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Is It Too Soon To Give Up On Love?

Love is definitely not what we see in movies, and it isn’t a fairy tale where your prince will always be there to rescue you or your princess will be waiting for you and will love you every second of their life. This is life, and life has its harsh realities as well. Love is not at all simple, and you must be well aware of it before you start a relationship. Some people have their luck with love whereas others just learn a lesson from their bad experience. If you, unfortunately, had a bad experience or even several bad experiences with love then this does not mean you should give up on the whole idea of love. Love itself is a very beautiful feeling, and everyone should have a partner in their lives who loves them unconditionally. Here are some important things that you should consider before thinking of giving up on love forever:

#1 You are not alone

It is not just you who is feeling this way; there are thousands of people in the world crying over lost love and hurtful relationships. Probably, everyone at that time would be thinking the same thing – that they should give up on love. But this doesn’t mean you can’t get it right the next time. There is definitely someone who is perfect for you, and it is only a matter of time before you find them.

#2 Love doesn’t happen right away

You should stop comparing your life with the life you see in movies. Love is not magic, and it certainly doesn’t happen in a week. Sometimes, it may take years for someone to find their perfect match and therefore you should be patient with all this.

#3 You might be too picky

There may be a chance that you, yourself have made the situation really complex. We all want perfect life partners, but that doesn’t mean we should set unrealistic standards and then try to find love that will fulfill all these expectations. When we set extremely high standards then no matter how nice, sweet and loving the other person is, we will still find some negatives about them. You need to be more open minded for different types of individuals who love you and do things to make you feel special.

#4 You are not dating the right kinds of people

You might think that you made the right decision, but what if every time you end up with the wrong person. Maybe every time the person that you start a relationship with is not caring, loving or not your type.

#5 There is nothing wrong with being single

Being single is a good feeling! In fact, you should try to give yourself some time and invest in your own self. When you actually do spend some time alone and be happy with what you have, that will eventually direct you to true love.

#6 You will be really lonely

Love is companionship, and every person in the world needs someone to share their life with. If you give up on love, then this means that you have decided to spend your life alone. That will not be healthy for you because a time may come when you start getting depressed, and the need for companionship will leave you in great misery.

Don’t Rush Too Soon To Make The Relationship Official

So you've been in a relationship for some time and now you think that the situation is ideal for you to take one step further by making it all official. But you ask yourself if you’re rushing too soon? Sometimes people rush into things while they're excited but then regret it afterwards. Maybe they are agreeing to it because of some family pressure or because of the time factor with everyone getting older, but whatever the case may be it is a major decision, and you should always think thoroughly about it. These signs will tell you when you are rushing to make the relationship official:

#1 Your gut feeling doesn’t lie

When taking this decision, you feel a rock bottom feeling in your stomach and lots of nervousness. This is a normal reaction to something which you haven’t done with the heart’s agreement; this should be an immediate sign that it is time for you to rethink your decision.

#2 You have planned it, but you hesitate

People who want to make things happen then they put all their effort in it as well. You, on the other hand, are still using words like “if” and “when” as if the time is somewhere in distant future and this all shows you are not ready for it. You’re taking this time off because you are not yet sure about it.

#3 You are still in contact with you exes

When you are not sure or serious about one relationship, then you will always be in contact with other guys/girls, and it will not feel wrong because you feel whatever you are doing is okay from the inside. If you had committed to the person whom you are going to marry, then you wouldn’t even think about anyone else, and you would only spend all your time with that one person. You are definitely exploring your options because you haven't yet taken your decision.

#4 You don’t get motivated seeing others get hitched

People who want to get married or want to start a long-term commitment usually get motivated and excited when they see others in the same situation. You, however, have never felt this way and even if it is your closest friend getting married. You will still not want it for yourself.

#5 You have been overprotective about your independence and alone time

You are not yet ready for someone’s interference in your life. You don’t want anyone to tell you what to do and when to do. You like living by your own rules, and this long-term companionship might not be the best idea, at least for now.

#6 Whenever the subject gets brought back again, you always change the topic

Your partner is all pumped up for it and has already started making plans about things like which place will you be living in or what school will your kids be going to. All these things feel nauseous to you, and all you do in such situations is change the topic to something entirely different or just bring food in between since that seems to solve it always.

