Are You Accidentally Draining The Love And Excitement From Your Dates?

The world of dating is unpredictable. Many of us well aware of the fact that a promising and loving relationship all of sudden fizzles out without any explanation whatsoever. But, if this trend keeps on happening frequently and you feel disappointed about it, maybe it’s time for you to realize that dating you isn’t as easy you might think. Maybe some of your not-so-pretty personality traits are to blame, which you can’t seem to figure out.

Here are characteristics that might describe why you’re difficult to date:

1. You’re very talkative. Many people find it unattractive when one person keeps on talking about himself or herself without giving the other person any chance to talk while on dates. The purpose of dating is to get to know about each other. If you do all the talking, the other person will miss the opportunity to be heard. You’ll miss the chance to know him/her. So, don’t be that person.

2. You’re highly opinionated. It’s perfectly fine if you’re fired up or enthusiastic about issues that interest you. It shows that you’ve passion and depth. But, if it turns into a rant on every date, there is a risk you may empty your date’s batteries really quick. Potential romantic partners hope to feel that you’re open and accepting of other points of views and opinions as well, not just of your own.

3. You’re hard to please. Some people are so protective of their comfort zone that they won’t like to see or do anything or even eat something; they don’t like or acquainted with. If you’re one of them, say yes to something new and different than you’re used to. Who knows, you might have a really good time for yourself and your partner, too.

4. You’re too rushed. If you start having a conversation about the future of your relationship like marriage, having kids, etc., after a few dates, maybe you’re taking things too fast. Doing this will drain the energy from your relationship. Romantic relationships work best and last longest, if you don’t take it very seriously. So relax, and enjoy the moments.

5. You’ve too much emotional baggage. Nobody wants to have a relationship with someone who won’t stop talking about his exes and past relationship. Your new date isn’t responsible for clearing away your emotional baggage. Therefore, deal with your relationships and heartbreaks, before you begin dating someone new again.

6. You’re very needy or clingy. Being overly desperate, needy or clingy is a very unattractive trait in a romantic relationship. Always asking your partner questions such as, ‘why were you late, or what are you doing,’ etc., is sure to annoy him or her. The less clingy you are, the more confident you’ll be, and the longer your partner will be around you.

7. You’re too demanding. Don’t strike a fight with your girlfriend when she’s 15 minutes late for the date, or don’t get annoyed with your boyfriend simply because he sometimes forgets to reserve a table at the restaurant. Don’t be too demanding or judgmental about each other’s lifestyle or personality.

The bottom line is nobody’s perfect. If you’re looking for a date, or in a relationship, and some of these qualities resonate with you, don’t despair. These conditions can be easily cured. But, you should be committed to keeping them in check after you address them.

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