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Gift-Giving Dilemmas: 4 Great Gifts You Can Get A New Partner

With the holidays right around the corner, a common conundrum many people face is figuring out what to get their partner. This is especially difficult if it's a relatively new partner. If you just started dating this person, you don't want to get them something serious, like expensive jewelry. This could intimidate them and send them running. You also don't want to get them something too simple, like a box of chocolates. This could make them think you don't care. Lucky for you, we're always here to lend a helping hand! If you're struggling to find something special for your new boyfriend or girlfriend, check out these five great gifts you can get a new partner:

1. Gift Cards

You're probably thinking we're crazy to even suggest getting your partner a gift card. Gift cards are commonly thought of as an impersonal or rude gift. However, rest assured that they aren't considered rude or impersonal when it is a new partner…depending on how you present them. The best way to do this is to get a gift card with a decent amount of money on it (at least $50) for one of their favorite stores. Package it in a nice little envelope along with a thoughtful, handwritten card. It doesn't hurt to include a little something extra like a bouquet of flowers to attach the envelope and card to.

2. Cute, Quirky Home Decor

Odds are you've seen your partner's home by now. It doesn't take long to get an idea of what their taste is and the way they like their home to look. Get them something cute or quirky that goes with their home décor. This could be some funny wall art of a nice little sculpture. We'll also include an interesting coffee table book about a topic you know they're interested in.

3. An Inside Joke

A great gift idea could be something that relates to an inside joke between you and your new partner. Think back on the (short) history you have had together so far and find a gift that only they could understand. This may be something that relates to the way you met, or a funny memory from your first date. Gifts like this are sentimental enough to show your partner that you care about your bond, but not too sentimental to make them think you're ready to walk down the aisle.

4. Something They Said They Needed/Wanted

One of the best gift ideas for a new partner is just getting them something you know they need or want. Pay attention to things that they talk about. Odds are you'll eventually hear them mention something they really need or something they'd just like to have. Maybe they need a new shirt for work, or they really want to get the new book by their favorite author. Getting gifts like this will show your new partner that you want to make them happy and that you actually pay attention to what they say.

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Rush to the Altar: Are You Getting Married Too Soon?

Getting married is usually the happiest occasion in someone's life. While it may be a joyful thing, most people do have some concerns and second thoughts before tying the knot – which is totally normal. One of the most common concerns that people have when getting married is wondering if they're moving too fast. You may be worried that things won't work out because you're getting married too soon. Now this can just be normal wedding-related anxiety or it could be a legitimate point. So how can you tell if you're just having cold feet or if you really are in fact, getting married too soon? We're going to share some things to consider before getting married too soon…

The first thing you should consider is how long you have known your partner. Did you meet them three years ago or did you meet them three months ago? If the two of you have known each other for years and been in a romantic relationship for years, then it's unlikely your marriage is too soon. Some couples were friends for years before they began dating, and this is often the ideal situation for a long-lasting relationship. Now, on the flip side, if you just met this person a few months ago and it has been a whirlwind romance, you're probably getting married too soon. Relationships like this are often caught up in lust and infatuation, causing the couple to move too fast. In these very early stages of the relationship, you may feel that this person is your soul mate because you have yet to see their flaws or the ways in which you two are not compatible. These are often things that reveal themselves in time. If you don't give yourself the time, you'll never be able to see the true nature of what a relationship with this person is like.

Another thing to consider before getting married are certain milestones. Has your partner met your family? Have you met their family? Have you had your first argument? Have you traveled together or conquered a challenge together? It may seem silly, but these steps in a relationship are very telling of how your future with this person will be. It's important to meet your partner's family and have them meet yours, because it gives you insight into where they come from and who they are on a deeper level. Also, if you haven't met each other's families yet, how serious is your relationship, really? Other things like having your first argument show how your partner deals with conflict and whether the two of you can settle disagreements in a healthy way. You don't want to marry someone and then find that they deal with conflict in a volatile, toxic manner. Additionally, it's important to do things like travel with your partner or spend extended periods of time with them so that the two of you can see how the other deals with day-to-day challenges.

Overall, if you feel that you may be getting married too soon, talk to your partner about it. Have an honest discussion and take into consideration the points that were mentioned here. If the two of you both realize that you do not know each other well enough or you have not experienced enough together, it is possible you are moving too fast.

