Annoying And Inconvenient Online Dating Problems

Ever since the humans came into being the dating has been evolved, but now you can observe multiple changes with the social media intervening into it. People have now taken it to the point where dating is attributed to winning a race or a game. The middle grounds seem to be long forgotten. It is pronounced to be taken into two ways nowadays, either casual or striving for the commitment. Neither of the two beings seems persuasive and logical due to the influence of our leading society.

In the olden times, partners do have their privacy. Nobody even gets a hint that you were dating unless you told them. Now do not get wrong here. I do appreciate the advances, but we need to admit it that people in the past were more caring and concerned about people’s feelings as they are today. That is why one can’t stop wondering that how this generation is going to screw up the intimate relationship with their peers.

Well, modern dating has turned into unpleasant trends that are extremely affecting the relationships. Let us go through these trends that are ruining dating:

First, one to fall in love is a rotten egg

Now this is something very ridiculous. Love can happen anytime and anywhere. How can it be bound? Most of the people nowadays prefer keeping distance rather than being the one to make the first move. That is why they end up remaining single.

Back then people use to find someone with whom they can feel compassionate about.

Social Media

With the rapid advancement, social media has taken over everything. Timeline fights, screenshots, etc. give a false impression to everyone out there. Although it is nobody’s business, social media gives the opportunity to show everybody that how bad couple you are.

Passive aggression

Posting your aggression on the social media will definitely going to give an ill feeling, and the person is going to feel like a paranoid. Of course, it will provoke anger and further spoils the relationship.

Very less amount of real world interaction

The undoubted internet is very useful but interacting and communicating is far more effective and should be preferred to build up a healthy, loving relationship. Seriously, sitting together listening, cuddling and holding hands are far better than any emoji sent via text.

Labeled it confusing

Nowadays people label it to be either very early or too late. They keep on thinking and waiting for the right time, and in doing so, they get confused.

Well, are you in love? Yes!! Then simply ask and get the sensible answer. And do not over react if you do not get the positive response.

Fading out

Well, this is the worst feeling ever. People nowadays have become insensitive. They have an option of blocking anyone by a simple touch on a screen. People think that silence is the most obvious answer, but it leaves room for unanswered questions.


Couples nowadays seems to put in fewer efforts and do not show patience and tolerance to see things through with the person they are currently dating. This is the reason that the turnover time for most of the relationships is becoming shorter and shorter day by day.

Due to these trends, the dating is becoming awful and miserable. Let's be honest and nice to our partners and tie ourselves in a relationship of love and respect.

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