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In It For the Long Haul: 10 Small Habits That Lead to Long-Lasting Relationships

We all strive to have happy, healthy relationships. While this is what we all want, it's not an easy thing to achieve. Relationships come with many obstacles and most of us struggle to keep them afloat. It turns out there are little, everyday things we can do to have happier, longer-lasting relationships. The following are ten small habits that lead to long-lasting relationships:

1. Accepting Small Differences

Happy couples have learned to accept their differences…the small ones at least. We're not saying you should accept huge differences that impact the future of the relationship, like one of you wanting children and the other never wanting them. But if you like watching comedies and your partner only watches sci-fi movies, that's a small difference you should accept.

2. Holding Hands

It may seem like a trivial, silly thing, but happy couples hold hands! No matter how long they've been in a relationship, they still enjoy holding one another's hand like they would have back in high school.

3. Saying “Goodnight”

An important habit in long-lasting relationships is always saying “goodnight”. It seems like a small gesture, but it's very important. Even if you've had a bad day or you and your partner got in a fight, always say “goodnight” to them before bed. It lets them know that even during bad times, you're still in this together.

4. Picking Your Battles

Healthy couples have mastered the art of picking their battles. This means you don't have to turn every single disagreement into a huge fight. Before you confront your partner about something, think about whether it's worth it or not. If it is something that is detrimental to the relationship, then go for it. If it's just something that irked you a little, it's probably not worth arguing over.

5. Focusing On the Good

People in long-lasting relationships have learned to focus on the good things, rather than the bad. Don't focus on the little things your partner does that annoy you. Instead, focus on all the things they do that make you happy and enhance your life.

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6. Hugging

Physical touch is vital in long-lasting relationships. While a hug may not seem like an important interaction, it may be to your partner. Take notice of when your partner is having a hard time or stressed out and give them a hug.

7. Saying “I Love You”

After being together for a long time, you may think that your partner knows you love them. This is not always the case. In long-lasting relationships, both partners consistently tell the other that they love them. Sometimes hearing the affirmation makes all the difference.

8. Sleeping Together

We don't mean sleeping together as in sex (although that is important in most healthy relationships). We mean literally, physically sleeping together. Always go to bed together and always try to go to bed at the same time. If one partner is falling asleep on the couch while the other goes to sleep in the bedroom, it creates a strong disconnection.

9. Showing PDA

People in long-lasting relationships aren't afraid to show a little PDA. We're not suggesting gratuitous public displays of affection like groping one another in the grocery store. We're suggesting a kiss or hug in public, to let your partner know you're proud to be seen at their side.

10. Checking In Throughout the Day

For a healthy relationship, it's important to check in with your partner throughout the day. You shouldn't text or call them compulsively to the point where it's disruptive. Instead, you can call them on their lunch break to see how their day is going. This will let them know that you're thinking of them while you're apart.

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All Fun and Games: 5 Things You Should Know About Dating A “Funny Guy”

There are few things sexier than a sense of humor. Guys like Paul Rudd, James Franco and Ryan Reynolds are all hilarious and loved by women all around the world. Sure, they're good-looking, but it's their sense of humor that makes them even more attractive. A good sense of humor could take even an average-looking guy and make him attractive. This is the reason that so many women gravitate towards funny men. Before you run out and find yourself a comedian boyfriend, we've got five things you should know about dating a “funny guy”:

1. They Might Joke During Serious Moments

Some so-called “funny guys” use their sense of humor as a defense mechanism. This means that anytime they feel uncomfortable, they'll crack jokes to ease the tension. This means they joke around during serious discussions. They might even joke around at inappropriate events, like at a funeral. It's not that they're insensitive. It's just that some of them like to use their humor like a safety blanket.

2. They're Great at Parties and Social Functions

If you're not the life of the party, then it's great for you to date a funny guy. His sense of humor will take away from the fact that you're not a social butterfly. People will focus on him and his jokes rather than you. He makes a good distraction for any awkward behavior you may display at social functions. His sense of humor also makes him more likeable, which means you can readily take him to a family get-together without worrying about your parents disapproving.

