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Keeping It Casual: 3 Rules To Follow In A Casual Relationship

While most people are looking for monogamous, long-term relationships, there are many people out there who enjoy unconventional relationships. One such relationship is a casual relationship. A casual relationship is like a “friends with benefits” situation. The two of you are intimate with one another, but you don't need to be exclusive. You are free to see other people and you do not put an official title on your relationship. This type of relationship is perfect for people who are not looking for a serious commitment or people who are not ready to settle down. It is also perfect if you are just testing the waters with someone and feeling them out before you decide to be serious with them. While casual relationships can be very beneficial for certain people, there are some important rules you need to follow to make one work. Check out three rules to follow in a casual relationship:

1. Don't Get Jealous

A crucial part of being in a casual relationship is that you cannot get jealous when the other person gets involved with someone else. The whole point of being in a casual relationship is not being exclusive. This means that the both of you are free to see whoever you want. If you find yourself getting jealous over the other person seeing someone else, you may not be cut out for a casual relationship.

2. Always Use Protection

Being that casual relationships are not exclusive, you need to make sure that you always use protection when having sex. You don't know exactly who your casual partner is being with or if they have any sexually transmitted diseases. To be on the safe side, make sure that you always use protection when having sex with this person.

3. Make Sure You're Both On the Same Page

The most important rule in a casual relationship is to always make sure that you are both on the same page. If one of you thinks that the relationship is exclusive and the other thinks it is casual, you are asking for trouble. When the two of you have different ideas of what is going on, someone is bound to get hurt. To make sure that everyone is comfortable with the situation, you both need to explicitly express what you want the relationship to be like and where you want it to go.

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Feline Frenzy: 3 Totally Legit Reasons To Date A Crazy Cat Lady

When you think of a “Crazy Cat Lady,” you probably envision an old woman in a bathrobe surrounded by 30 cats. We all know that being a crazy cat lady is usually deemed an insult and these women have a pretty bad reputation. Well, as it turns out, there's nothing wrong with being a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady! You may think that all crazy cat ladies are destined to a lifetime of single-dom, but that's so not the case. The only reason these women end up single is because men aren't willing to give them a chance, right? That whole “crazy cat lady” reputation scares them away! It turns out there's nothing wrong with major feline fans, and we've got three totally legitimate reasons to date a crazy cat lady! Check them out below:

1. They're Compassionate

Anyone who loves animals has a high level of compassion, especially crazy cat ladies. You have to be really compassionate to open your home up to a bunch of felines. Most of the time, the cats that these women have were all strays or rescues. Bringing a bunch of wayward animals into your home and caring for them shows that she's a compassionate person, and who doesn't want to date someone that's compassionate?

2. They're Patient

If you have any experience with cats, you'll know that they can test your patience. They knock things off counters and shelves. They stay up all night, running from one end of the house to the other. As cute as they are, they can be a little annoying (if we're being honest…) So to be a crazy cat lady takes a lot of patience! Dating a patient person has many perks, especially if you yourself are a difficult person. You want someone who has the patience to deal with you and stand by you through struggles.

3. They're Genuine

There are few people more genuine than crazy cat ladies. Being a crazy cat lady comes with a lot of ridicule and shaming. It comes with a lot of mocking and belittling. Any woman is a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” is obviously not afraid of any of this. She's not afraid to be herself! She loves what she loves (cats, duh.) and she's not afraid to show it. This is a hard trait to come by, and it's perhaps the best reason you should totally date a crazy cat lady!

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Alpha Female: 25 Things You Should Know When Dating An Independent Woman

While the age-old stereotype of women has been submissive and subordinate, women are now more independent than ever before. Women everywhere are taking control of their lives and aren't letting men control them. Now, don't get your panties in a bunch, guys. There's nothing wrong with handing the reigns over to a female. It's okay to take the backseat for once! In fact, dating an independent woman can actually lead to a healthy, fulfilling relationship for you. Really…you should try it. Before you do, here are 25 things you should know about dating an independent woman:

