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Role Reversal: 20 Pickup Lines To Use On Guys

When you think of pickup lines, you often think of men annoying women with cheesy one-liners that definitely don't get them anywhere at all. While most pickup lines are totally awful, there are some that just might work. We've decided to flip the script and share some pickup lines that women can use on men, and they're actually quite clever! Check out 20 pickup lines to use on guys below:

  1. Tomorrow when I wake up, I hope you're the first thing I see.
  2. I like a man who knows who he wants.
  3. What does a girl have to do to get a guy to buy her a cup of coffee?
  4. What took you so long to come into my life?
  5. You look like my next boyfriend.
  6. My mother taught me to be a very good girl. But today, I feel naughty.
  7. So, what does it feel like to look so good?
  8. Hey, could you pose with me while my friend takes a picture? I want to make my ex-boyfriend jealous.
  9. Aren't you the guy who's supposed to buy me a drink?
  10. You look really familiar. Are you a famous actor?
  11. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put ‘U' and ‘I' together.
  12. There's no time like the present to take me out on a date.
  13. Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
  14. I need some air, cause you just took my breath away!
  15. There must be something wrong with my eyes. I can't seem to take them off you.
  16. Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by again?
  17. You are just the way I like my coffee. Tall, dark and strong.
  18. You're the hottest thing since sunburns.
  19. Don't be so picky… I wasn't!
  20. I read palms. It says you're gonna call me soon.

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Nerdy One-Liners: 50 Pickup Lines For Unapologetic Nerds

Are you a total nerd? Is the girl you're interested in a total nerd? If one or both of you is obsessed with science, these pickup lines just may work to get the two of you together! Check out 50 pickup lines for unapologetic nerds:

  1. Wanna dance? I can get your inertia in motion.
  2. You appear more special than relativity to me.
  3. What's your resonance frequency?
  4. I'm hung like a Foucault Pendulum.
  5. I think my heart just lagged.
  6. Is it just disproportionate gravitational force or are your eyes just a Great Attractor?
  7. I'm attracted to you like the Earth is to the Sun; a large force inversely proportional to distance squared.
  8. We should convert our potential energy to kinetic energy.
  9. Your smile must be a black hole, nothing can escape its pull.
  10. You are spreading your hotness everywhere like an exothermic reaction.
  11. Let's exchange fermions.
  12. You must be the Higgs Boson particle, because I have been colliding, and colliding and I finally found you.
  13. You are sweeter than 3.14.
  14. What's your quantum number?
  15. As per the second law of thermodynamics, you should share your hotness with me.
  16. Want to experience a gamma ray burst?
  17. Your name must be Andromeda, 'cause we are destined to collide.
  18. I know the spring constant of my mattress, interested in taking some data?
  19. I might be a Physics major, but I'm no Bohr in bed.
  20. What do you feel about group experiments?
  21. Let's meet up so I can excite your natural frequency.
  22. Wanna test the spring potential of my mattress.
  23. I wish I was a derivative, just so that I could get to lie tangent to your curves.
  24. I bet that dress looks even better accelerating towards my bedroom floor at 9.82 m/s2
  25. I supply voltage, you a little resistance; imagine the current we can make together.
  26. Was that drink magnetic? ‘Cause you are attractive.
  27. I'd fall for you even in absence of gravity.
  28. How do you feel about group experiments?
  29. I'm so attracted to you that the scientists have to develop a fifth fundamental force.
  30. What is you sine?
  31. I'm attracted to you more than an electron is attracted to a proton.
  32. Your eyes have the perfect wavelength of 563.4nm.
  33. You would be set to stunning if you were a laser.
  34. You give me Epsilon, I give you Delta. Together, we find limits.
  35. You and me get together like superposition of two waves in phase.
  36. You + Me = Grand Unification.
  37. Your smile is warmer than a hydrogen plasma.
  38. You are the Higgs Boson of my life, because without you my universe won't ‘matter'.
  39. In accordance to the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle of Quantum Mechanics, we may already be in love right now.
  40. I'd really like to study this ‘heavenly body'.
  41. You must be a star, I can't stop orbiting around you.
  42. Similar to a vacuum, you are the only thing in my universe.
  43. Heisenberg was wrong. I'm certain about what you are doing tonight.
  44. Your lab bench or mine?
  45. Wanna measure the coefficient of static friction between us?
  46. What counts is how the force is applied to a vector, and not its length.
  47. Let's couple our equations tonight.
  48. Wanna see the exponential growth of my natural log?
  49. Top quark or bottom quark?
  50. Let's head to my lab so I can prove that Big Bang isn't just a theory.