3. They'll Make Any Day Better

Whenever you're having a bad day, you'll be particularly glad you're dating a funny guy. He'll be able to bring you out of even the most stressful times. When you're down and out, he can joke with you to lift your spirits. No matter how upset you are, how could you not feel better after a really great joke?

4. They're Not Obsessed With Comedy

If you're dating a funny guy, it's important to remember that they're not all obsessed with comedy. Just because they are funny, it doesn't mean they want to watch every funny television show or comedic movie. It doesn't mean they want to go to comedy shows every weekend. It also doesn't mean they're obsessed with Seinfeld re-runs or Woody Allen movies.

5. They Can't Be Funny All the Time

This is the most important thing to remember when dating a funny guy. He cannot be funny all the time, and you shouldn't want¬†him to be funny all the time. You have to realize that your “funny guy” is still a person. He has good days and bad days. He's not always going to feel like being funny, so you can't expect him to be. Besides, joking all the time will eventually get old and lose its novelty.

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More Than Puppy Love: 4 Things That Young Couples Are Tired of Hearing

Love can occur at any age, but many couples meet when they are young. Some couples were high school sweethearts who have known each other since they were teenagers. Being together for such a long time is usually considered a great thing, and something that many other couples wish they had, but there are often naysayers. Young couples are hounded with certain statements or questions from people who just don't see being in a long-term relationship at a young age as a good thing. The following are four things that young couples are tired of hearing:

1. “Don't you want to see what else is out there?”

This is the number one thing that young couples hear. Everyone assumes that young people want to “play the field” or “sow their wild oats”. They believe that young people should be dating numerous people so that they can see more of what's out there, and then make a decision based on that. Young couples are tired of hearing this because they see no reason to look at other options. If you know in your heart that you've already found the one, why waste time with anyone else?

2. “You're too young to know what you really want.”

This statement is particularly annoying to young couples because it implies that they are ignorant. It's saying that because of their age, they couldn't possibly make a good decision about a relationship. The reality is that even at a younger age, people do know what they want. A young person knows what they like and do not like in a significant other. Sure, there is some added wisdom that comes with age and experience. With that said, young people do know enough to know that they're happy in their relationship and want to continue it.

3. “You're missing out on the best years of your life!”

This statement is only partially true. Your younger years may in fact be the best years of your life. The part that is not true is that you are missing out on them. Just because you're in a relationship, that doesn't mean you're missing out on the fun of your youth! You can have just as much fun as a young couple than you would alone. In fact, you may have more fun as a young couple. You get to make memories with your significant other that will last a lifetime.

4. “It's just puppy love. It'll never last.”

Young relationships are often trivialized as being “puppy love”. Older people doubt the legitimacy and sincerity of a young couple. For this reason, they often tell young couples that their relationship will never last. This is not only incredibly rude, but very untrue. There are endless couples who started out as young couples, often as high school sweethearts. Those very couples were probably told that their relationship would never last, but they are now reaching 20, 30, or 40 year anniversaries. There is no certain age that determines whether or not a relationship will last. The only thing that can determine that is the love and connection between the two people involved.

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The Struggle is Real: 6 Awkward Things That Only Single People Dread

Living the single life is often thought of as a good thing. The single life involves nights out with friends as well as much-needed alone time. It involves freedom and no commitment to another person. While this might sound great (and it can be), there are downsides to being single that people don't often talk about. Single life can be uncomfortable and lonely, and there are certain moments in life that make it worse. We've got six awkward things that single people dread:

1. Family Get-Togethers

Is there anything worse than your mom's cousin's wife's sister asking why you're still single after all this time? Your family is supposed to be on your side always, but they can be particularly insensitive when it comes to being single. This is what makes family parties difficult for single people. There's only so many times you can hear your great aunt remind you that you're getting older and need to “find someone“. Or how about the family members that are still hung up on one of your exes and constantly bring them up? Yikes!

2. Being Invited to a Wedding

While most people are excited when they receive a wedding invitation, single people dread being invited to weddings. Wedding invitations always come with a “plus one”, meaning you need to find a date. This isn't always an easy task. Do you bring the person you casually hooked up with a few times last month? Do you just bring a friend? Do you go alone and risk being scrutinized? You can see how wedding invitations bring single people a dilemma they do not want to face!