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The 3 Worst Dating Tips You Could Ever Get

When it comes to dating and relationships, we often look to our friends and family for advice. It's always nice to turn to the ones you trust for some words of wisdom, but is all advice good advice? There are some very common dating tips that are actually awful advice! Check out the three worst dating tips you could ever get below:

1. Play Hard To Get

“Play hard to get” is one of the most common dating tips and also one of the worst. Sure, sometimes acting like you're not actually interested in someone can make them more interested in you. However, that instance is rare. The reality is that acting like you're not interested in someone gives them the idea that, well, you're not interested in them. Who would've thought? The better idea is to just let the person know how you feel. Don't play games. If you like them, tell them. Then they can either reciprocate your feelings or politely reject you. Being straight-forward makes the whole process a lot simpler.

2. Opposites Attract

How many times have you heard that opposites attract? Do you really think this is true? There's definitely couples out there who are very different from one another and they've managed to make it work. With that said, they are the exception to the rule. The truth is that it's really hard to make a relationship work with someone who is drastically different from yourself. Having different beliefs, different opinions and different interests just leads to a whole lot of things to argue about. Constant arguments don't lead to a long-lasting love. They lead to a swift breakup.

3. You'll Know Right Away When You've Met “The One”

This is truly one of the most misleading and damaging dating tips. So many people have accepted this strange idea (often promoted by movies and TV shows) that you know immediately when you've met your soulmate (if they even exist…) They believe that you lock eyes with a stranger from across the room and you know that you're going to spend the rest of your life with them before you even know what their name is. Perhaps there are one or two couples out there whose romance went something like this but for the vast majority of people, this is a fairy tale. It takes a long time to know that someone is “the one.” Many people say that it took months or even years before they realized their partner was the person they wanted to spend their life with – and this is totally fine…because it's realistic!

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Dating Dilemmas: Should You Let Your Friend Set You Up With Someone?

If you've been single for some time now, odds are you've encountered this dreaded dilemma: a friend asking to set you up. Some people might totally go for this idea, while others would never agree to it. What if you fall somewhere in the middle of those two feelings? You might be unsure about whether or not letting a friend set you up with someone is a good idea. If you're currently on the fence about letting a friend set you up with someone, check out our breakdown of the pro's and con's below:

Let's start with the positive aspects of your friend setting you up with someone. First of all, your friend cares about you. In most cases, if your friend offers to set you up with someone, it's because they truly want to see you happy. (If this isn't the case, are they really your friend?) Perhaps your friend has seen that you've been unhappy living the single life or that you're having a hard time meeting someone on your own. They're now offering a helping hand to ease your dating woes!

It's also important to remember that your friends usually know you better than anyone does – aside from your family. Your friend knows what you're looking for and what you're not looking for. That means they're going to pick someone who fits all your criteria! It's like having your very own personal dating app that is focusing all their attention solely on finding your soulmate. If your friend has really found the perfect match for your, you could be with this person for the rest of your life. Now that's what friends are for!

Now that we've considered what's good about letting your friend set you up with someone, let's be pessimists for a moment and consider all that could go wrong. What if your friend totally misses the mark and sets you up with someone awful? Are you going to be mad at them? Is it going to impact your friendship? You want to avoid a situation like this because it's not worth tampering with your friendship. Now, on the flipside, what if you initially like the person and start seeing them for a while…only for things to crash and burn? Depending on how your friend knew this person (like if they're a family member, for instance), your friend might feel an obligation to take sides when the two of you break up. They won't wind up in this position if you avoid this situation all together.

Another thing that is important to consider is this: Why is your friend asking to set you up with someone? If it's because they've seen how unhappy you are single, like we previously mentioned, then this is likely in your best interest. However, if you've done nothing to show your friend that you're unhappy being single, they could just be acting nosey. If you are currently happy living the single life, and they are insisting on setting you up with someone, they're just being pushy. You should only agree to being set up if you truly feel that something good could come out of it, not just because you want to appease your friend.

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Online Interference: 4 Ways Social Media Ruins Relationships

Let's face it; we all love social media. It's become a staple in our modern society. I mean, do you really even exist if you're not on social media? Okay, that may be taking it too far… In any case, almost everyone is on social media and recent studies have shown that things like Facebook can actually take a detrimental toll on your relationship. If you're worried that social media could be destroying your romance, check out four ways that social media ruins relationships below:

1. You Compare Yourself To Other Couples

One of the worst things about social media in general is that it encourages you to compare yourself to others. This especially happens when it comes to your relationship. You may see the cute pictures that your friends post with partners and you think that they have the perfect relationship. This can cause you to compare their relationship to your own and begin to doubt if your relationship is as strong as other people's relationships. The truth is that people typically only show the good stuff about their lives on social media. The couple that seems so perfect on Instagram or Facebook may actually be fighting 24/7 in reality.

2. It Can Facilitate Infidelity

While social media isn't going to turn someone into a cheater, it definitely makes it easier to cheat. Your partner can meet someone new online and begin an emotional relationship with someone through private messages completely unbeknownst to you. Many relationships have fallen apart because one partner began an affair through social media that eventually manifested into reality.

