Why Aren’t We In An Exclusive Relationship?

A relationship can only become exclusive, only if both partners are ready to make that kind of commitment to each other. You can’t have an exclusive relationship when one partner is in, and another one is out. One of the reasons, why most men and women don’t want to commit to an exclusive relationship is that it’s difficult to know a person with two or three months fully. Some date multiple people at the same time and date casually. They only make their relationship exclusive if they have a lot in common in shared interests and chemistry. And it’s not simple for most people if they date only one person. If you want to be in a serious, long-term relationship, it’s never a good idea to rush.

When you’re dating someone for some time and have expressed your true intentions and feelings honestly to your boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s also imperative that he/she be honest about their real interests. Often, the truth isn’t something you want to hear, but it should be told nonetheless, and you should be prepared for it.

You, boyfriend/girlfriend, enjoys being with you, but he/she isn't interested in having an exclusive relationship with you. Now that you’re aware of your date’s intentions, and acknowledged that he/she doesn’t share the same interests and values with you, but is interested in still seeing you, it’s time that you make a decision if this is something that you can accept. He/she is giving you as much as they can, and has honestly expressed what he/she wants from this relationship. You boyfriend/girlfriend’s feelings might change over time, but he/she has already that they’re looking for a casual relationship.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend is really serious about you, he/she will call or reply to your texts and emails in a warm and personal manner. When you call, send texts or emails to your boyfriend/girlfriend, and find that he/she doesn’t reply or makes delayed responses, and see the content of his/her emails and texts to be very impersonal, it's time you ponder on the issue. It's clear to see that your boyfriend/girlfriend’s feelings for you differ that those you feel for your love interest. It’s fine for your boyfriend/girlfriend to keep on continuing with this kind of casual relationship, as he/she has already made it clear that they don’t want to commit. It’s is entirely acceptable for them, but it’s not okay for you.

We understand ending a relationship so quickly is extremely heartbreaking, but you should think about the future of your relationship. If you’re looking for an exclusive relationship, and the person you’re currently dating isn’t ready for it, it’s best that you let go. We suggest people to date multiple people at the same time as the chances to find someone who want to be in a committed, exclusive relationship will be relatively easy. If he/she comes back to you and is ready to give you what you want, then we think that it is something that you can consider. In such circumstances, we hope that you find all the happiness you expected to find in an exclusive relationship.

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