3. Facebook

Scrolling through Facebook is already annoying. It's especially annoying for single people. Facebook feeds are full of engagement announcements, wedding photos, pregnancy ultrasounds and long anniversary tributes. This can be nauseating to any person, but it makes a single person's eyes roll back so far in their head, they could see their brain.

4. Holiday Parties

The holidays in general are a hard time for single people. You feel lonely and wish you had a partner to get gifts for (or to get you gifts). The hardest things for single people during this time are the holiday parties. You have to go to work parties and be surrounded by all your co-workers and their significant others. There will be parties where you're the only single person there. It's just…awkward.

5. Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a particularly depressing task for single people. Grocery shopping for a single person consists of a lot of junk food and microwavable meals. While some single people do cook themselves elaborate, thought-out meals, many just get simple stuff. It would be a lot more fun to have a significant other to plan out meals for and go grocery shopping with.

6. When Your Best Friend Starts Dating Someone

Ugh. This is one of the worst moments for a single person. When you're single, you rely very much on your friends. You go places together. You spend your time at one another's homes. Your friends take the place of a significant other. So when one of your closest friends starts dating someone, it throws a wrench in your whole system. Now that your friend is in a relationship, they can't be your substitute partner anymore. They'll often start neglecting you and spending their time with their boyfriend or girlfriend. This is the single person's worst nightmare: they have to spend their time with themselves.

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Relationship Resolutions: 8 Small Acts To Improve Your Relationship in 2018

Our relationships are hard work. We all wish that we could have happy, healthy and long-lasting relationships. Whenever a new year rolls around, it gives us a reason to wipe the slate clean and try to build a better relationship. These are eight small relationship resolutions you can make to improve your relationship in 2018:

1. Spend Less Time On Your Phone

One of the relationship resolutions that everyone should follow is to spend less time on their phone. As technology has advanced, we have relied on it more throughout our days, to the point where we are on our phones 24/7. We need to start putting our phones down, stop looking at social media and quit surfing the web when we should focus on our partners instead.

2. Try Something New As A Couple

A great way to strengthen the bond with your partner is to try something new with them. Go on a vacation this year to somewhere you've never been. Start taking cooking classes together. Enroll in yoga classes, if you have time. Doing something new together will bring you and your partner closer.

3. Plan A Weekly (Or Bi-Weekly) Date Night

Plan a weekly date night with your partner to ensure that you're spending time together. If you can't do it weekly (we know you have work, kids, and other priorities), you can plan a date night every other week. It gives you and your partner a chance to get away and enjoy one another's company.

4. Make More Time For Sex

One of the more important relationship resolutions is to make more time for sex. Sexual intimacy is an important aspect of a happy relationship and people too often let things get in the way of their sex life. Don't let stress or your work schedule stop you from having a healthy sex life with your partner.

5. Do One Kind Thing Each Day

If you really want to improve your relationship this year one of the best things you can do is make a plan to do one kind thing for your partner each day. It doesn't have to be anything big. Maybe you can bring flowers home one night, or pick up their favorite snack when you're at the store. Just do something little every day to show that you care.

6. Throw Pettiness To The Wayside

Healthy relationships are mature and stable. So if you want to improve your relationship in 2018, you need to stop being petty. This means not starting unnecessary fights or always having to get the last word. Learn to pick your battles and not bicker with your partner over everything.

7. Show Some PDA

A great way to improve your relationship this year is to start showing some PDA. We don't mean stripping your partner's clothes off in public. We mean kissing, hugging, holding hands. Show your partner some public affection to let them know you're proud to be with them.

8. Say “I Love You” Everyday

This is the most important of all of our relationship resolutions. If you want to have a healthier, happier relationship this year, make sure to always say, “I love you.” Even if your partner already knows that you love them, it never hurts for them to hear it. So no matter how your day has gone, even if you have been fighting all day, tell your partner that you love them.

