Are You a Dateable Person?

Are you the person whom others want to date? Do you want to date someone? What do you need to have to find the right person to date? Well, keep reading.

There Is No Right Person

We are human; we all make mistakes and we all have flaws. We aren’t perfect in any way and finding the right person is a myth. Just look at the breakup and divorces rates. Almost half of all marriages end in a divorce, and most of them believe it happened because they didn’t marry the “right” person. It’s more of being the right person, instead of finding the right person. Only if we could work on becoming the right person and do all the things that make us right. Intriguing, right?

Online Dating Is a Great Approach

Getting to know someone better online and then meeting him or her in person is a great way to find a person you want to have a relationship. Assuming they were honest with their online profiles and with you, you can get a general idea who they are, what they like and value before you meet them. There is an advantage in this because once you meet someone new, there is a chance you can fall under his or her “spell.” It makes you lower your guards and overlook flaws which were important and crucial for you. You suddenly lower your standards and expectations and ignore things that you wanted in a relationship.

Making Things, Physical Won’t Help

Sometimes if two people have been dating for a few weeks or months, the chemistry is so powerful that they take things too fast too soon. They decide to make their relationship monogamous and exclusive. However, the longer you wait to get physical with your relationship, the better off you’ll be. The physical side of the relationship easy, but the emotional relationship is the hardest part. We all want to sexually active with the other person while in a relationship, but genuine intimacy needs strong physical and emotional bond. Real intimacy comes when two people fully know and relate to each other fearlessly.

Accountable vs. Capable

At marriages, we see a person pledging his or her wedding vows to another person. The act simply makes you accountable to the person you’re marrying and the promises you’re making. But, it’s a significant move, but just being accountable doesn’t always make you capable of honoring those vows or any promises you make in a relationship or marriage. If you fail to be accountable, you’ll be miserable and upset, and being miserable in a marriage or a relationship isn’t good.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you want to have a relationship with the right person, instead of looking for the right person, first become a right person. Don’t just dismiss someone just because they aren’t perfect for you; instead try to bring the best of that person, which makes him or her right to for you. Taking things slow is a good way to decide whether the person you’re dating will make a good partner for you or not. Improve your capability to be accountable to promises you make to your partner in a relationship or marriage.

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