Second Date Tips For Men And Women

So, finally, you have made it to your second date. The second date is the time when you truly get to know about the other person. His/her real personality, past relationships, interest, likes, dislikes, etc. So, usually by the end of your second date, you will be able to get to know each other’s true inner self.

After your first date, here are a few tips that will strengthen the bond of your relationship and make the second date a successful one:

Greeting your date with a hug

Start your second date with a warm long hug. It will be helpful in breaking the ice between you two and increase the comfort level which is necessary for the start of a strong and healthy relationship.

Try out something completely different than your first date

Your second date should be different from your first date to create a new and fresh environment. By doing so, you will have something different and more to talk about. Moreover, your second date should not be a formal one like your first date. You can just stop by for a quick subway bite or go for a good old movie date.

Your dressing should be slightly casual than your first date

You may have worn your best-looking clothes on your first date but keep it simple and more casual going for your second one.

Women can go for a hugging shirt along with skinny jeans and heels. Keep it low on the makeup and stay as natural as possible. On the other hand, men can wear a nice looking shirt or a T-shirt along with jeans or khakis, casual pair of shoes and jacket is optional.

Revealing a real color of your inner self slightly

On the first date usually, the colors of the character and personality are not shown. The second date is the best time to get close to each other. Couples usually start showing their true self on their second date which includes their habits, likings and original personality.

Recall the talks of your first date

Show that you are a good listener. Impress them by remembering what you had talked about and did on the first date. This shows how genuinely you are interested in that guy or girl.

For example, if he told you about his brother’s new job, you can follow up by asking how it is going so far. This imposes a very positive impact on your relationship.

Allow your conversation to be slightly more personal

First date conversations are usually ice-breaking talks; however, on your second date, get a little closer to being a little personal. Speak of life journeys, past experiences and relationships, future goals, etc.

Increase your flirting quotient

Every person is reserved on their first date. They flirt indirectly. Obviously, they would never like to sound desperate. The second date is the time to loosen yourself a bit. Compliment your partner openly. Don’t be shy and let your attraction be known.

Getting touchy-feeling on your second date

On your first date, touchy-feeling signifies desperation. While on the second date, it is a clear signal of attraction. If you are attracted to your date, look for the signs of attraction through their body language too.

Well, these are the simple tips to follow. It is advised to increase your interaction after your second date via text messages, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. It indicates happiness and is a healthy sign of a long term relationship.

Significant Signs Of Heading From “Dating” To “In a Relationship”

In the start, you find dating enjoyable and fun. But later with the lapse of time, going out with many people and still not finding the perfect one for yourself becomes very annoying. You sometimes start feeling dejected and hopeless that you will never be able to find that dream date for yourself which you hope will eventually lead to a long and healthy relationship.

No need to be pissed off. You have arrived at the right place. Just go through this article, and you will get the clear view that whether you and your date are heading ‘from a date’ to ‘in a relationship' or not.

Signs you will end up in a relationship or not

Several ways can give you a clear hint regarding your future with your date. If either of you notice once of these, you could be heading in that direction.

Silences are no longer awkward

The green flag is lifted when you find that person making every conversation exciting. Nothing seems to be awkward between you two. Even the lapses between the conversations are comfortable and soothing.

By being yourself, you can make each other laugh

This not only implies that how comfortable you two are to put on a show, but it also expresses your compatibility. The similarity in the sense of humor shows that how capable you two are for providing joy to each other.

You two always schedule another date

Now if each time on the date, you plan for your next date then this indicates a clear signal that you two are getting closer to each other. Do not worry if this doesn’t happen. People nowadays are very busy; they can contact you afterward to plan out a date.

What is going to be better than this that if your date says, “Hey I am tight on my schedule this week but if I get a chance, shall I be able to see you again?”

You find a weird level of comfort

If you two are nervous at the beginning, but always seem to end up in the odd level of comfort together as the night progresses then this signifies a positive growth of your relationship.

Your phones are gone when you are together

Putting your phones down and simply talking is the biggest respect and compliment anyone can give or receive. It signifies that who matters the most.

Nothing else around you matters

You would either be enjoying the world together doing things that interest you both or be blind to the world around you. Nothing is going to matter when you both are together. Just you and your date, nothing else will interest you.

Your body language is much more relaxed

At first, when you two are together, you two are conscious about how to sit and where to put your hands. But later, you will realize that you have entered into a relatively comfortable zone where brushing of hands and a slight touch on the thighs does not matter then this is the point which indicates that you are all set to grow into a strong bond.