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Over It: 30 Compliments Women Are Tired Of Hearing

It's always nice to receive a compliment…or is it? While everyone realizes that compliments are well-intentioned, they don't always come off that way. Some compliments can seem backhanded and others can just be downright annoying. You may think that you're doing something nice by complimenting a woman, but you need to make sure your compliment isn't misconstrued. Read on to find out 30 compliments women are tired of hearing:

  1. I really love how thick you are!
  2. You look great now that you've lost weight.
  3. Your hair looks good now that you've cut it.
  4. I like how exotic you look.
  5. You're cute, not sexy.
  6. You look great for your age.
  7. I like how you don't put a lot of effort into looking good.
  8. You look so much better in person than in pictures!
  9. You have such a pretty face for a big girl.
  10. You look good…are you wearing makeup today?
  11. You look a lot younger than you are.
  12. I like you because you're not like other girls.
  13. You're really smart for a girl!
  14. I liked your hair when it was longer/shorter/straighter/curlier.
  15. I like how you don't care what you wear.
  16. You look so much healthier today!
  17. That outfit makes you look so much skinnier.
  18. You're really cute for a short girl.
  19. I don't normally like tall girls, but you look good.
  20. You'd be so much prettier without all that makeup!
  21. You've really filled out nicely!
  22. I just love it when you wear this color.
  23. You're really pretty when you have a tan.
  24. You looked so good when you covered up the dark under eye circles.
  25. You have a great body. You should show more skin!
  26. I don't normally like girls with flat chests, but you look good.
  27. You look so much better when you cover up.
  28. You're really pretty for a muscular girl.
  29. I didn't think girls could be funny until I met you!
  30. You're too pretty to be this smart!

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We’ve Got 6 Amazing Secrets From Kate Middleton’s Beauty Routine!

It's no secret that Kate Middleton is absolutely gorgeous. The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her beautiful smile, flawless skin and enviable hair. Are her good looks the product of great genes? (Her sister, Pippa, is gorgeous also…so there must be something in the genes!) It turns out Kate has a few exclusive beauty secrets that help her to look her best. They weren't easy to uncover – everything about the royal family is on constant lockdown! We had to do some deep digging but we managed to find six of the best secrets from Kate Middleton's beauty routine. Check them out below!

1. Facial oil is always on hand.

One of the most important parts of Kate Middleton's beauty routine is taking good care of her skin. Kate prefers to use all-natural skincare products and one of her favorites is rosehip oil. She loves it so much that she always keeps a bottle of it on hand! Sources say that Kate's go-to choice is Trilogy's Rosehip Oil to make her skin velvety soft and smooth. Um…where can we get a bottle?!

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2. Big announcements are accompanied by new haircuts.

We know this sounds silly, but it's totally true! If you consult the great internet archive known as “Google”, you'll find that Kate Middleton always looks different when something big is happening in her life. This is because every time Kate has a big announcement (such as a pregnancy), she gets a new haircut. We can't really argue with her – it totally makes sense! The media attention surrounding her is immense, and of course you want to look your best when you're about to be on the cover of every magazine!

3. Shampoo-conditioner combos? She's a fan!

While it's a convenient idea in theory, it's a well-known fact that shampoo-conditioner combos aren't exactly the best beauty products on the market. For many women, they result in a knotted mess of hair that's not actually shampooed or conditioned. So most women stick with the standard of separate shampoo and conditioner. Now, if you're a fan of Kate's luscious locks, you may want to reconsider those 2-in-1 haircare combos! According to Kate's hairstylist, Richard Ward, she uses a shampoo-conditioner combo called Cleanse and Condition. The product uses all-natural botanical ingredients to gently cleanse hair and moisturize it!

