Anxious Personality: Reasons To Date, An Anxious Person

Anxiety is defined to be a feeling of unease, worry, and nervousness typically associated with an uncertain happening or an imminent event. But what I believe it is not something about a certain event or not being sure about what is going to happen next, it is more than the panic attacks that lies right under the skin of an anxious person, ready to ooze out at any moment and for any reason.

Dating someone with anxiety does not ignite any definite idea to your mind, but seriously these people have qualities which some people can only dream of. So here I am to let you know about these anxious people and the reasons why you should get hold of them.

Concerned People are ridiculously creative

Being creative does not mean that they can draw well. It means that if you want to know about any scenario – either good or wrong; they can give you a better picture of everything. They have wild imaginations, and you can just ask them about anything you want to. They have the ability to advice very well like if you are going for your job interview, or if you are stuck and want some different ideas. They can come up with brilliant ideas.

They are always over prepared for everything

So if you planned out a picnic, the anxious person is the one who makes sure that everything is packed perfectly well. They have different scenarios coming up to their minds, and thus they will prepare the bags and stuff it with things that will help in every sort of situation that might come up. Like keeping a first aid box or it might rain so have the umbrellas and raincoats packed along, etc.

You will never have to make guesses that whether they are upset or not

Yes! No need to take a wild guess. When they are mad at you, their body language simply expresses it out.

But why is this good thing? Of course, it will be helpful in resolving the issues immediately. Communication becomes better. On the other hand, where people keep the issues to their hearts, they are piled up and eventually explode which is highly unhealthy for the relationships.

They wear their emotions on their sleeves

People with anxiety tend to have very little or simply no control over their emotions. Even if they want to, they can’t. They just simply can’t hide. They will say and compliment what they want to and even if they stay quiet, you can judge about their feelings from just one look at them.

They are always focused on what is important to them

They visualize their future, and they keep their focus on it. They pay attention to what is important for their lives and future of course. So when they have their focus on you, they will never catch up in any drama and will not worry about the unnecessary things like outfits and makeup. To them, it is YOU that matters because YOU mean so much to them.

Trust me! Anxious people possess the qualities that are not found in your everyday person, and they are an incredible asset of your life.



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