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Must-Follow Relationship Rules For Happy Love Life

Many people find love quite confusing and tricky. Such people may be in a relationship, but still, they lack the real experience of true love. Like everything else, love too is based on certain rules to be successful. Following these rules is a necessity for making your love life worth living.

Every relationship has the potency to flourish and blossom into something magnificent and glorious. All you need is to remember the following rules and keep your relationship happy and alive:

Relationship Rules that matter

You should be committed to creating a strong bond between yourself and your life partner. For this purpose, you need to know about the rules that matter and are helpful in living a contented life.

  • Don’t be selfish and love your partner unconditionally.
  • Each time when it comes to the matter of the heart, try to think from the perspective of your love.
  • Lack of communication forms the basis of many serious issues in love life. Therefore it is strongly advised to stay in communication. Always discuss and sort out every problem. Otherwise, you will start drifting apart from each other.
  • Always try to end an argument as early as possible.
  • The closest of the couples even require spending time alone. Learn to give space and give a chance to miss each other.
  • Compliment your partner now and then. Never try to take them for granted.
  • Sometimes you are allowed to tell a white lie to your partner. A lie which does not adversely affect your relationship but, in fact, it will make your partner satisfied and happy.
  • Every relationship faces tough times. It is the time to stand side by side. Always be a shoulder that your partner can lean on. In the end, love will shine even brighter than before.
  • Take good care of yourself. Be concerned about your appearance. Just because you are in a relationship now does not mean that you start putting on weight and leave yourself shabby.
  • Celebrate every occasion together, especially birthdays and anniversaries. These are the moments to be cherished later on.
  • Never make your partner feel bad intentionally as it will leave a lasting scar on the relationship.
  • Forgiveness is the quality that matters a lot in a relationship. Learn to forgive your partner. Clear your heart and don’t keep grudges as it will end up spoiling your relationship.
  • You need to respect your partner no matter what the situation.
  • Trust your partner even if your partner tries to say otherwise.
  • Couples should learn to spend quality time with each other. There is no other way to fall in love all over again with each other.
  • Don’t always wait for the special occasions to arrive. Be spontaneous with your feelings.
  • Surprise your partner with small love notes and gifts. Gifts need not be the expensive ones. A bouquet or a bar of chocolate can make the day of your love.
  • Never grumble or be abusive with each other.
  • Behave like a child now and then. A few pillow fights can add small happy moments to your life.

What Does Dating An “Only Child” Feel Like?

If you are dating someone who is selfish like anything, doesn’t care a bit about anyone else’s feelings and is too caught up in his/her own wants then you are probably stuck with an only child. Thus, you will be aware of the characteristics of the only child syndrome. The label is basically given to all those who don’t have any siblings, and these points below will justify why the word “syndrome” has been used to refer to this situation:

#1 No sharing

They are used to getting everything just for themselves right from childhood. Whether it is their food, clothes or bedroom; they have never had to share anything with anyone. So, if you’re dating someone like this, then forget about sharing their clothes and being romantic over eating from a single plate. They just won't go for that.

#2 They are selfish

Those who are an only child are used to being spoon fed everything. Their whole world just revolves around them only. Their parents probably are responsible for most of it, but it's too late. They have only cared about what their needs are which is why you shouldn’t expect them to tak care of your needs. In fact, get ready to please them 24/7.

#3 They are not patient

Being spoon fed and getting all desires fulfilled at the blink of an eye has made them used to getting their way. Now, if you delay something that they have asked for, then get ready for a serious argument. You will always find them whining about having to wait, whether in a queue or at random events.

#4 Goal driven

This is probably the only upside to this whole situation because their parents have always given them the individual attention and a lot of time has been invested on their upbringing. This is why these kids pursue goals and are passionate to achieve them. They are intelligent and have probably always been at the top of their educational career. There is a high chance that these will be equally goal driven in their job career and will achieve a lot of success.

#5 Overprotective parents

Their parents have only had one child to look up to and now that you two are dating, his/her parents will not be okay with having to share the love. The parents will then interfere in your relationship and make things even worse.

#6 More mature

These kids have spent all their lives in the home being with only their parents. Their upbringing has been done around adults, so they tend to be more mature. This may be good or bad for you. Good because they know exactly what they want in life but bad because they might be a little boring and not up for all the crazy childish fun.