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Looking For Love Online: 10 Useful Tips For Online Dating

Online dating can be stressful and intimidating. It's hard to figure out what to say on your dating profile, what pictures to include, etc. If you make one mistake, it can send potential suitors running – or scrolling – away from you. We want to help you out on your quest for online love, so we've put together ten great tips for online dating:

1. Don't Brag About Yourself

Obviously you want to make yourself sound appealing, but you don't want to come off as a narcissist. It's okay to mention some achievements that you're proud of, but if your profile is just a resume of everything notable you've ever done, it becomes bragging.

2. Use Multiple Photos

It's important to use multiple photos on your dating profile. If you only have one photo, or even worse no photo, you look a little suspicious. Having only one photo makes you look like you're being shady and trying to hide what you look like.

3. Don't Be Too Vague

One of the more important tips for online dating is to be specific when talking about yourself. For instance, rather than saying “I love music”, you should mention what genres of music you like. This will give people a better idea of who you are.

4. Be Positive

No one likes a negative Nancy. If your dating profile is full of cynicism and negativity, people will quickly overlook you. Be positive on your profile and more people will be drawn to you and want to get to know you.

5. Don't Air Your Dirty Laundry

Keeping your dirty laundry to yourself is one of the most important tips for online dating. You'll quickly scare away any potential suitors if your profile is full of personal and private stories. So if there's any skeletons in your closet, keep them there.

Tips for Online Dating

6. Keep Innuendos to a Minimum…

…or maybe don't use any at all? Sexual innuendos aren't funny. They're just awkward and creepy. If you're just looking for sex, there are other places to do that. Mentioning sex of making sexual jokes on your dating profile will ruin your chances of finding a substantial relationship.

7. Be Honest

This should go without saying. Do not lie on your dating profile! Lying on your dating profile will not work out in your favor. People will get involved with you because of who they think you are, not who you actually are.

8. Don't Take Rejection Personal

You're going to get rejected when you're doing online dating, It's part of the process. It's helpful to not take any rejection too personal. Getting down about being rejected will only make you feel defeated and want to give up the whole dating scene.

9. Be Open Minded

When looking for a partner online, you need to have an open mind. You're going to see lots of different people, and not all of them will be exactly what you're looking for. It's worth giving some of these people a chance. You may like them once you get to know them!

10. Stay Safe

The most important of all the tips for online dating is to always stay safe. It's hard to read people online and you never know if someone is actually who they say they are. If you get a bad feeling about someone, or something doesn't seem right, don't do it.

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Romance On-Screen: 4 Lies That TV Shows and Movies Tell You About Love

We all love watching TV shows and movies. They entertain us and show us different aspects of life. As fun as it can be to watch TV shows and movies, the cultural ideas that they portray can be misleading. The ideas that television shows and movies present about love and relationships are particularly misleading. Shows and movies can really distort your idea of what a relationship should be like. To help you realize the difference between fact and fiction, we've got four lies that TV shows and movies tell you about love and relationships:

1. Falling In Love Can Solve Your Problems

This is by far the biggest lie that TV shows and movies tell us about love. How many times have you seen a movie where someone goes through something tragic, meets someone, and then falls in love with them and everything is suddenly perfect? There are the movies where someone is suffering from a chronic illness, then they fall in love and are miraculously cured. There are the movies where someone loses their job, then meets someone new and everything falls into place. Television shows and movies have got to stop using this storyline. Falling in love will solve your problems. It will make you happy, and may make you feel better, but at the end of the day your problems are still there.

2. Everyone Finds Their Soulmate

Another lie that TV shows and movies tell us is that everyone has a soulmate and that everyone finds their soulmate. What is the likelihood of this, realistically? If TV and movies are right and everyone has a soulmate somewhere out there, what are the odds of actually meeting them? Shows and films make it look like everyone just happens to meet their soulmate by chance, even if their soulmate lives halfway across the world. In reality, the odds of this happening are next to impossible. The reality is that you meet someone you're compatible with and you work to make a lasting relationship. A compatible partner is practical and realistic. A soulmate is something of fiction.

