Do Arguments With Your Partner Make Relationship Thrive?

Yes, you read that right. But how? You see there are no relationships in real life, where couples don’t argue or fight with each other. Despite what you see in TV shows and movies, no relationships are perfect. If you’re new in the dating scene, keep in mind, that it’s perfectly normal for you to have an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Most couples do. So, relax.

But, it’s also necessary to know that if the arguing and fighting among the two people in a romantic relationship cross the limits, it can end up in a breakup, and no one wants that. Fighting constantly over serious issues, and sometimes petty things also mean you don't love each other enough. But, you can escape the fact that if you’re in love, you’ll fight. Yes, you read that right – again.

It doesn't matter, if you’re dating your soul mate, arguments are inevitable. You and your partner can be fully compatible with each other in every way. You both share the same interests, beliefs, and ideas. But, there will be some areas or topics that you’ll have a different view. You started dating your boyfriend or girlfriend in the hope of spending the rest of your life with him or her, and withholding your alternative feelings and thoughts isn’t the right thing to do if you want a healthy, lasting relationship.

If you withhold your thoughts and emotions inside of you, then the resentment and anger will just keep piling up, and eventually, will come bursting out, that will not only hurt all the people around you, who cares and loves you, but it will harm your relationship. But, it’s critical to understand that there are some differences between healthy fighting and unhealthy fighting.

You and your boyfriend or girlfriend each has your own views and opinions to stand to, and often at the brink of cutting each other off to prove your point? While arguing do, you notice that in your arguments, you and your significant other have a tendency to put off each other and their opinions down? If yes, then probably it's time to make a change in the way you argue or fight, as all these are indications of unhealthy fighting.

On the other hand, healthy fighting is when you wait for the other person to finish before you respond. In a healthy argument, you get the opportunity to be in your spouse’s shoes and understand what it is that’s making them feel bothered, concerned, worried, or upset about. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any shouting or yelling and that you’ve to agree to their points and give in to their demands. It means that you’re doing your best to address whatever is annoying you, and trying to take care of your partners needs at the same time.

When you’re in a relationship, the key to a healthy fight is excellent communication. Communication during the fight is crucial because you can express your feelings appropriately, and understand how the other person is feeling. Nonetheless, it's important that you communicate before you fight. Pause for a moment, sit down with your partner, and have a discussion about the rules that both of you should follow when you fight. For example, neither of you can interrupt the other when he or she is talking. Remember, every relationship has its fights, and there is no perfect partner. Keep that in mind, and your relationship will only grow stronger!

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