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The Best Ways To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects millions of men all over the world. It especially affects men over the age of 40, as they experience a decline in testosterone that severely impacts their sexual function. The condition is a total nuisance that ruins men's sex lives and in serious cases, can lead to the end of marriages and long-term relationships. Fortunately, there are some great, all-natural ways to combat erectile dysfunction. Check out four of them below!

1. Make Dietary Changes

Sometimes what you eat can really take a toll on your sexual function. Many men who have followed poor diets their entire lives end up getting erectile dysfunction when they hit middle age. Actually, some of them get it before they hit middle age! Diets high in red meats and refined grains can actually increase your risk of ED, while diets high in vegetables, fruits, and lean meats can actually reduce your risk of developing ED.

ways to treat erectile dysfunction

2. Practice Pelvic Floor Exercises

A recent study revealed that stopping the stream of urine mid-flow, can actually help improve erectile dysfunction. Say what now? It turns out, withholding your urine mid-flow works as a pelvic floor exercise. Pelvic floor exercises strengthen the muscles in that area and improve erectile strength. Another example of a pelvic floor exercise is using the pelvic muscles to draw the testicles upwards.

ways to treat erectile dysfunction

3. Staying Active

Men who are sedentary are far more likely to develop erectile dysfunction as they age. This is why staying active is so important. Men who exercise often are less likely to have ED. In addition, men who already have ED can experience a major improvement in the condition if they begin an exercise routine. This doesn't need to be a strict, intense workout routine. Getting just 30 minutes of moderate exercise five times a week is enough to have great overall health and avoid ED!

ways to treat erectile dysfunction

4. Try All-Natural Supplements

Perhaps the most effective way to treat erectile dysfunction is by using all-natural male enhancement supplements. Male enhancement supplements use a blend of natural ingredients like Maca root and Horny goat weed to combat the symptoms ED one-by-one. Men who have used these supplements state that they experienced a boost in libido, an increase in their sexual stamina, and even an enlargement in their penis size!

ways to treat erectile dysfunction

7 Signs That Your Partner Is Growing Distant

Do you ever feel like something is just “off” in your relationship? Many people find themselves feeling this way when their relationship is on the rocks and their partner is pulling away from them. Before you know it, the relationship could be totally over and you'll be left wondering what happened. It helps to recognize the signs before things really go downhill and your relationship ends. Check out these seven signs that your partner is growing distant from you…before it's too late:

1. You're the Last Person They Share Things With

Were you the last person to find out your partner got a promotion? Are you out of the loop about their family drama? If your partner has stopped telling you about whatever is going on in their life, consider it a major red flag. This means the emotional connection between the two of you is fading and your partner feels more comfortable sharing things with their friends than with you.

partner is becoming distant

2. They Never Talk About the Future Anymore

Did the two of you always talk about your future together but now you've noticed your partner ignoring the future altogether? If your partner avoids conversations about your future together, it could be that they no longer want one. By not discussing a future with you, they can begin to imagine one that does not have you in it.

3. They're Spending More Time With Friends

Is your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse spending all of their free time with friends? It's totally normal for your partner to hang out with their friends, but if they are prioritizing that over spending time with you, it means they no longer care to have quality time together.

signs husband wants divorce

4. Your Sex Life Is On the Decline

Can you even remember the last time you had sex? If your partner is showing no interest in sex, it could be that they are becoming emotionally and physically detached from you. With that said, sexual ruts are normal in long term relationships and can be due to a number of things.

5. They Don't Make Eye Contact With You

Does your partner look elsewhere when talking to you? It may seem trivial, but a lack of eye contact can be correlated with a lack of emotional connection. If they're not looking into your eyes, they're distancing themselves from you.

signs girlfriend wants to breakup

6. You Feel Alone Even When You're Together

Do you still feel lonely even when your partner is around? Being with your partner should make you feel happy and fulfilled. If you find yourself feeling empty and lonely even in their presence, it could be because the two of you have grown apart.

7. They Find Any Reason To Argue

Is your partner getting angry with you for the smallest things? When someone instigates an argument over something minimal, it is usually because they are looking to drive a wedge between themselves and the other person. Your partner may be purposefully pushing you away from them at this point.


