Are Men Are Emotionally More Distant Than Women in Relationship? Find, Why…

According to a new research, it’s been reported that men are more emotionally distant than women when it comes to being involved in relationships. It’s also been found that women are more emotionally and physically involved in their relationships than men are. Besides, a woman’s well-being and happiness depend on mostly how things are going in their intimate relationships. This might be surprising to most folks, but the reality is that it’s true.

It’s not brainier that it’s the women in relationships who usually points out the various problems in a relationship. Women typically seek professional help or therapy for the relationship or marriage. It is women who spend a heck lot of time reading self-help books and attending seminars about marriages and relationships.

But, why is that a woman tends to be more invested in her relationship than her partner? The fact lies in biology. You see women are biologically wired to be the nurturers. It’s them who anticipate the needs and feelings of their partners, take care, invest and nurture the relationship. It’s them who resolve problems in a relationship if things go awry. Meanwhile, men are biologically wired to be caretakers, protectors, and providers. It doesn’t mean that men aren’t fond to be committed in a relationship. Relationships are important to men; it’s just they show it a different way than women, by working hard, trying hard to build a career, and keeping an emotional distance. Men think being emotional and sensitive as a sign of weakness, while for women these are great qualities.

Some women ask if there is a way to change their partners, or how can they get their husbands or boyfriends to be more involved in the relationship. The truth is it won’t work, and you too shouldn’t try to change him. It’s because functionally and biologically men and women are different.

It’s true that when it comes to involvement and benefits, men and women aren’t on the same page, but both are interested in intimacy. Young women mostly seek connection in their relationships. So, they’ve kids, take care of their families, and nurture their intimate relationships. Things like having a career don’t resonate equally to women as men. That doesn’t mean women don’t want to have careers. Men, on the flipside, are most focused to be important and recognized. They’re interested in making a difference and making an impact in the world. The focus men put on work tends to be much higher than relationships, and starting families.

The dynamics change when the kids grow older and leave home. Now, women believe they’ve invested all of their life for the family; now it’s time they invest in themselves. They try to get jobs, begin a career or create their businesses. Meanwhile, when men realize their kids are gone, they get sad and miss them very much. They’re also tired of the rat race and crave for a connection from their partners.

These differences make relationships interesting and enjoyable. So, recognize, embrace and celebrate the differences. These will help both of you to intimate physically and emotionally.

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