Television Couples

3. Things Are Always Exciting and Full of Passion

Movies and television always portray relationships as being full of passion and having lots of excitement. While this isn't impossible in reality, it's just not the norm. Ideal relationships have passion and excitement, but not all the time. Relationships in reality are full of low-key nights watching television and having dinner. In the movies and on shows, they portray couples always doing over-the-top, exciting things all the time. They also portray couples as having constant passion in their relationship. In reality, the passion in a relationship tends to fizzle out as the couple has been together for a while.

4. There's A “Friend Zone” and Guys Can Escape From It

Another lie that TV shows and movies have really reinforced has been the idea of the “friend zone”. Shows and movies have shown many stories of men who are friends with women and remain in the “friend zone” for years. Then, one day, their female friend miraculously sees them as something more, and they escape from the friend zone. This is a myth perpetuated by TV shows and movies. It gives men the idea that being friends with a woman falls in this negative category of “friend zone”. They then think they can escape from said friend zone, which is just not the case. If a woman sees a guy as her friend, then that's what he'll remain. He's not going to work his way into being something more if she doesn't see him that way from the get-go.

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Times Have Changed: 5 Old Dating Rules You Need to Ditch

When it comes to dating, some people like to play by the rules. There are certain dating rules that seem to be as old as time. People are following rules that were made up decades ago, and then wondering why their love life isn't working out the way they had hoped. We are here to tell you that it's time to move forward! The dating scene has changed and so have the rules! We've got five old dating rules that you absolutely need to ditch:

1. Guys Always Making the First Move

Ladies, it is time to take the reigns! It is a whole new world out there, my friends. You no longer have to wait for men to make the first move. It is totally and absolutely okay for you to approach a guy you're interested in and ask him for a date. Back in the day, women would obsess over sending a guy signals, hoping to encourage him to ask them out. Thankfully, that's a thing of the past. If you like a guy, ask him out. In this new day and age, he'll find it attractive how forward and confident you are.

2. Setting Ridiculous Standards

This is definitely one of the old dating rules that has got to go! We're not saying you need to drop all your standards and settle for just anyone, but you do need cut people some slack. It's okay to have some basic standards, like a potential partner needing to have a job and a car. However, if your standards are that they're a doctor with a Mercedes, you need to reconsider how high you set the bar. If your standards are freakishly high, you need to evaluate what's really important to you and set new standards.

Dating Rules to Drop

3. Making Sure Their Friends and Family Like You

There's some skepticism surrounding this rule. Obviously you want your partner's friends and family to like you, but you don't need to bend over backwards to make that happen. It used to be that someone would jump through a million hoops to get the approval of their partner's friends and family. That's no longer the case, and rightfully so. If your partner's friends and family don't like you (for no good reason), then that's fine. You're not dating them. You should focus on how your partner feels about you, not how their friends and family feel.

4. Not Sleeping Together On the First Date

This is one of the old dating rules that we are so happy to do away with. Back in the day, if you slept together on the first date, well…there was a certain “image” it would convey. Fortunately, this idea seems to have died off over the years. In fact, it's actually considered practical to sleep with someone on the first date, because it shows you early on if you have sexual compatibility. If the sex is awful, you can bail on the situation before either person develops feelings.

5. Waiting Three Days to Contact Them After a Date

This has always been one of the dumbest dating rules, but so many people follow it! After a date, you don't want to come on too strong or seem desperate, so you wait at least three days to contact the other person. We want you to know: it is time to ditch this rule. This rule only confuses both people involved and makes you both think that the other person isn't interested. It turns into a stand-off of who will contact the other one first. Not only is this silly and childish, but stressful, too! So go ahead and contact the guy or girl you just went out with last night. Odds are they'll be glad to hear from you and it will lead to a second date sooner!Dating Rules Not to Follow

Phone Flirting: 4 Ways to Improve Your Flirting Through Texts

We use our cell phones for everything these days. We check the weather, watch video clips, browse the internet and more. We even use our cell phones for flirting! Flirting through texting messages can be a lot easier than flirting in person. It eliminates some of the awkwardness that comes with hitting on someone and having to see their reaction right in front of your face. At the same time, flirting through texts can be difficult. It can be hard to make it clear that you're flirting through a text message, so we've put together four tips to improve your flirting through texts.