8 Small Gestures That Will Show Your Partner How Much They Mean To You

Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows that sometimes the passion fades away and the two of you are left wondering how much you really love one another. This can be an awful feeling, but it doesn't always mean the relationship is over. Often times, the two partners have just grown comfortable in the relationship and they forget to go out of their way to show their partner how they really feel. Luckily, it's easy to start showing your partner that you care. You can begin with any of these ten small gestures that will show your partner how much they mean to you!

1. Flirt With Them

It may seem silly to flirt with the person you've been with for a long time, but it's a great way to reignite the passion in your relationship. Being flirtatious with your partner makes them feel desired and will remind them of the beginning of your relationship when everything was fresh and new.

2. Ask Them About Their Day

In long term relationships, people often begin feeling as if their partner doesn't care about their life. Remind your partner that you do care about their life by actually asking about it. Ask them how work went. Ask them how their day was. Ask them how they're feeling. This will let them know that you still care about whatever is going on with them.

showing your girlfriend you care

3. Surprise Them With Something Special

No, you don't have to shower your partner in gifts or come home with a diamond necklace, but you should surprise them with something special every now and then. This can be something as small as grabbing their favorite snack on your way home from work. It lets them know you were thinking of them!

4. Show Some PDA

New couples love packing on the PDA, but couples who have been together for a long time have forgotten that feeling where you just can't take your hands off your partner. Don't be afraid to re-visit public displays of affection to re-light the spark in your marriage or long term relationship.

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5. Look After Their Health

Few things show you care more than looking after your partner's health. Make sure that they are taking good care of themselves. Are they taking their supplements? Are they keeping up with doctor appointments? Checking in on these things shows that you care about your partner and their well-being.

6. Let Them Pick the Movie

It may sound trivial, but something as simple as letting your partner pick which movie or TV show to watch can really show them that you care. It lets them know you're willing to put their wants and interests before your own, which is part of a healthy relationship.

how to have a happy marriage

7. Cook Them A Meal

Let your partner relax for the night and cook them their favorite meal. Give them a little pampering and they'll be more in love with you than ever by the end of the night!

8. Literally Tell Them How You Feel

This one may seem a little on the nose, but you'd be amazed how many people totally neglect it. The best way to show your partner that you care is to actually tell them that you care. It doesn't have to be a big emotional speech about your love for them. All you have to do is tell them you love and appreciate them more often.

8 Small Signs That Your Partner Is Having An Affair

One of the most common reasons for breaking up is infidelity. Nearly everyone has been cheated on at some point in their life and it's one of the most painful things a person can experience. While infidelity always hurts, it hurts even worse the longer it goes on. Fortunately, there are some subtle signs that can help you to see your partner's infidelity early on. This way, you won't linger on in an unfaithful relationship for too long before the affair is revealed. Read on to find out eight small signs that your partner is having an affair:

1. They're Spending More Time With “Friends”

Now, don't immediately be alarmed that your partner is hanging out with their friends. In the vast majority of cases, they are legitimately hanging out with their friends. With that said, there are instances in which spending time with friends is used as a coverup for spending time with another man or woman. In some cases, your partner's friends may even be in on the coverup and lie for them if confronted.


2. They Insist On Doing the Laundry

It may seem like a strange sign, but pay attention to this one. If your partner has never ever helped with household chores and suddenly insists on being the one to do the laundry, it could be that they're trying to cover the tracks. They may want to make sure that you don't uncover any evidence of their indiscretions, like the smell of another woman's perfume or a receipt in their pocket from a dinner date.

girlfriend was unfaithful

3. They Have A Secret Credit Card

Have you found that your partner has a secret credit card or bank account you never knew about? It's not necessary for you to know everything about your partner's finances, but if they have purposely opened a new account that you were to never know about, there's definitely something shady going on.

4. Their Phone Is Always On Them

Do you notice that your partner's phone is always on their person? There could be a reason for this. If your partner always keeps their phone in their pocket or physically on them instead of setting it down somewhere, it's likely that they have something to hide. They probably don't want a call or text from the other person coming up in front of you – or they don't want to risk you intercepting their phone and looking through it.