Just stick to these simple signs, and you will be able to assess your date that whether it will prove to enter into a long lasting relationship or just end up after some time.

What Should Guys Wear On Dates?

Whether you are a guy or a girl, whenever the time of the first date arrives, the most serious concern is about what to wear on the date, as most of the relationships take a start with the first impression. Fortunately, there is not a lot that you need to know. It is simple and straight forward. So, guys do not panic! Just check out the following simple tips to get yourself well dressed and presentable for your very first date:

Dress for the occasion

Firstly you have to consider the venue and then choose your outfit accordingly. Keep in mind the following suggestion when you start your preparations for your first long awaited, miraculous event.

  • For casual settings like going to a movie or a coffee shop, informal and relaxed dressing can make a perfect outfit. Wear clean jeans or casual pants along with nice simple T-shirt or button down top. If you usually wear hoodie or sweatshirts, lock them in a closet. The regular dressing is acceptable, but you need to look a bit different and unique as well, right? So, be different while dressing up.
  • If you are going to a place, a less casual one, then wear something a little dressier. Probably there is no need to wear a tie or jacket; just a dark colored slack with a nice button down shirt can be a good and decent choice.
  • Black is never out, but it's nice to add colors, not super bright but fresh colors that perfectly match your skin tone.

Wear what you are comfortable in

Always go for the outfit which fits you well to avoid any awkward situation from occurring. Moreover, do not try any new trend on your very first date. The big chances are that you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore it is always advised to stick to the one you already know.

Come up with a unique style

You do not need to overboard yourself for your first date, but it will be good if you just add some sort of individuality to your outfit.

  • You can wear an interesting watch or a smart belt.
  • How about wearing socks with a unique pattern? But, obviously with decent colors. Avoid wearing simple plain old ones. Try to mix it up a little.

Watch out for the outfit blunders

There are a few clothing items which are either irritating or not flattering at all. Avoid such blunders.

  • Wearing khakis is okay for the day to day use but wearing them on your first date is definitely not a good idea at all.
  • T-shirts with stupid jokes put a question mark on your maturity level.
  • No crocs or flip flops on the date. Sandal would be okay but only if the place where you are going to, allows you to wear them.

Flatter your best feature

You need to emphasize on your best physical trait. No doubt it is the personality that draws a person towards you, but your best physical attributes add up a little too.

Pay attention to your hygiene

Shower before going on a date. Shave well and make sure that your hair and beard are properly made. Wear clean freshly laundered clothes.

Minimize scent

There is no point of spraying yourself all over. Keep it light. Two pumps of cologne and three of body spray are sufficient enough. Avoid overdoing. Obviously, you want to smell nice but not overwhelming.

What Should Women Wear On Dates?

So, finally, that special day is here. There are so many things you must be concerned about when heading towards your first date. Things that might worry you lot like what to talk about and what not to discuss?, What to order and what to avoid?.

But among all of this, the first and the foremost question that starts bothering you from the time you were asked out is:

“What should I wear to look classy and graceful in every way?” Or “What would be the best choice for this special occasion?”

So, to make sure that you present yourself the best, here I am with simple tips to make it a perfect one for you:

Tips #1:

You probably never want to overdo yourself, and of course, it is advised not to do so. The point which really matters is the venue of your first date. If it is a movie theater, then dress up casually by wearing jeans and nice looking top but if you are heading towards a restaurant then wear something formal like slacks with an elegant blouse.

Tip # 2:

Be dressed in something which fits you well; neither too tight nor too loose. It should be something in which you are comfortable and relaxed. Being uncomfortable makes you conscious, and your date can easily notice your nervousness which is not a good sign.

Tip # 3:

Guys never bother about brands and label so, choose what looks good on you. Never make a blunder by selecting a new trend to wear. Your body is definitely not a hanger to display the latest fashion.

Tip # 4:

Try to look a bit unique so that you would stand out in the crowd. Adding accessories is a good thing to do. Funky earrings or a fancy bag can be a good choice. Try to wear something bright that makes you appear fresh. Bright and dazzling colors always draw attention.

Tip # 5:

Select the color that goes best with your complexion. If you find it confusing, then try wearing black. Black is the color that suits everyone and matches with every skin. So do not panic with the colors, if you cannot make a choice, then black is always there to set things right for you.