  1. She inspires everyone around her and wishes to be inspired in return.
  2. She is emotionally strong.
  3. She is a good conversationalist, and she will expect you to be one as well.
  4. She can be choosy and spontaneous; she may or may not be jealous.
  5. She is not one to be fooled around with.
  6. She is used to making her own decisions, but she'll love it if you take initiative.
  7. She is straightforward and honest.
  8. She does not need to tell you everything she is doing.
  9. She's tough, yet vulnerable. She is also outgoing, yet reserved.
  10. She is headstrong and will command your respect.
  11. She may seem hard, but she's extremely loving, caring, and loyal.
  12. She may not need people at all.
  13. She may not feel the need to get married, like many women often do.
  14. She enjoys her own space, and will give you space as well.
  15. She won't always ask for your help, because she likes doing things for herself.
  16. She's not usually clingy or needy.
  17. She way seem stubborn sometimes, but she knows what she wants.
  18. She makes her own money.
  19. While she doesn't need chivalry, she does appreciate it.
  20. It's easy for her to make new friends.
  21. Don't expect her to be your servant.
  22. She doesn't mind going out alone.
  23. She has strong convictions and tons of ambition.
  24. She thrives on alone time.
  25. She won't expect to be showered in gifts or affection.

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Romantic Equations: 50 Great Pickup Lines For Math Nerds

We all know that pickup lines can be super cheesy and it's pretty rare that they actually work. While pickup lines may not be effective at making someone fall head-over-heels for you, they can certainly get someone's attention and start a conversation! The more clever the pickup line, the more likely it is to be a hit. Pickup lines are especially effective if you know your audience. This particular set of pickup lines is for total math nerds. If the person you like is a complete math whiz, they'll appreciate these 50 pickup lines for math nerds!

  1. My love is like √(-1). Complex, but not imaginary.
  2. I'm not being obtuse, but you are acute girl.
  3. What's your sine?
  4. How can I know 50 digits of Π and not know the digits of your phone number?
  5. I'm more interested in you than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.
  6. Let's find out if we converge by taking each other to the limit.
  7. Can I plug my solution into your equation?
  8. Can I have your significant digits?
  9. I'm sine, you are cosine, let's make a tangent.
  10. I wish I was your math homework, then I would be real hard, and you would be doing me all night.
  11. You be the numerator and I will be the denominator, so both of us can reduce to the simplest form.
  12. I don't like my current girlfriend, mind if I made a you-substitution?
  13. Your body has the nicest arc length I have ever seen.
  14. You must be cos2, I'm sin2, and together we are 1.
  15. Are you a function of my asymptotic? I always tend towards you.
  16. My love is like a fractal, it goes on forever.
  17. My love for you is like 2x, exponentially growing.
  18. You have a fine body. Are you a Mathlete?
  19. I should ask you out, 'cause you can't differentiate.
  20. Wanna couple our equations tonight?
  21. You are like a student and I'm like a math book. You solve all my problems.
  22. Wanna make a composite function?
  23. You are sweeter than 3.14.
  24. You have changed my world to polar coordinates. Complex and imaginary things now have a magnitude and direction.
  25. Had you been a triangle, you would be acute one.
  26. Are you a square? ‘Cause you got all the right angles.
  27. You are a well-defined function.
  28. You are 1/(Cos c).
  29. Is your sine Π/2? ‘Cause you are 1.
  30. I hope you are good at algebra, 'cause you have to replace my X without asking Y.
  31. I sure hope you know set theory, 'cause I wanna intersect and union with you.
  32. You may be out of range, yet I would love to show you my domain.
  33. My love for you is like dividing by zero, it cannot be defined.
  34. You must be a 90º angle. You are right.
  35. My love is defined by exponential curve, it's unbounded.
  36. Without you I'm like a null set, empty.
  37. You have one compact set.
  38. You are as beautiful as 1.618.
  39. I wish I were a second derivative, so I could investigate your concavities.
  40. You have got more curves than a triple integral.
  41. I would like to be an integral, so I can be the area under your curves.
  42. Your beauty is like Π, never ending.
  43. I wonder what the L' Hospital's rule says of the limit when I is over you.
  44. Wanna expand my polynomial?
  45. Can I explore your mean value?
  46. Can you integrate my natural log?
  47. Let's do some math. Add bed, subtract clothes, divide legs, and multiply.
  48. I wish I was a derivative, just so that I could lie tangent to your curves.
  49. Are you √(2), 'cause I feel irrational around you.
  50. You must be √(-1), 'cause you can't be real.