#7 Imaginary friends

They never had siblings with whom they could spend their time, so most of these kids develop some sort of imaginary friends. This can get a little scary because many of them have had these friends for a long time and continue enjoying with these friends even when they are adults.

Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For The One You Love

Long distance relationships are never easy . They can make you frustrated and annoyed. Sometimes you miss your loved one so badly that all you want is a hug from them.

Missing your partner who is far away from you and conveying it by sending a gift is a unique way to express your deep love. It shows that how desperately he or she is being missed. So let us find out various sweet and fun long distance gifts that can make your partner’s day a happier one.

Long Distances Care Packages

Sending a long distance care package depicts your true love and care for your lover. It is the sweetest way to convey your affection. Here I am sharing care packages ideas that will help in preparing a care package for your partner:

  • Surprise your partner with a crunchy and delicious bakery food basket. Girls who love baking will definitely love this idea. So, prepare a care package full of chocolate brownies, heart shaped cookies and tasty cupcakes for your significant one.
  • How about making a themed blue box or pink box for your partner? Just take a box and color blue or pink. Fill it with candies and chocolates wrapped all in blue or pink. You can add a picture of yours too. Attach a little message to it which says “miss you” Awwww! Isn’t it going to be so cute?
  • Nothing could be as cute as by dumping a pack of Hershey kisses chocolates in a basket along with a note saying “sending you a kiss a day.”
  • Why not having a complete movie care package prepared for your partner? Take a box and fill it with packets of popcorns, chips, candies, chocolates and most importantly a pack of CDs which includes their favorite all time movies.

Open with ….. Letter ideas

“Open with letter idea” is the cutest of all. Write letters for your lover. Express your love and your feelings in different ways in all the letters. Then take a box and place all the letters inside. Wrap them with a classy wrapping sheet, a red ribbon and send it to your lover. Read the following points to get open with letter ideas:

  • Open it when you are missing me

In this letter tell your mate how much he/she is being missed. Recall old memories of the time spent together. You can add a photo of you two together as well.

  • Open it when you are mad

This idea worked wonders when you two had a fight. In this letter just say your heart out. Express your deep love and tell that you never want to hurt their feelings or upset them.

  • Open it when it is the first day of winters

How about preparing a box for the gift along with the letter? Get a pair of gloves, a scarf or a coffee mug. Write a cute romantic letter and dispatch it along with the gift box. And yes! Don’t forget to place a picture of you two standing with a snowman in the box, if you have any.

There are numerous ideas which I haven’t listed here. Think about more fun ideas but remember that the idea should be something creative, fun and affectionate.

How To Get Someone To Reciprocate Your Love?

Is there anything worse than loving someone and not getting the same response in return? Falling in love and being loved are the feelings which can neither be controlled nor dictated.

But, do you want someone to return your love? The only thing that you can do when someone doesn’t reciprocate your love is either to move forward or to show them that side of yours with which they are unfamiliar as yet.

Love just happens. There is no way that you can switch off the feeling. If you fall in love and feel that there does exist a chemistry between you two, then follow the following ways to peak their interest:

Finding connections

When you two are together, try to make out special connections and relate these connections to their world. Soon, they will start enjoying having you around more than they have thought about it.

Try to change your outlook

Your appearance counts a lot when it comes to feelings, attraction and long-term relationships. If lately, you have not been putting any efforts to look good then it is the time for a quick makeover. Update your look. Consult a hairdresser to transform you from average to just remarkable. Plan a workout to tone up your body to show a healthier and fresh look to him/her.

Better yourself

It is not only your appearance that matters; your inner self is equally important. Dig deep into your personality and find something that attracts the person you love. They might be looking for the qualities like honesty, generosity, politeness, kindness, etc. If you are low on these qualities, then you need to pay special attention to make an improvement in these areas.

Finding someone else

Nothing in the world is more attractive than being unattainable.  It is human nature that they want what they can’t have. By doing so, it will make them wonder that why you did not respond at the very first place. Moreover, they will be worried when their phone stops blowing up with your phone calls.

Take up a role of a friend

Be friends with them at the first place and figure out what they want from the relationship. After getting a clear idea, you may put in efforts to earn their love.