5. They're Buying You Expensive Gifts

Did your partner suddenly come home with a very expensive gift for you when it wasn't even a holiday? Expensive “just because” gifts could be just that. Maybe they wanted to put a smile on your face. On the other hand, these gifts can be a serious sign of guilt. When your partner showers you in lavish gifts, they feel less guilty about their infidelity.

red flags of infidelity

6. They're Very Private About Their Social Media

Does your partner guard their Facebook and other social media beyond reason? If your partner refuses to let you see their social media profiles, it's likely there's something incriminating on there. They could be messaging other people, looking for someone to cheat with. They may already be cheating and using social media to contact the other man or woman.

7. They Reject Your Affection

If your partner rebuffs your advances and suddenly has no interest in sex, it could be that they are having these needs met elsewhere. Sure, every couple experiences ruts in their sex life. However, if this happens seemingly out of nowhere and seems impossible to fix, it could be that your partner is being intimate with someone else.

8. They've Made Changes To Their Appearance

When your partner starts making random changes to their appearance, it can be that they are trying to impress another person. If they are suddenly dyeing their hair or wearing different clothes, consider this a red flag and don't let it go unaddressed.

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50 Questions To Never Ask Single People

We've all been single at some point in our lives. Actually, most of us will be single at numerous points in our life. There's nothing wrong with being single and many people actually enjoy not being in a relationship. With that said, single people can never seem to escape the pestering of their friends and family. It seems like everyone has endless remarks to make about the single lifestyle, and some things can just really get under a single person's skin. Whether you're the solo one or you're just looking to not offend a solo friend, you should check out these fifty questions to never ask single people:

  1. Why are you still single?
  2. Are you finally seeing anyone?
  3. Don't you want to get married?
  4. You know there are plenty of fish in the sea, right?
  5. Don't you think you're getting a little old to be single?
  6. How are you going to support yourself on your own?
  7. Don't you want to have children someday?
  8. Aren't you bored being alone?
  9. Whatever happened to *insert ex's name*?
  10. Aren't you afraid of dying alone?
  11. Who will take care of you one day?
  12. Do you think you'd meet someone if you lost weight?
  13. Why don't you try speed dating?
  14. How hasn't someone grabbed you up yet?
  15. What went wrong in your other relationships?
  16. Aren't your parents disappointed?
  17. Is the single life really any fun?
  18. You don't want to be a spinster, do you?
  19. Have you tried blind dates?
  20. Can I set you up with someone?
  21. Do you go to therapy?
  22. Isn't everyone your age taken already?
  23. When was the last time you went on a date?
  24. Who do you spend time with if you're single?
  25. Are you afraid of being loved?
  26. Have you tried reading dating advice books?
  27. Are you still hung up on your ex?
  28. Are you being too picky?
  29. Don't you feel like a third wheel ever?
  30. Are you putting yourself out there enough?
  31. Do you ever get lonely?
  32. Have you tried online dating?
  33. You're not being promiscuous, are you?
  34. Don't you think it's time to settle down?
  35. Isn't it awful going to weddings alone?
  36. Have you tried Tinder yet?
  37. Are you praying about it?
  38. Are you afraid of failure?
  39. Have you tried a new look?
  40. Aren't all your friends married now?
  41. What are you doing to meet people?
  42. How long has it been since you've had sex?
  43. Have you seen how your ex is doing?
  44. Are you really happy being single?
  45. How do you support yourself on one income?
  46. What do you do on your time off when you're single?
  47. When will you be walking down the aisle?
  48. Have you considered working on your personality?
  49. Why don't you want to be loved?
  50. Do you feel sad all the time?

supporting your single friends

6 Things You Learn From Having Your Heart Broken

One of the hardest things to go through is having your heart broken. For many of us, it will happen several times throughout life. The hardest time will always be the first, because you just don't know how to bounce back. It turns out, heartbreak isn't as bad as it may seem. It actually holds a lot of valuable lessons. Read on to find out the six things you'll learn from having your heart broken:

1. You Create Your Own Happiness

The initial feeling after a bad breakup is that your happiness is gone. You wonder how you could possibly be happy without this other person in your life. With some time, you will find that your happiness does not depend on another person. You have to create it yourself. Heartbreak will teach you to seek out things on your own that make you happy. It may be learning a new skill or starting a new hobby. It may be playing a sport or making artwork. Whatever it is, you'll realize that you are creating happiness for yourself without that other person.