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4. A hairnet keeps her up-dos in perfect place.

Ever wonder how Kate keeps her hair looking so perfectly structured during those royal events? Even at outdoor occasions, the Duchess never has a single hair out of place! Well, it turns out she uses a very simple trick to keep intricate hairstyles looking perfect all day. The top-secret solution? It's a hairnet. Sure, hairnets may bring back memories of school lunch ladies, but it turns out they're great beauty tools! Who knew?

5. She teases her roots to add volume to her hair.

So many of us struggle with limp and lifeless hair, but it seems like Kate Middleton never does! Her hair is always thick and full of volume. Is it genetics or just really great mousse? It's neither. Her secret to great volume is teasing her hair at the roots. Kate uses a comb to tease her hair at the crown, giving it a slight lift and then smoothes her top layer of hair over it. The technique has been around since the 60's and apparently it still works!

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6. Nude nail polish is the standard.

This part of Kate Middleton's beauty routine exists for two reasons. The first reason is that Kate is just a fan of nude colors! We often see her wearing clothing in shades of beige, white, brown and grey. She likes to keep it simple and chic when it comes to colors. The second reason is that it is a “royal rule.” Royal order does not allow women in the family to wear bright nail polish out in public. Why? We're not totally sure. We just know that if Kate stepped out with red fingertips, she'd be in deep trouble with the Queen!

Dating With Children: 4 Dating Tips For Single Mothers

Your love life doesn't disappear once you have a child. Whether you're recently divorce, or you've decided to raise a child on your own, you may want to start dating as a single parent. Dating when you have children can be difficult, especially for mothers. We've got four great dating tips for single mothers who are looking to enter the dating scene. Check them out below:

1. Don't Expect Every Man To Be A Father

A lot of single mothers get caught up looking for a man who can step in to the role of father figure for their children. While it is important that a man be able to accept your children and interact with them, it's important to remember that not every man is going to be ready to be a father. It is up to you to decide whether this is a dealbreaker or not. If a man is absolutely not ready to be a father and that is going to be a problem for you, then cut the relationship off early on.

2. Don't Let Your Children Feel Neglected

The most important of our dating tips for single mothers is to not let your children feel neglected. When you start dating, your children may not understand that you are dedicating some of your time to someone else. Make sure that you still dedicate time to your children rather than spending all of your free time with your partner. If you neglect spending time with your children, it will make them resent both you and your partner.

3. Communicate Openly With Your Partner and Your Children

Communication is an important part of any relationship. It is especially important when you are dating as a single mother. You need to communicate with your partner about your priorities. They need to understand that your children always come first. You also need to communicate with your children and explain to them that this new person is going to be a part of their lives.

4. Take Things Slow

One of the most important dating tips for single mothers is to take things slow. Remember that your children are involved in this, too. You're not just putting yourself and your own emotions on the line. If things don't work out with your new partner, your kids may be upset. You don't want to rush things and bring this new person deeply into your life too quickly. Let things progress slowly and they'll be more likely to last.

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First Date Don’ts: 25 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

Everyone has been nervous about a “first date” at some point in their lives. You don't want to do something to make yourself look stupid. You also don't want to do anything to offend your date and scare them away from you forever. If you want there to be a second date, you need to make sure the first one goes smoothly. Check out our list of twenty-five things you should never do on a first date:

  1. Arrive late.
  2. Bring them an expensive gift.
  3. Complain about where the date is.
  4. Tell them what to order if you're at a restaurant.
  5. Ask personal questions.
  6. Get too touchy-feely.
  7. Be cheap.
  8. Brag about yourself incessantly.
  9. Dress too revealing or provocatively.
  10. Talk about how desperate you are to have kids.
  11. Obviously pretend to be interested in something you're not actually interested in.
  12. Be afraid to eat in front of them.
  13. Assume they're going to pay for everything.
  14. Talk about your exes or past relationships.
  15. Whine about your life.
  16. Do anything vulgar like spitting or burping.
  17. Dress too casually, like in pajamas or sweats.
  18. Talk on your phone or text during the date.
  19. Lick your fingers after eating.
  20. Chew with your mouth open.
  21. Leave the waiter a bad tip or no tip at all.
  22. Bring up touchy subjects like politics or religion.
  23. Make sexual innuendos or raunchy jokes.
  24. Expect your date to owe you any sexual favors.
  25. Automatically assume there's going to be a second date unless it is specifically discussed.