Try pulling yourself away from them

The thing we cannot have becomes our greatest desire. Show them that you can live without them by creating space between you two.  Step forward and move on. This will make them think twice that what place you hold in their lives and that nobody can replace your presence.

Do not make assumptions

One of the most important points is to stop making assumptions. If you have never confronted and have been honest about your feelings then basically you have never given them the opportunity to express what they feel about you. Therefore, stop assuming that they do not love you. You never know, the moment you express your feelings they confess about their own which they might not have conveyed because they were too insecure to say.

Nothing can be more painful than not being loved in response. You can have it in two ways. Either wait and wish that your love will be returned one day or step ahead to move on in the quest of changing their minds.

Out of Ideas – Try These Conversation Starters!

At some point in our lives, we do face a situation in which we need to talk to the other person, but we do not know exactly where to start from.

It's hard to start a meaningful conversation by walking up to the person whom you don’t know and with whom you have never had any interaction. In fact, meaningful conversations are always between two people who know each other.

Conversation starters are said to be hard but not impossible. You may find it difficult at the start, but you can begin a great conversation even with the strangers as long as you have got some good conversation starters.

Before jumping on to the conversation starters, let us first discuss the tips for making a great conversation.

  • Have a look at the surroundings. A lot of time the surroundings are very helpful in creating an environment for you to start a conversation. It can be anything like the shirt they are wearing or what they are watching on the TV, etc.
  • You need to pay attention to their body language. If the person is facing you and listening carefully with an eye contact then he/she must be enjoying your conversation while the individual who doesn’t seem interested in what you are saying will look away.
  • You are advised to go slow at the beginning. No need to rush up to ask about their greatest fears. Start a conversation with a lighter mood.

Great Conversation Starters when you can’t think straight:

Here are some conversation starters that will help you to initiate the perfect discussion:

Have you read any good book lately?

This not only gives you the insight of the person’s interests but also an overview of the entire book with loads of information to talk about.

What’s the best thing about you which you never want to change?

The conversations should always start and end on the positive notes. So, ask this question and get to know about the best thing they would never like to change in them.

What do you like to do?

This question is something which has an endless answer as every person loves to discuss their favorite things or interests and the conversation goes on and on.

Is your job something that you enjoy?

Asking about the job will lead to the answers of many relevant questions like what is their job type? What do they like or dislike about it? How do they get there?

Tell me about your most strange habit:

Everyone does have one, and it is also necessary for you two to have a little funny conversation in the start.

Do you come here often?

This is a sort of question which can open the door to a long conversation. If they say ‘yes,' then you can discuss this place, and if they say ‘no,' then you can ask them that why they are here.

Who do you know here?

If you have been invited by someone on this event then by asking this question can immediately lead you to some mutual interest and eventually to more discussions.

These are the simple tips when your tongue is all tied up in front of your crush and will let you know them at a deeper level.

Why Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Is Not A Good Choice?

A best friend is like your support system for life. You share everything with him/her, and their presence has become a constant need in your life. You might as well get into fights with them, but it all sorts out because obviously, they’re your best friend. Things, however, get a little complicated when feelings of love start to get into the friendship bond between a girl and a guy. This is very common because in such a friendship, one definitely falls for the other and that is how friendship starts to become a relationship. If it is you who has fallen for your best friend, then you should take a look at these points and try to move away from this situation:

#1 The judgment starts

Your best friend knows all about you. You were used to sharing every detail of your day and life in general with them. They know everything about you like all your embarrassing moments, your breakdowns, your sad moments, your secrets and desires. Now that love is in the equation, your best friend may not act like before, and he/she will probably get paranoid over whoever you meet from the opposite gender. The secrets that you once shared might backfire now that you’re in love.

#2 One of you will end up getting hurt

There is a very high chance that your friend doesn’t feel for you the same way as you do. Previously, when you needed them, they were always there without any questions asked. Now, when you finally open your feelings to them, you really don’t know how they will react. The chances are that they might agree or even say no. The worst that can happen is that they might even end the friendship.

#3 Being best friends doesn’t mean you’ll be the best couple

Friendships are easy and hassle free because there are no demands or expectations from it. The friendship is only about unconditional love and care. In a romantic relationship, things are different where you have to prove your love to the other person. Expectations will be there, and maybe you will not be able to fulfill them. When you were just best friends meeting them was like taking that time off from all the tensions, but now that you are in love it might become a full-time duty. You have to be careful about all that you say and that you do. You will see entirely different sides of each other, and it will be hurtful knowing that you were once best friends.

