Ask Yourself These 4 Questions If You’re Angry At Your Boyfriend

In a relationship, it’s common for two people to get into arguments about romance, commitment, intimacy, personal feelings, duties, and responsibilities. If we can’t find common ground, both parties become angry, disappointed and resentful to each other. If it goes on for a long time, and no substantial steps have been taken to address the issues, it can ruin the relationship. If you're worried about your man who has given extra responsibilities in your relationship, then before jumping into any conclusion ask yourself these few important questions.

We have seen many women who feel deprived or never get recognition for all they do in their romantic relationships. Many women tried to give extra efforts to make their relationship healthier and sacrificed so many things for a better relationship. But, at the end of the day, they wonder how they can uphold their dignity to the relationship. So, the next time you are fed up with a man, ask yourself these questions first:

1. Am I Putting In More Effort Than Him?
When you’re frustrated with your relationship or angry with your man, it often indicates you are giving more efforts than your partner. It can be defining as well as over functioning. Over functioning occurs when you are working hard to gain the affection or attention from him, or it may also happen when you’re obsessed with him. When you invest too much energy to your man, you're only putting the extra pressure in a relationship. You will be exhausted; you’ll feel less attached to each other, and the communication breaks down, which creates a distance between the two individuals. You’ll be in more frustrated with yourself, as your efforts backfire, which leads you another question.

2. Am I Treating Myself Well?
The more time you spent in making your partner happy, the less time you have for yourself to take of yourself, and yes, we are also talking about your appearance. A man wants to see her partner well-dressed, sexy, and more desirable. If you do so, he’s attraction towards you will grow as well as the will to spend more time with you. Often, women think that their partner’s are mistreating them, but it’s we are mistreating ourselves without taking proper care of ourselves. How can we expect love and respect from a man if we don’t love ourselves?

3. Are My Needs Fulfilled?
We, women, have a habit of not expressing our true feelings. We want a man to read our emotions. But we can't expect noticed without communicating what we want and need in a relationship. When you talk about your needs, you may end up making poor choices that perhaps won’t be suitable for you. If you’re a shy person or introverted, it will prevent your partner to know yourself truly. He may conceive wrong assumptions about you. If you are angry with your boyfriend for something, talk to him directly. Don't keep words to yourself; share it with your partner. Otherwise, it may lead to serious consequences.

4. Am I Trying Too Hard To Control The Outcome and My Boyfriend?
In fear of being hurt or losing their partners, most women try to manipulate the results in the hope of a better relationship, but in reality, it sours up the relationship. Be fair with you and with your relationship. Often we imagine our relationships in our heads how a relationship is “supposed to be,” and we end up feeling disappointed by the outcomes. If you waste all your time and energy to manage a man and a relationship, you lose out on finding how a man feels about you.

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