Tip # 6

A spectacular pair of heels will add glamor and elegance. But always remember to pick up the comfortable ones. Putting on heels and unable to walk properly gives an awful impression. I know you must be thinking about your back, knees, and toes but believe you me heels always flatter your lower portion.

Tip # 7:

Freshen up yourself Lady! Take a shower and blow dry your hair. If you have time, do consider pampering yourself with a pedicure and manicure.

Tip # 8:

Put on some light makeup. Do not over exaggerate it; the best way is to focus on your main attractive feature and go subtle with the rest.

Tip # 9:

Put on your favorite scent but keep it light. Dab a little on your wrist, neck, behind the ears, and in your cleavage.

So, how to dress up for your first date is actually pretty noteworthy. These simple tips can make a big difference, and as far as your appearance is being concerned, it will surely get you a second date.

Some Tips You Should Know If You’re Dating Someone With Depression

When you fall in love with someone, it just happens. You don’t care or see the negatives of the other person because you have emotionally given in yourself to them. Relationships can be hard. You will come across a million of problems and arguments, but it will all be worth it when you know the other person equally loves you. Things might go a little out of control when the person you are dating is suffering from depression. Depression is an absolute nightmare and so does your relationship get if one of you has it. However, this not at all means that you abandon that person. Dating a person suffering from depression can be hard, but it will be fine if you know how to handle it.

#1 Sometimes you just can’t help

This can be really annoying that you know whatever you do will not improve the situation in any way. Somehow, no matter what you do for him/her, they will just not be happy, and after some time you should just accept it instead of making efforts again and again.

#2 You need to come first

As much as you tell yourself that your partner isn’t emotionally draining but you should know that they actually are. Of course, you love them with your whole heart, but you need to invest some time and effort in yourself to refresh your spirit. You do a lot for them, and it will all get really tiring if you don’t give yourself a breather. You want to give your partner the happiest life, but you should include yourself in that too. Give yourself some time and relax. Go out with friends, watch a movie and carry on your social activities just like you did before you started this relationship.

#3 Try not to take it personally

Sometimes when in depression, the other person can say things which will really hurt you but you should know that they would not mean them from their heart. You should try to ignore it and not take it personally. You should wait for the right time. When they have cooled down, then you should approach to share that you didn’t feel right and that they should avoid saying such stuff.

#4 Getting frustrated doesn’t make you selfish

You are a human and you can get angry too. It is totally fine for you to let your frustration out because otherwise it will keep on building inside you and that is not at all good for your health. There may be a time when you feel like you don’t love your partner anymore but that is all temporary, and it will pass.

#5 Your lover does give you back

When you are doing so much for your partner, your partner will definitely make it up to you in some way. Being in depression does not mean that they don’t love you, life is going to be hard, but the affection will make it all worth it. You will have to wait longer to see this relationship flourish.

Some Badass Excuses For Avoiding A Date

There come plenty of times when you don’t want to carry on with a date that you have scheduled. Either you really are not interested in that person, or maybe you have just agreed to the date when you were drunk. Blind dates too can be really awkward, and you might be looking for some reason to avoid it. Getting out of a date is not that of a complicated process, but you need to be well aware of all the excuses so that you can use the right one at the right time.

#1 Auto failure

If you are coming from a distant area, then the best excuse is to say that you have had a mechanical breakdown. This works every time and because you are at a distance; the person would not even offer to pick you up. Just be sure to not to pass by their area while cruising the next day.

#2 Busy at work

Work comes before anything, and you need to be always available for it. The best way to use your work as an excuse is to stay that you have to stay late at work and therefore the date will have to be cancelled or postponed. This may make the other person angry, but there is an equal chance that he/she might be impressed by your dedication to your career.

#3 Family emergencies

They are always a great option. You have to pick your sister up from school or take your mum to her parlour appointment. In any way, you have to be there for them, and the person will be empathetic enough to understand your situation. These are your responsibilities, and your date has no choice but to accept them.

#4 My phone was stolen/not working

Just put your phone on silent and don’t answer any of their calls or texts. Be sure not to read their messages on WhatsApp and/or Facebook. Just ignore his/her calls for at least two or three days and afterwards tell them that your phone had issues and you were out of touch with everyone.

#5 I’m gay

This will only work on dates that are totally new. You hardly know the other person, and because of this, you have the chance to say something extremely unexpected, because there is no way they will be able to find the truth. Just say that you’re gay and make it all emotional saying that you don’t want to ruin your date’s life and it is better that they look for someone else. By doing so you will make sure that the date is canceled and you will get rid of that person forever.