2. It's Okay To Be Vulnerable

There are fewer things that make you more vulnerable than having your heart broken. Whether your ex left you abruptly, cheated on you, or just moved on, having someone reject you in that way can leave you feeling very vulnerable. While vulnerability is a totally normal human feeling, it often makes people feel embarrassed. Many people associate vulnerability with weakness, but that's just not the case. Heartbreak will help you to realize that being vulnerable after a breakup is totally natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

lessons from heartbreak

3. Time Heals Most Things

It sounds cliché, but the reality is that time really does heal almost anything. Immediately after a breakup, you'll feel so much pain and despair. It may feel like the end of the world, but this feeling will actually pass. You'll find that as time goes on, the pain gets less and less. Eventually you'll be able to think of your former partner and past relationship without feeling any pain at all.

4. You Need To Hold Yourself Accountable Sometimes

Self-accountability is a tricky thing for many people. A good thing that breakups teach us is how to hold ourselves accountable for what we do wrong. While your ex may be at fault for the breakup, it is still possible that you made some mistakes yourself. When you're healing from heartbreak, you learn how to look in the mirror and reflect on your part in the breakup. Were there things you could've done better? Are there things you'll do differently in your next relationship? Heartache is a very good teacher when it comes to self-accountability.

things heartbreak teaches

5. You Learn To Love Yourself

A lot of people feel totally worthless and unwanted after having their heart broken. As time goes on, this feeling will decrease and you will learn to love yourself for everything you are. This is especially true if you stay single for a while after the breakup. Being on your own gives you time for self reflection and time to grow. You learn to appreciate all the unique things about yourself and all the ways you're a great person. In the end, you'll be more confident than ever before!

6. Getting Back Up Is Easier Than You Thought

When someone breaks your heart, the initial feeling will be to retreat. You've been knocked to the ground and you probably feel like you want to crawl into a deep, dark hole. The thought of picking yourself up and moving on will seem like the most difficult, daunting thing in the world. As time passes, you'll see that getting back up is not as hard as it seems. Being happy and even finding love again is a lot easier than you ever expected. Before you know it, you'll have your life back on track and you'll wonder how it ever even got derailed.

lessons from a breakup

5 Ways Healthy Relationships Change Over Time

Anyone who has been in a long term relationship knows that they are bound to change as time goes on. The ways that your relationship changes depends on the connection between you and your partner and the health of your relationship itself. Toxic relationships almost always get worse the longer you stay in them, whereas healthy relationships change for the better as time goes on. Find out five ways that healthy relationships change over time:

1. You Will Communicate More Openly

In a healthy relationship, it will become easier and easier to open up to your partner as time goes on. Couples who have been together for a long time learn to communicate more efficiently and express their needs in a constructive way. You won't feel hesitant to tell your partner when you're upset about something and you'll have no issues opening up about your feelings when necessary.

happy long term couples

2. You Will Encourage Each Other To Reach Goals

People in healthy relationships know how to encourage one another to achieve their goals. Whether it be getting in better shape or learning a new hobby, you'll find fulfillment and satisfaction in helping your partner reach new goals. It will actually feel like you achieved something together!

3. You Will Give Each Other More Space

When couples first get together, they typically want to spend every second together. As time goes on, you'll find it easier to give each other more space. In fact, you'll actually need your own space to keep the relationship healthy. Studies have found that couples who take the time to do their own thing and spend time away from one another tend to have better relationships. This is because spending too much time together can be smothering for your partner over time.

healthy long term relationship

4. You Will Find Compromise Easier

Younger couples often find compromise impossible. You may feel like you're giving up everything for your partner, or that your partner is asking too much of you. One of the biggest ways that healthy relationships change over time is the way compromising gets easier. You will have developed a healthy give-and-take, in which both partners have their needs met without anyone sacrificing too much.