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Just the Beginning: 5 Dating Tips For Teenagers

Dating is a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful. It's particularly stressful for teenagers who are just beginning to date. When you're young, you often think that you know it all, but you'll find that it's impossible to know everything about dating. To help you out, we've got five dating tips for teenagers. Check them out here:

1. Be Responsible

Yeah, we're talking about sex. You need to be responsible when it comes to having sex. We consider this the most important of all our dating tips for teenagers. We're not going to preach abstinence to you, because that's just not realistic. Most teenagers end up having sex. The important thing is that when you do have sex, be responsible about it. Make sure that you and your partner are on the same page as far as consent. Make sure to use protection to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

2. Learn to Accept Rejection

Dating is going to come with rejection. This is how it is for everyone. The first time you get rejected by someone you like is going to feel awful, but you need to learn to move on. Everyone gets rejected at some point (or multiple points). It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. It just means that you and the person you liked weren't the right fit.

3. Always Be Respectful

When you start dating, you need to be conscious of how you are treating other people. Remember to always be respectful to whoever you are dating. Never push someone to do anything they aren't comfortable with. Never expect someone to go further in the relationship than they are ready for. Recognize and acknowledge that when it comes to dating, everyone is going to have boundaries and those boundaries need to be respected.

4. Don't Try Too Hard

This is something all teenagers are guilty of. When you're a teenager, you don't really know who you want to be yet, and you often try too hard to be someone you are not. Remember to just be yourself and things will work out better for you in the end. Don't waste your time trying too hard to be someone else. In the end, people will find you way more attractive if you are being yourself.

5. Just Have Fun

One of the best dating tips for teenagers is to just have fun (within reason). Teenagers have a tendency to take things very seriously and feel like it is the end of the world when something goes wrong. Remember that you're still young and you will have plenty of time to date. If things are going the way you planned, there will be plenty of other instances in your life to have what you really want. Remember that you're young and not everything is serious.

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What To Say: 20 Questions That Are Totally Okay To Ask On A First Date

First dates can be insanely awkward. You're basically hanging out with a total stranger whom you know nothing about, and the goal is to hit it off. Part of the struggle of a first date is figuring out what to talk about. You don't want to bring up any touchy subjects like religion or politics. You also don't want to dive into anything too personal, like family issues or past relationships. So what can you talk about so that you're not sitting there in awkward silence? To help you out, we've got 20 questions that are totally okay to ask on a first date and even some follow-up questions! Check them out below:

  1. Where were you born?
  2. Do you have any siblings? (Are you the oldest/middle/youngest child?)
  3. Where did you go to school? (What did you study/major in?)
  4. Do you have any pets?
  5. What are some of your hobbies?
  6. What is your zodiac sign?
  7. What type of music do you like? (Who are your favorite musicians?)
  8. What type of movies do you like to watch? (What are some of your favorite movies?)
  9. If you could have any career in the world, what would it be?
  10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  11. Are there any goals you dream of achieving?
  12. Who is your celebrity crush?
  13. Do you enjoy sports at all? (What are your favorite sports teams?)
  14. Do you like traveling? (Where are some places you've traveled to?)
  15. What is your favorite type of food? (What are your favorite restaurants?)
  16. Do you watch any television? (What are your favorite shows?)
  17. Do you have any pet peeves?
  18. What is your favorite memory from childhood?
  19. Do you like reading? (What are some of your favorite books?)
  20. Have you ever been on a blind date? (How did it all go?)

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Foodie Fun: 10 Date Ideas For Couples Who Love Food

We all have different hobbies and interests. Some of us enjoy sports. Some of enjoy crafts. A common interest of many people is food! Whether it be cooking it, eating it, or both – most people enjoy food. Some go as far as to call themselves “foodies”. If you and your partner are both food-lovers, you may want to plan some dates around your common interest! We've got ten great date ideas for couples who love food. Check them out below!

