophic Response Complex. It includes Trans-Resveratrol, which works as an antioxidant and estrogen blocker. It also blocks estrogen receptors, so they don’t bind with the testosterone. Then there’s the ingredient, Arachidonic Acid, which promotes anabolic activity by increasing the sensitivity of androgen receptors. Animal Test should be taken daily with a meal before your workout.

Pros and Cons of Animal Test

Pros of Animal Test:

  1. All of the ingredients of Animal Test are legal and reformulated.
  2. The ingredients are listed.
  3. The benefits of the ingredients have been explained in detail.
  4. There are lots of positive Animal Test reviews from customers who are found great results with it.

Cons of Animal Test:

  1. It’s on the pricey side, but this is because it is high quality.

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