5. You Will Want A More Easy-Going Lifestyle

Many couples find that as time goes on, they desire a more easy-going lifestyle together. The lively, busy life the two of you once led together just doesn't have the same appeal. This is especially true once the two of you have hit middle-age. It's likely that you'll both want to find a quiet place to settle down and live a more low-key life. You may find that thinking about the future is centered around relaxation rather than living things up and this is totally normal!

happy couples

The 6 Things You Should Never Do After Your Partner Cheats

Infidelity is a terrible aspect of many relationships and is a very common downfall of even the best ones. While there is no pain quite like that of betrayal, it's important to watch how you react if you have been cheated on. Emotions run high after infidelity and this can cause you to act out in anger. That's why you should be aware of the six things to never do after your partner cheats:

1. Seek Revenge

The pain of being cheated on makes many people want to retaliate. While you may want to seek immediate revenge on your partner, this isn't wise. Vengeful feelings only lead to bad decisions. Many people find themselves trying to get back at their partner by being unfaithful themselves, but this only leads to deep feelings of shame and regret. For this reason, do not act out in anger. Remember that bad choices cannot be taken back, and you will likely regret whatever revenge you try to enact.

responding to infidelity

2. Share It On Social Media

Being cheated on can make you feel very vulnerable and you will likely seek solace in friends or family. While it is okay to go to your best friend or your closest family member for support, do not seek support from the masses. Many people make the mistake of sharing their partner's indiscretions on social media, seeking comfort on a larger scale. Sure, this may lead to an influx of messages of support, but you will likely regret it later on. Once your emotions have settled and your mind has cleared, you will be uncomfortable with the fact that you just shared such private info with so many people.

responding to cheating

3. Destroy Something Valuable

We've all heard the Carrie Underwood song “Before He Cheats,” which encourages women to destroy their partner's car after his infidelity. While it's a great song, do not do this! It may feel good to take your anger out on something that your partner really cares about, but remember that you can get into actual legal trouble this way. The satisfaction of destroying your cheating partner's car is not worth the night in jail or the cost of damages.

what to do when cheated on

4. Ask For Too Many Details

When a partner reveals they've been unfaithful, it's not uncommon to want every detail. You may want to know who it was with, where it happened, when it happened, and how often. With that said, it will only hurt you more to know every single detail. It's okay to ask for the basic who/where/when, but when you start asking for intimate details, like sexual positions or what may have been said between the two, you will realize that sometimes ignorance is bliss.

what to do when boyfriend cheats

5. Scrutinize Yourself

Infidelity is one of the worst things someone can do to their partner, because it immediately causes the one who has been cheated on to scrutinize themselves. If you find yourself in this position, try whatever you can to fight it off. Don't think of how the other person may have looked better than you or how they may have performed better sexually. Don't agonize over what you could've done differently to keep your partner from straying. All you will accomplish is tearing yourself apart. Instead, focus on moving forward, whether it be with or without your partner.

infidelity aftermath

6. Instantly Forgive

This is perhaps the most important thing to never do after your partner cheats. You may love this person. You may want to salvage the relationship. That is fine and understandable. However, you cannot immediately forgive what your partner has done. Infidelity is truly an awful thing to do in a relationship. Your partner has violated your trust and put your relationship on the line. This is something that should not be forgiven right away. If you want to stay together, you'll have to forgive your partner eventually – but not too soon. They still need to be held accountable for what they have done. Taking some time apart may be a good way to show your partner that you are not forgiving them right away, but rather re-evaluating the relationship.

staying with a cheating partner

Is Your Partner Afraid Of Commitment? Here’s How To Tell!

We've all known at least one person who is a total commitment-phobe. They steer clear of long-term relationships. They always avoid official titles like “girlfriend” or “boyfriend.” They're terrified of taking a vacation “as a couple.” Oh, and they never ever want to meet someone's family or get to know their friends. They basically avoid any aspect of a serious relationship and they are known to bail on partners when they get too attached. While we've all known someone like this, what happens when you're the one dating someone like this?

Are you falling for someone who is afraid of commitment? Are you afraid that your new partner might jump ship at the first sign of things getting serious? It totally sucks to be in a relationship with someone who is afraid to commit, but fortunately there are ways to find out what you're dealing with before you get too attached.
afraid of intimacy

It turns out, people who are afraid of commitment usually give off some major red flags early on in a relationship. One major sign is their dating history. Have all of their relationships been short-lived? If they've never dated someone for more than one or two months, you may have someone who is a total commitment-phobe. Relationships typically stay pretty casual in the first two months. It isn't until the third month mark that people want to make things more serious. If your partner has a pattern of bailing before that third month, it could be because they are afraid of making the long-term commitment to someone.