#4 No one to share your problems with

Your best friend, as we mentioned, was your support system. You would go to him/her whenever there was anything wrong going on in your life. What about now? Who are you going to share your couple issues with? You have now lost your greatest friend, and all you are left with is regret. Things could have been perfect the way they were, but getting into love ruined it even when it was not what you wanted.

How Can We Rejuvenate Our Emotional State?

We are humans and all of us get tired at some point. Excessive physical energy can exhaust our body, and you may need some rest to get back to normal. Same is the case with our emotions; there comes a time when life has been just a little too much and your mind can’t take the pressure. The reasons could be many – there may be issues with your love life, with your family, issues at work or just a general burden that has gotten too hard for you. Sometimes, you are not doing enough for yourself which is why you will face that emotional irritation. Being a perfectionist can emotionally drain you as well. You are always tied up in perfecting things, and it takes up a great deal of your mental and physical strength. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you give your emotional state a boost to feel refreshed again. This article is going to tell you how you can pull yourself out from that emotional mess.

#1 Identify the source

Before you start with any other thing, it is important that you see what fits your situation and what exactly it is that is making you emotionally upset. Once you know what the source is, you can further take steps to change it.

#2 Communicate with your loved ones

If the problem is with any one of your relationships, then you need to put aside your ego and talk to that person. It may the first time that you are doing this but this one time effort might just save you from the trouble happening in your life. There is a reason you love them, and if you feel like something is not right, then they have the right to know it because ignoring it will only make it worse.

#3 Put your own self first

You need to put yourself first and see what it is that makes you happy. You need to invest some time in yourself and put your dreams and desires ahead of other responsibilities in life. When you are not happy yourself, then you will not be able to do anything right anywhere else. It is your life, and you need to take care of yourself the most.

#4 Change what you can

You need to see what you can change and what you cannot. You cannot change what other people think or say, but you can definitely bring changes in your life and the environment around you. You can improve the environment by making it positive, surrounding yourself with the people who love you and by getting rid of all the negative vibes in your life.

#5 Find your strength

Nothing will ever be possible unless you believe in yourself and believe that you can do it. We all have our boundaries, and some have financial issues while some face social problems. You need to rise above the barriers and break them to be able to bring out the strength in you. We have the power to change, but we need to know just how to do it.

How To Get The Attention Of Your Crush While Looking Fabulous?

Does this ever happen to you where the person who was desperate to catch your attention loses interest in you all of a sudden? While crossing the hallway, sitting in a café or conference room, that cutie or that handsome guy who may have been trying to draw your attention seems to suddenly have no interest in you? Ever wonder what the reason is behind losing interest? What and where it went wrong?

Well, the first glance usually stirs the emotions, but to keep it moving and arouse interest you need to look good.  The following tips will guide you that how you can increase the excitement at the very first glance by looking good:

Look occupied

Appear like you have a life and show yourself to be busy and occupied. Do not ever lead them to think you have nothing to do. Avoid a constant stare as it may feel strange for the other person or scare them off.

Right eye contact

Eye contact is very essential. You need to learn how to make the other person’s heart skip a beat through flirting with your eyes. Sneak a glance over time and excite that person to want you more.

Surround yourself with fun people

It is always easier to look good and grasp attention while sitting in a group of your friends. Moreover, it is simpler to seem like you are the center of attention when your friends are with you. So, always try to sit within a group. But if your friends are giving some wrong impression, it is better to leave their company and move away from them.

Blush when your eyes meet

No matter how much glances you exchange, show a little nervousness when your eyes meet as it always makes romance more sweet and beautiful.

Good Posture

Always stand tall or sit upright. It makes you look good and confident. The coy posture is perfect for women, whereas dominant posture works well for men.

Create an opportunity for each other

If you have been exchanging glances, do not lose any chances that come your way. A few glances and that person may make a move by starting a conversation and exchanging numbers.

If you are a woman then excuse yourself from your group of friends, walk past him with a smile and step out. This is a green signal from your side that you want him to get up and move towards you.