#6 Spill it out

The last option may seem blunt, but it is what you should be doing when you have no other option. Just say that you don’t want to attend the date because you are not into that person. Say that you don’t want to prolong the relation and it is best for both to accept it and move on.

How To Get A Girl Say Yes When You Ask Her Out?

Asking a girl out can be one of the most challenging moments of your life. You have a lot at risk, for instance, your self-respect and the fear of being rejected. Girls are really bold at such moments, and they will really show it via their face if they don’t like the other person. Whereas, guys are desperate to hear a yes from them and therefore would go till any extent to achieve that. In some cases, boys overdo stuff, and that gets them disappointment in return only. On the other hand, underdoing things can be equally upsetting. It is, therefore, smart to keep it simple yet thoughtful. Not everyone can be as simple and easy to approach as we see it on TV, and therefore guys will need a little guidance at some point.  Here I am going to talk about some of the easy ways of asking a girl out that will get her to say yes:

#1 Keep it simple

Remember, you cannot and should not overdo stuff but instead try to keep it as simple as possible. Simple too does not mean that it has to be boring. You can do something creative while asking her out and that will increase the chances of getting a positive answer.

#2 Know your crush

Before you proceed or do anything big, it is highly important that you know the other person completely. Knowing them basically includes their likes and dislikes, what their hobbies are and stuff related to them. This way you will get a better idea of how to approach them for asking them to go for a date.

#3 Pay attention to timing

Asking her out too soon will be desperate and too late will be useless. You need to look at the right time and then strike while the iron is still hot. This means that you should try to create a situation where she is a little curious about you not giving her that attention and also by not asking her out. This will be the time when you should pop the question.

#4 Know your abilities

Before starting with anything, it is utterly essential that you do a little self-evaluation. You should know what you are capable of doing that will win her heart for some while at least, if not long term. Being creative at such a moment always pays off. Show her how much she means to you by just managing a thoughtful gift.

#5 It is just a date

When you finally ask her out, and she says yes, then you should solely keep it restricted to living in the moment. Don’t get too possessive or too chill regarding her. You have to keep it as fun and enjoyable as possible.

These ways are easy and not at all confusing to understand. Instead of putting in useless efforts, it is important that you direct your efforts to the right way. As much as we think about girls being clever, from the inside they are extremely soft and therefore, any cute gesture can win her heart. Be sure always to be genuine and not give any false information.

Cute Things To Text When You Miss Her

There come plenty of moments in your relationship when you are not with your loved one. Your girlfriend may be at some other place for work or study, or maybe you are busy with your schedule as well. It is never possible to spend the whole day together because obviously, you both have your own routines and daily schedules. Even for two people who are married, it is not possible for them to spend their whole day together, the wife and husband both could be working or even if one is working then the time gets divided. Whatever the case may be, there will come a time when you miss her, and one thing that will make you feel better is letting her know your feelings.

For guys, it may be a little hard to share their feelings because it has always been the girl’s job to do such emotional talk, but they need to hear your feelings as well. You need to know that if you miss their girlfriend or wife then telling them will only make your heart feel lighter. This article is going to talk about some cute things that you can text your girlfriend when you miss her. It is only going to take like 15 or 30 seconds of your time so you should definitely do it.

#1 Tell her you miss a certain feature about her

Girls love to be complimented and admired for their beauty. If you tell her that there is something special about her that you miss and give reference of any one of her features like hair or eyes, then that would give a really cute effect to the whole situation. They will know that it isn’t just their body that you crave for.

#2 Text her after a long day and tell her that you wish she was there

Sometimes texting after a whole day can be even more effective than texting in between. This is because it keeps the girl waiting and when she finally receives your text, it will mean a lot. The text, however, will only be good if it mentions a little about the love you have for her. You can tell her about your day, how it went and end it on a cute note saying that it would all have been much better if she was present there. That would instantly put her in a state of awe.

#3 Tell her you miss a little quirk she has

Every person has something about their personality that shines, if not for the world then definitely for that one person special. When you are missing your girlfriend, you can always send her a text that mentions about one of her personality traits that you miss the most. For instance, laughing in full mood. This will give her the feeling that you truly love her and that you have now become used to her presence.

These texts do not really take that much of your time, but the effect that they will have on your relationship will be really strong.