How to Ask Your Boyfriend to Stop Texting and Start Talking

If you’re dating or in a relationship or looking for someone new, you might get frustrated if you see that your man likes to text you most of time, instead of talking. So, how can you get your guy to give his obsession with texting and finally make him talk? Here are some tips that will help you out:

1. Be honest. Tell your man that you understand that texting is efficient and effective given that you both are busy with work, but you still have time to talk to him and have a conversation over the phone. Tell him that simple one line messages like, “I love you,” or “I am missing you,” warms up your heart, but if he wants to have and deep and engaging conversation, calling you is the best option. If you see that your man isn’t comfortable with having long conversations with you over the phone, tell him that you’ll call him back if he texts you. You can also tell him always texting him isn’t easy for you at work, which may or may not be entirely accurate, but it will entice him to call you occasionally, nonetheless.

2. If your guy really likes you, he will call you. Usually, this happens after the initial days of dating. If a man is interested in you, he will call you. He will call you more than texting you because he wants to hear your voice and your laughs and vice versa. However, remember, that you both aren’t in high school anymore, so don’t spend hours talking or until both of your phones dies out. Ten to 20 minutes talking on the phone is acceptable, but if can’t honor that time limit, then you both need to spend some real time together over the weekend.

3. Texting can be sweet. Receiving a text a “good morning “ or a “good night” or a funny picture is a nice and fun way to keep in touch with your partner if you at work, family or business trip. Texting at these situations isn’t only convenient and efficient; it’s the only way you’ve to maintain communication with your boyfriend. If you give your date or someone you like your number, give it only on condition, and that is he should call you. Most men are just afraid of getting rejected, or you’ll turn him down. So, they feel safe and more confident if they text, chat with you online or send emails. Therefore, when he asks for your number, tell him that you’ll be waiting for his call – it will boost his self-esteem and confidence.

Keep in mind, sometimes a phone call can be seen as obstructive, so it’s very likely he is comfortable texting you because he doesn’t want to disturb or interrupt you. In this situation, tell your man that you are the kind of woman who prefers calls over text or chatting online. See if he takes that advice, but we hope that you both can reach a compromise. If a man really likes or interested in you, he will call you. If you ask him to call or gave hints or signs that you want him to call you, he still won’t call you. If that’s the case, maybe there is a communication gap. If your man still isn’t calling you, then call him and say him goodbye for the final time!

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