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Hyperspeed Romance: 20 Quick Questions To Ask When Speed Dating

Speed dating is a popular way of meeting new people and getting to explore your options all in the course of a day. When speed dating, you get to meet numerous potential partners, but only spend a few minutes with each one. If you're going to try speed dating, you'll have to known how to make the most of your time. You only get about 5 to 10 minutes with each person, so you want to make sure that you ask the right questions that will help you get to know as much as you can about this person. This will help you decide if you want to see them again! Check out twenty great questions to ask when speed dating:

  1. Have you been married before? / Ever been divorced?
  2. Do you have any children?
  3. Do you live alone or with roommates/your parents?
  4. Where do you work/ What do you do for work?
  5. What are some of your hobbies?
  6. How do you feel about marriage?
  7. How do feel about having children?
  8. What do you like to do in your free time?
  9. Do you have any siblings? / Are you an only child?
  10. Do you smoke/drink?
  11. Where are you from? / Where did you grow up?
  12. Where did you go to school? / What did you study?
  13. Is this your first time speed dating?
  14. Are you looking for a long term relationship or something casual?
  15. Do you follow any religion or are you spiritual?
  16. Are you looking for someone who shares your religious beliefs?
  17. What is your political affiliation? / Do you want to date someone with the same political affiliation?
  18. Would you ever consider moving for a relationship? / Where do you want to live someday?
  19. What are your long term goals? / Where do you see yourself in five years?
  20. Are you a vegan/vegetarian? / Do you follow any certain diet? / Do you have any dietary restrictions?

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Online Deception: 5 Things People Lie About On Their Online Dating Profiles

Online dating can be a real danger zone. There are some people on online dating sites that you should totally stay clear of, but how can you tell who they are? One way to tell is if their online dating profile is riddled with lies. It can be difficult to figure out what the lies are, though! To make things easier, here are five topics that people frequently lie about on their online dating profiles:

1. Where They Work

One of the main things people lie about online is what their occupation is. In an attempt to make themselves look better, people will often claim to have a very prestigious job. They may also lie about the position they are in at a company that they do actually work for. For instance, someone might say they are the boss at a store where they are actually a cashier.

2. What They Look Like

This is the most common thing that people lie about. People want to look appealing online, so they may use fake pictures or just describe themselves differently than they look. They will often pretend to be taller, skinnier, or just overall more attractive than they are in reality.

3. How Old They Are

A very common thing that people lie about on their online dating profiles is their age. People who feel that they are too old to find someone to date may pretend that they are younger than they really are. You may also find the reverse, where people who are underage and should not even be on dating sites in the first place lie about their age so that they can meet someone.

4. What Their Interests Are

On online dating profiles, people may lie about what their interests and hobbies are. If someone doesn't have many hobbies, or if they are insecure about their hobbies for some reason, they make say that they are interested in other things. For instance, if someone feels that their hobbies are “nerdy,” they may lie and say that they are interested in sports or thrill-seeking instead of reading and writing.

5. What They Want In A Partner

This is something that people will begin lying about if they are having trouble finding what exactly what they are looking for. Someone may really be looking for a person with no kids who is between the ages of 25 and 30, but if they can't find this person, they may say that “kids are okay.” It could be that they truly changed what they are looking for, or it could be that they are lying about their true desires just so they can find someone.


Getting Closer: 5 Activities For Bonding With Your Partner

It's something that happens in every relationship. Eventually both partners start get distant and grow apart. This is inevitable, especially when you've been together for awhile. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to strengthen the bond in your relationship. Many of these things are totally simple and you can do them right away! Check out five activities for bonding with your partner:

1. Creating Something Together

A great way to strengthen the bond with your partner is to create something together. This can be a craft or piece of art. Make a painting together. Make a small sculpture together. Go out in the yard and plant a garden together. If you both work together to create something totally new, it will help you to feel closer to one another.

2. Solving A Puzzle

Another great way to get closer to your partner is by working together to solve a puzzle or other activity. When you have to work together to figure something out, it will force you to get closer to one another. You'll have to spend time putting your heads together and using your problem-solving skills, which will ultimately help you feel closer.

3. Couple's Massage

Getting a couple's massage or having a spa day together will make you feel pampered and closer to one another. Massages and spa treatments will help you to relax and feel less tension, ultimately strengthening your bond.

4. See A Movie Together

Seeing a new movie together will strengthen your bond because it creates a new memory for the two of you. It also gives you something to talk about and critique together. This will help you to feel close again, especially if you've been struggling to find conversation topics.

5. Thrill-Seeking

Doing something dangerous together is an amazing way to strengthen your bond. We're not suggesting anything too dangerous, but something that does get your heart racing. This may be bungee jumping or sky diving – anything that forces you to rely on your partner for comfort. This will put the two of you in a position where you need to rely on one another to feel better, which will make you feel closer.