3. It Causes Unnecessary Arguments

There are a lot of unnecessary arguments that happen in every relationship. While it's normal to have arguments, it helps if you can try to avoid as many of these trivial arguments as possible. One way to do that is to not use social media. Social media leads to so many unnecessary arguments. You might be mad at your partner for not posting enough photos of you. Your partner may be mad at you for “liking” a post from an ex. The possibilities are really endless when it comes to all the silly disagreements that social media can cause.

4. You Share TMI About Your Relationship

We've all done this: Been upset about something and vented about it on social media. Emotions can compel you to share too much on social media and this is something you really don't want to do when it comes to your relationship. You may be mad at your partner and say some awful things about them online that you later regret. However, once it's out there, you can't take it back.

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The Six Key Components Of A Healthy Relationship

Relationships are hard. No one ever said they were easy! What does it take to have a healthy relationship that lasts forever? It turns out happy, long-term relationships all share some common aspects. Check out the six key components of a healthy relationship below:

1. Trust

Every healthy relationship is built on a foundation of trust. Happy couples trust one another completely. This means they are able to share anything with each other and their relationship is not filled with constant mistrust and paranoia. If you don't trust your partner, you will never feel safe and comfortable in your relationship.

2. Communication

Communication is the most vital aspect of a healthy relationship. Without communication, there is no relationship at all. You should be able to talk to your partner about anything and vice versa. If you cannot share your feelings with them, your emotions will only build up and lead to problems. Healthy couples know how to communicate openly and avoid these problems.

3. Respect

Happy, healthy relationships consist of a mutual respect between both partners. You need to treat your partner with respect and they need to treat you with respect as well. This means you do not intentionally hurt your partner, emotionally or physically and they do not do anything that would hurt you.

4. Kindness

Common courtesy and kindness goes a long way. No one wants to be with someone who is mean and unkind. Two people who are kind and understanding can build a healthy, long-term relationship because they will treat each other with care.

5. Space

You may be tempted to be with your partner at all times, but the healthiest relationships include some space every now and then. Happy couples know when to give one another space. If you're with your partner all the time, they will feel smothered and eventually push you away.

6. Common Interests

They say that opposites attract, but in a healthy relationship you should share some common interests with your partner. Having common interests gives you more things to talk about and more things to do together. This all leads to more memories and a happier relationship.

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Should You Bring Your New Partner To Thanksgiving Dinner?

Dating comes with a lot of mini dilemmas, especially when you're in a new relationship. One such dilemma is trying to figure out if you should bring your new partner to Thanksgiving dinner. Is it too soon to introduce them to your family? Should they have Thanksgiving with their own family instead of yours? These are tough decisions to make! To help you get some perspective check out our thoughts on whether or not you should bring your new partner to Thanksgiving dinner:

If you're trying to decide whether or not to bring your new partner to Thanksgiving dinner, the first thing you should consider is how long you have been with them. How new is this relationship? If you've been dating this person less than a month, you probably shouldn't bring them to Thanksgiving dinner. The relationship is still in its earliest stages and who knows if it will actually last. Do you really want to have this person meet your whole family only to break up with them a month later? When Thanksgiving rolls around next year, your family will be asking, “Whatever happened to that girl/guy you were with last year?” This is just an awkward moment you want to avoid. Not to mention family photos! You don't want a super short-term partner in your family's photo albums for eternity, do you?

So what do you do for Thanksgiving if you've been dating someone for only a few weeks? You go your separate ways. Let them have Thanksgiving with their family. You have Thanksgiving with yours. Since the two of you aren't really serious yet, this makes the most sense. You haven't reached the “meeting the family” phase. The only exception is if your new partner is estranged from their family or if their family lives too far away and they are unable to travel. If this is the case for your partner, go ahead and bring them to your family's Thanksgiving. At the end of the day, these holidays are supposed to be about coming together and enjoying one another's company. Even if your partner is relatively new, your family will likely welcome them with open arms!

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What Women Want: 7 Foolproof Ways To Impress A Woman

It can be hard to know what women really want. Let's face it, women can be illusive people. However, if you're trying to impress a woman, there are some clear-cut, foolproof ways to do so. Check out these seven great ways to impress a woman below:

1. Be Aware Of Social Issues

Women love a man who is socially aware. If you have no clue what's going on in the world or you're totally out of touch with current social issues, it will be a complete turn-off. She wants to be able to talk to you about important topics, not trivial things.

2. Learn Another Language…Or Two

One of the best ways to impress a woman is to speak to her in another language. This shows her that you're cultured and worldly. If you say something romantic to her in another language, it will be hard for her to turn you down.