Another major sign that your partner is afraid of commitment is a reluctance to be intimate. We're not talking about sex. On the contrary, people who are afraid of commitment have no problem jumping into bed with someone. We're talking about emotional intimacy. Are they very vague with you about their thoughts and feelings? Do they hold a lot back and refuse to really open up to you? It could be that they see emotional vulnerability as a sign of commitment. After all, most people only open up to someone they really trust and plan to keep in their lives. If your partner knows that they're going to leave the relationship shortly, they likely won't open up to you at all.

avoiding intimacy

A third and very important red flag concerning commitment-phobes is the refusal to acknowledge relationship titles. Have you been going out with this person for more than a month and they're still calling you a “friend?” If you're the only person they're seeing, the two of you are in a relationship and most people would consider you worthy of a “boyfriend/girlfriend” title. People who are afraid of commitment avoid these titles like the plague. As long as you're not officially their boyfriend or girlfriend, they can drop you at any moment. It's a lot easier to walk away from a new friendship than an actual relationship, right? Labeling you as a friend keeps you at arm's length and relatively disposable.

While these are not always foolproof signs your partner is afraid of commitment, they are in most cases. (We can't be right all the time, can we?) It's important to recognize these signs early on so you don't get too invested in a commitment-phobe only to have your heart broken!

commitment phobic

4 Realistic Dating Rules Everyone Should Follow

Is it better to be romantic or realistic when it comes to dating? While it may feel good to be a hopeless romantic, it's always wiser to be realistic about your love life. That's why everyone should follow these four realistic dating rules:

1. Let them know right away if you're not interested.

From the time you're a child you're taught to not hurt people's feelings. You're taught to always be kind to people, to compliment people, to encourage people, etc. This expectation is engrained in our heads and as we get older, it carries over into our love lives. This is why so many people have a hard time turning someone down. It's understandable that you don't want to hurt someone's feelings, but you're going to hurt them worse in the long run if you don't just reject them right away. If someone propositions you and you're not interested, let them know. Don't lead them on. Don't host their advances. This just leads them to believe that you're interested when you know very well that you are not. Rejecting them in the first place is nothing compared to stringing them along for some time and then rejecting them.

2. Don't have unrealistic expectations.

When it comes to realistic dating rules, one of the biggest ones to follow is to not have unrealistic expectations. This is not saying that you should settle. We would never advise you to settle for less than what you deserve. With that said, you can't expect the world from someone. If you're setting the bar too high, you're going to be disappointed by everyone. You need to recognize when you're being unreasonable with potential partners. Wanting someone to make millions or cater to your every whim and wish is unreasonable. Wanting someone to abandon their friends and family for you is unreasonable. Having unrealistic expectations like these is only going to leave you lonely in the end.

dating rules for realists

3. Pay attention to red flags.

We cannot stress this one enough: Don't ignore red flags! Red flags are a blessing and they should always be taken into account. There's an old saying that goes, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.” When you see something concerning about a new partner, accept that it is most likely part of who they are and how they'll be down the road. If you're in the early stages of a relationship and you're noticing major red flags, get out. Staying in a situation after you've seen the red flags is only going to lead to a disaster. You'll become more invested in this person and get emotionally attached, only for those red flags to become reality. Then you're left with a broken heart because you didn't get out when you had the chance.

4. Stop playing hard to get.

Someone, somewhere, sometime long ago, started telling women that playing hard to get would lead to a lasting relationship. They were wrong. For whatever reason, women have been led to believe that playing hard to get makes them appear more interesting, elusive, and overall desirable. It makes the other person believe that the woman is too busy to pay attention to them or that she's just not interested. In some cases, this makes the man work harder and chase the woman. In other cases, it makes the man actually believe that she is not interested and he moves on. For this reason, we suggest you abandon the idea of playing hard to get. We're all adults here. If you're interested in someone, you shouldn't play games. Let them know you're interested and see where it goes from there.

dating rules for everyone