1. Emojis and Other Media

Using emojis and pictures is crucial for flirting through texts. Emojis add character to your message. They can also send a clear signal that you are in fact flirting, in case the person receiving the text wasn't sure. For example, a winking emoji can make the difference between an awkward statement and a flirtatious statement. Sometimes you need emojis or gifs to let someone know you're being flirtatious and not just weird.

2. Timing

The right timing is essential if you're flirting through text messages. Texting someone early in the morning (not too early) will let them know you're thinking of them before anything else. Texting them late at night (not too late) lets them know you're thinking of them before going to bed. It's important to consider the time between your texts, also. If you text someone several times in a row without them responding, this is not flirting; it's being compulsive.

3. Tone

Using the right tone is key if you are flirting with someone through texts. Tone doesn't always translate well through testing, so you need to be careful with your word selection and punctuation. A remark that would be perfectly fine in person may be perceived as rude through a text message. If you want to make it clear that you're being flirtatious, try using cute, flirty words or statements. And, as we said earlier, add some emojis in to really make it clear.

4. Length

When flirting through texts, it's important to consider the length of the texts you're sending. Flirty text messages should always be brief. Don't bore someone with a prolific love letter through text messages. Keep it short, sweet, and to-the-point. You also don't want to weigh your texts down with too much information. For example, if they ask how your day was, don't tell them every single detail. It's flirtatious to keep things a little vague, so just give them the basics.

Flirting Through Texts

The Social Media Scoop: 6 Things You Can Learn From A Date’s Facebook Profile

Dating is never easier, but in recent years technological advances have made it a little simpler. Social media is able to give you insight into someone before you get too involved with them. You can look them up online before the first date and determine if you're really interested in them! If you're not sure how social media can help you get to know a potential partner, we've put together six things you can learn from a date's Facebook profile.

1. Likes and Dislikes

Before you dive headfirst into a new relationship, it's good to know if you have some common ground. You date's Facebook profile can tell you if they have the same likes and dislikes as you. For instance, maybe your potential partner is posting on Facebook about going kayaking every weekend…and you hate kayaking. It's nice to know what their interests are and what they enjoy before you get invested in them.

2. Taste in Music, Movies, and Television

It might be a big deal to you if someone has very different taste in things like music and movies. Maybe you're a fan of rock who can't stand the sound of country music. You might want to know if your date is obsessed with country, before you tell them how much you hate it. Maybe their taste in movies and television is important to you also. If they're addicted to reality television and you prefer watching serious crime dramas, you might not be too compatible.

3. Political Beliefs

This is one of the most important things you can learn from a date's Facebook profile. Differing political beliefs is a deal breaker for many people. If you're a die-hard liberal and your date's timeline is filled with conservative posts, you might want to bail on this before you even begin. Maybe you're a strict conservative and your date is constantly sharing liberal articles. Either way, you'll know in advance that this relationship probably wouldn't work out.

Facebook Profile

4. Who Their Friends Are

Another thing you can learn from a date's Facebook profile is who they hang out with. You can see if you have any mutual friends. You can also see if they're friends with any arch-enemies. Maybe their best friend is someone you dated and dumped in high school. Maybe their cousin is an old rival from work. It's important to know these things before getting too involved!

5. Their Style (And How It's Changed Over the Years)

Maybe you've only met your date once, so you're not exactly sure what their style is like. It sounds shallow, but the way a potential partner dresses is important to some people. Looking through Facebook photos gives you an idea of what your date's style is like, as well as what it's been like over the years. You might be amused (or disturbed) to see that your date went through a serious goth phase back in 2010. Or perhaps your date has changed their hair color eleven times in the last two years. This information could be important to you!

6. Previous Relationships

This is some super important information you can get from your date's Facebook profile. Looking through their photos gives you some valuable insight into how involved they are with their exes. This could give you a heads-up if your date is still into their ex. For instance, if there's one or two old pictures of an ex mixed in with tons of pictures of friends and family, then that's not really an issue. If there's twenty pictures of an ex, or an entire album dedicated to their relationship, you may have a problem. You'll also want to look at recent comments and likes. If your date's ex is commenting on all of their recent posts, then they're very much still in the picture.

Social Media