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Not Over You: 4 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

While many breakups are meant to be permanent, there are some couples who breakup and ultimately reunite. How can you tell if your broken relationship is destined to work out after all? You first need to figure out if your ex wants you back. This may be hard to find out, since it's unlikely they'll come right out and say it directly. To help you out, these are 4 signs your ex wants you back:

1. You Keep “Coincidentally” Running Into Them

If you find that you keep coincidentally running into your ex, there could be a reason for that. Your ex may be purposely hanging out at places where they know you'll show up. If your ex is strategically staging casual run-ins, it's a major sign that they're still into you! These staged encounters could be to see how you look, or if you're with someone, or just an excuse to talk to you again. Whatever the reason it, it's likely related to wanting you back!

2. They Find Excuses To Contact You

Is your ex texting you about an old t-shirt that you left at their place? Are they calling you to ask when a paper for school is due, when they could easily find that out on their own? If it seems like your ex is making every excuse to contact you, it's probably because they're still into you. If they were over you, they would never worry about speaking to you again. So if they keep calling and texting, consider it a sign.

3. They're Still Talking To Your Family

One of the major signs your ex wants you back is if they're still frequently talking to your family members. Now, if it was a long-term relationship, they may genuinely still care about your family and want to speak to them. However, if they are speaking to them all the time and they were never genuinely friendly with them during the relationship, they could be doing it just to stay close to you.

4. You're Still All Over Their Social Media

This is one of the biggest signs your ex wants you back. If their social media is still covered in pictures of you or the two of you together, it's likely they haven't let go of the relationship. If they were really over you, they would have wiped all evidence of you from their social media. It could be that they don't want to erase you from social media, because they don't want to erase you from their life. If they keep the relationship alive online, it may still be alive in reality.

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So Annoying: 32 Habits That Drive Women Crazy

Relationships can start to get exhausting when you've been in one for awhile. You might start to notice some annoying habits that your partner has. This is especially true when it comes to men. We've got 32 habits that drive women crazy! Check them out below:

  1. Telling a woman what to do
  2. Ignoring her when she talks
  3. Being passive aggressive
  4. Avoiding conflict
  5. Not practicing good hygiene
  6. Belching/Passing gas
  7. Not contributing to household chores
  8. Making the house messy
  9. Being glued to the television
  10. Not taking anything seriously
  11. Forgetting important dates
  12. Being late to everything
  13. Wanting sex all the time
  14. Falling asleep immediately after sex
  15. Leaving the toilet seat up
  16. Not noticing when she gets a new haircut or outfit
  17. Leaving toenail clippings everywhere
  18. Acting like the world is over when they have a cold
  19. Not replying to texts or phone calls
  20. Refusing to ask for directions
  21. Getting jealous for no reason
  22. Being flirtatious with other women
  23. Never complimenting her
  24. Assuming that she's on her period whenever she's upset
  25. Thinking they're right about everything
  26. Man-splaining everything as if a woman doesn't know
  27. Being cheap
  28. Being rude to waiters
  29. Chewing with their mouth open
  30. Not expressing their feelings
  31. Leaving the door open when using the bathroom
  32. Playing video games all day

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More Than Good Looks: 4 Things Women Look For In A Man

They say that women look for a man who is tall, dark and handsome. The truth is that it's so much more than that. There are certain traits and characteristics that women want in a potential partner. A handsome face isn't going to be enough anymore! If you're interested in what women really want, check out these four major things women look for in a man:

1. Sense of Humor

Women love men who can make them laugh. There are few things that are sexier than a man with a sense of humor. If a man can laugh at himself and doesn't take things too seriously, it makes him ten times more attractive.

2. Confidence

Confidence is attractive to just about everyone. No one likes a guy who is insecure and desperate. When a man has confidence, women will flock to him. Women want a man who feels secure in himself and does not doubt who he is. This is why confidence is one of the main things women look for in a man.

3. Sensitivity

Traditionally, men have been programmed to be hyper-masculine and hide their emotions. The reality is that women appreciate a man who isn't afraid to express his feelings. They want a man who will open up to them and be emotional if he needs to be. This is why sensitivity is an important thing that women want in a potential partner. Sensitivity also helps men to be more in tune with the emotions that their partner is feeling, leading to a healthier relationship.

4. Intelligence

While no one is saying that a man has to be a genius to get a girlfriend, intelligence is always a plus. It's nice to have someone that you can have a substantial conversation with. Women enjoy men who are cultured and can discuss various issues and subjects. Men who have knowledge about different topics are more intriguing and more likely to have women interested in them.

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