1. Dinner By the Fire

There's already something romantic about fireplaces as is, but when you add a nice dinner to the mix, you have a great date! Make a nice meal, throw a blanket down by the fireplace, and voila!

2. Picnic In the Park

One of the best date ideas for foodies is to have a picnic in the park. It doesn't necessarily have to be a park, actually. It could be the beach. It could be the woods. All you need to do is pack up a nice meal and take it outside! Just make sure the weather is going to be nice that day…

3. Touring A Factory

It's a little more unconventional, but a great idea for people who love food. Sign up to tour a manufacturing plant or factory where one of your favorite products is produced! It will be interesting to go inside and see exactly how your food is made.

4. Fancy Restaurants

This is the old stand-by when it comes to date ideas involving food. Fancy restaurants are always nice, and never fail to make for a romantic date.

5. Bar-Hopping

What do bars have to do with food? Well, a lot of bars serve food. It may not be the best food, but it's still food. You can take your partner bar-hopping and turn it into a contest. Which bar makes the best French fries?

6. Long Drive With Food Along the Way

Hop in the car and take your partner for a long drive to a new place. Stop at all the food places you want on the way. Stop at a convenience store and load the car up with your favorite snacks. Food galore!

7. Cooking A New Meal Together

Cooking a new meal with your partner is always fun. Pick out a recipe together. Go shopping for all the ingredients. Then come home and make it all together before devouring it!

8. Trying A New Restaurant

You probably have some go-to favorites in terms of restaurants, but it's always fun to try something new! Find a new restaurant that looks interesting or promising and go check it out together. You never know – it might become your new favorite!

9. Dinner Theater

Dinner theater is one of the best date ideas there is. What's better than a meal and a show? Find out where your closest dinner theater is and make it a date night!

10. Rooftop Meal

We know not everyone has access to a rooftop, but if you do, it's a really romantic date idea to have dinner on the roof just as the sun is setting.

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Dating Over 30: 6 Dating Tips For Women Over 30

We all need tips when it comes to dating, but some of us more than others. As you get older, dating may be more daunting and stressful. We've got some great dating tips for women over 30. Check them out below:

1. Have A Positive Attitude

The best dating tip for people of any age is to have a positive attitude. This is especially helpful as you get older. Women over 30 may feel discouraged as they are dating, and they may feel like their time is running out to find the perfect partner. If this is the attitude you have, you won't be happy with your results. Having a positive attitude when dating will help you reach a better outcome.

2. Embrace Your Natural Beauty

As women age, they may begin to feel insecure about their physical appearance. Things like wrinkles may begin to appear. You may see your first few grey hairs. You'll be tempted to cover these things up with layers of makeup or hair dye, but it's better to embrace your natural beauty. You are in your thirties, so you look like a person in their thirties. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this! If you encounter someone who has a problem with the way you look, they're not the person you want to date.

3. Don't Chase Anyone

A great dating tip for anyone of any age is don't chase anyone. If someone is not giving you what you want or expect, move on. You cannot force someone to be the person you want, and chasing them will only make you look desperate. If someone is giving you the cold shoulder, accept it as a loss and move forward.

4. Try Online Dating

If you haven't dabbled in online dating yet, now may be the time. Online dating has a lot of positive aspects and can be very useful, especially for women over 30. Online dating gives you the chance to make it perfectly clear what you want in a potential partner. It also expedites the sometimes long and tedious process of meeting people to date.

5. Don't Push For Marriage or Kids

We understand that once you reach a certain age, you may have marriage and children on the brain. While these things are important and may be a major concern for you, don't let it control your entire dating life. Don't let dating become a frantic search for the perfect person to marry or have kids with. This will only send you into the arms of the wrong person because you are anxious to settle down.

6. Forget the Past

By the age of 30, you've had some previous relationships. This is to be expected. However, don't let those past relationships dictate your future ones. While you may have certain mistakes you have learned from, don't let bad experiences make you afraid of future ones. Also don't obsess over your previous relationships. This will drive away any potential partners.

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