Bottom Line

Eye contact may be the best among the above tips. Just sit back comfortably and enjoy it if you are not ready for the next step yet. But do remember to look confident and play your flirt game at best.

Ladies – Avoid These Style Mistakes On The First Date

There are a lot of rules out there regarding what to wear on a first date. Which rule should be followed by you and what you should not opt for is a pretty difficult decision to make. But what really matters in the end is that whatever you decide to wear should bring out the best version of you. Obviously, this is your first date, and you undoubtedly want to look amazingly stunning on this very first occasion of yours. Here, I will discuss the tips that I have tried and that will apply to most of the women on their first date scenario:

Wear something fresh

One of the most instant ways to make yourself look attractive and beautiful is the way you dress up yourself. It is not about wearing something branded or labeled, it is about wearing something that suits you.

Some people are so casual that they do not give importance to their wardrobe; however, this is the most significant part of your date. Now, don’t tell me that you have decided to wear those jeans on your first date which you are wearing since the past 4-5 days. Wear something fresh and comfy as your outfit will give the very first impression of yours to the other person.

Stressing out too much

Don’t stress yourself out when you are selecting an outfit for your very first date. Obviously, everyone wants to look perfect but there is no need to be overly concerned about it. What you will wear on the upcoming dates is more important as it tells someone how you feel or think about them more accurately.

Avoid showing off your body too much

Is it your first date? If yes, then act sensible and mature. What impression do you want to give your date by showing off too many of your body parts on your very first date?

When it comes to flashing your flesh, it is important to show a single body part like legs, shoulders or back. Anything more on your first date and you may be viewed as trashy.

Looking unapproachable

If you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing, then there are a large chance that it will make your date uncomfortable as well. So wear something that will keep you at ease and approachable. It is time to welcome someone in your life and not push them back.

Overdoing the hair styling

It is better to leave your hair free for your first date. Do not bother to overdo it. Your date might want to run down his fingers through them.

Applying excessive makeup

Applying a little makeup will make you look better along with making your good features more prominent. But keep it subtle. There is no need to apply so much makeup that your face seems like it has been painted. Keeping it light will get you appear more elegant and natural.

Avoid wearing a dress which makes you feel suffocated

Why wear something which is too tight, and even makes you uncomfortable? Wear something in which you feel good rather than stuck.

I hope these simple tips will help you in making the right choices. In the end, it is all about making yourself feel good and striking. So, wear a comfy dress confidently for your first date.

How To Find Out If You Are Dating A Phony?

Have you ever come across someone who is so perfect that you think you’re both meant to be together forever? They fulfill all our requirements, and you almost ask yourself if it is too good to be true? Well if you really ever do feel like this then it probably is. It may seem perfect initially but soon after you will realize that it wasn’t a great deal. You need to know the following points, so you know if you’re dealing with a phony or liar:

#1 They will agree with everything you say

It is impossible for someone to match your routine, your likes and dislikes to every extent. When you say you like your eggs sunny side up, or you like to dip chips in mayo, every time they will only have one thing to say, and that will be, “me too.” This should give it away that they are probably lying about it. No one can be that similar that they match each and everything in your life. They are probably trying to give you that hint that you both have a lot in common, but you should know that they are only faking it.

#2 They will play smart by mentioning things that you did too

For instance, you said something to them about how you have always wanted to live in the hilly areas. Now, a few days later they act smart by bringing up the same topic and molding it into something like high ranges are their favorite destinations to visit. Since you don’t remember saying this to them, you feel like you two connect.. But, this is another trick so don’t fall for it.

#3 They lie about what they are doing, always

These people will always be lying and covering things that irritate you. If you have told them about a few traits that you don’t like in a person, then they made hide those traits in themselves. However, there may be a time when you catch them displaying those traits. When you catch them doing that stuff, don’t let it go and confront them immediately.

#4 They avoid talking about themselves, every time

They will always try dodging questions which relate to their personality and personal information. They will make sure that the subject of the talk never about them, and somehow they will change the topic to something entirely different. They will have their flirty ways to change the topic, and you have nothing to say but fall for their tactics.

#5 They contradict their previous statements

This is one thing about people who lie – they will agree with you about something one day and after a few days if you say you don’t like it then they will agree with you too. You will notice after some time that they really have no stance of their own. They will only agree to all that you have to say, and later on, it will get irritating.