3. Listen To Her

Every woman wants someone who will truly listen to her and really hear her. When she's telling you a story, really listen to it. Pay attention to the details and give her meaningful responses to what she's said. This will show her that you actually care about what she has to say.

4. Volunteer In Your Community

Women love a man who helps others. Do some volunteering in your community to show her that you're not all about yourself. This shows her that you care about other people and you're a nurturing human being.

5. Expand Your Vocabulary

Intelligence is sexy. No woman wants to be with a man who has the vocabulary of a child. We're not saying you have to bust out a thesaurus to have a conversation with her, but it'd be nice if you said more than “awesome” and “cool.”

6. Refine Your Sense Of Humor

A sense of humor is one of the most attractive things…but your sense of humor needs to be refined. Offensive humor or potty humor is only going to turn her off. You need to be witty to really win her heart.

7. Care For Animals

Is there anything sexier than a man who loves animals? A man who is kind to animals and cares for them is the most attractive thing. Adopt an animal or volunteer at a local shelter if you want the women to flock to you.

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Internet Romance: 5 Mistakes Men Make On Their Online Dating Profiles

Online dating is the new standard when it comes to finding romance, but not everyone has success using dating apps. Some people sign up on every dating app and swipe through thousands of potential partners, but nothing seems to work. Is there something they're doing wrong? It turns out there are some major mistakes that can hinder your online dating game, especially for men. So guys, if you're having a hard time finding love online, you'll want to check out these five mistakes men make on their online dating profiles:

1. Posting Only Selfies

Listen, we know that you think your shirtless mirror selfie looks great, but it's not gonna get you many dates. It's okay to have one selfie on your online dating profile, but having multiple selfies is a mistake for many reasons. First off, it makes you look like a narcissist. Second, if all of your pictures are just you, potential partners are going to think you have no friends – which could be a red flag to some people.

2. Lying About Yourself

This is a mistake that so many people make when it comes to online dating. They want to make themselves look more interesting or appealing, so they lie about what their interests and hobbies are. This is a mistake because it's like catfishing someone. You're painting a false picture of who you are and once any potential partners get to know you, they'll see that you lied about what you really like.

3. Bragging About Your Accomplishments

It's one thing to share a few accomplishments that you're proud of. It's another thing to turn your entire online dating profile into a love letter to yourself. If all you're doing is bragging about your accomplishments and talking about how great you are, you're going to send potential partners running (or swiping) away.

4. Making Spelling Errors or Grammatical Mistakes

Your online dating profile doesn't need to be a Harvard-quality essay, but you do need to avoid spelling errors and bad grammar. Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are likely to turn many people off from dating you because they will think you didn't even care enough to make your dating profile look good.

5. Being Cheesy

It may seem easy to slap a cheesy pickup line on your online dating profile, but don't do it. Very few people find them cute or funny anymore. In fact, most people find them downright nauseating. Cheesy pickup lines or innuendos will only keep you far away from finding any online love.

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On the Rocks: 5 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

Are you worried that your marriage is on the rocks? Every married couple is going to encounter some obstacles in their relationship, but when do you know that you should seek outside help? Marriage counseling can be a great tool for couples to repair their relationship and move forward, but it's hard to know when you should seek this counseling. If you're on the fence, check out these five signs you need marriage counseling:

1. You're Annoyed By Everything Your Partner Does

If you find yourself getting annoyed by every little thing your spouse does, it could be a sign that there's a bigger problem in your marriage. When you're constantly feeling negative towards your partner, no matter what they do, you may need to seek counseling so that you can get to the root of the problem.

2. You Share Your Feelings With Other People Instead Of Your Partner

Your partner should be the person you go to when you're feeling upset. They should be the one you can share all of your secrets with. If you find yourself going to friends to share your feelings, while your partner is left completely in the dark, it's a surefire sign that the connection in your marriage is faulty.

3. You're Not Having Sex

Sex is an important part of a marriage. If you can't remember the last time you and your spouse had sex, something is wrong in your marriage. Many couples experience ruts when it comes to their sex lives, but if the rut has been seemingly endless, marriage counseling may be able to remedy the issue.

4. You Don't Fight About Anything

Say what?! Fighting is a good thing? We're not saying that fighting is a good thing. However, when people fight over something, it means they care about it. If you find that you and your partner don't care enough to fight over important issues in your marriage, it could mean that you don't care enough to stay in the marriage any longer.

5. You've Looked Into Marriage Counseling

If you've seriously considered getting marriage counseling and actually looked into finding a counselor, that may be the only sign you need. Some people are very intuitive when it comes to their relationships. When there's a serious problem, they just know it. So if you have already found yourself considering marriage counseling, it could very well mean that you really need the counseling.

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