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Baby Makes Three: 5 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby

So you're having a baby! This is the most exciting time of your life. You are bringing a little human into the world who is half you, half your partner. The two of you are going to love it, raise it and care for it. While this is a wonderful thing and will bring you endless joy, it's also going to bring some scary changes to your relationship. Don't be alarmed; consider this your heads up. We've got five way your relationship is definitely going to change after having a baby.

1. The concept of privacy is gone.

Once couples welcome a baby into the world, they throw privacy to the wayside. You might find that the chaos of taking care of a new baby makes you forget all about privacy. Maybe you never ever left the door open when using the bathroom, and now you're freely going while your partner is in the room changing the baby's diaper. I mean, your partner did just witness a baby coming out of your body so there's not much left for them to see.

2. Sleep. What is that?

You used to stay up all hours of the night having fun. As a couple, you were the life of the party. After having a baby, this is so not the case. Between changing diapers, feedings, baths and more, you're absolutely exhausted. You and your partner now have a designated bedtime and it's earlier than you ever imagined. You go to bed at 9PM, and then you find yourselves up again at midnight…and 2AM…and 5AM. The baby is crying constantly because it's hungry or needs to be changed, and it's definitely made sleep a foreign concept.

3. Sex? What is that?

After having a baby, you'll probably see a significant decline in your sex life. There's just not much time for sex because you're constantly caring for the baby. Besides, you probably won't feel very sexy anyways. Your clothes are full of spit-up and you look like you've just walked out of the aftermath of a tornado. Your new idea of dirty talk is discussing your baby's bowel movements. Sex is definitely the last thing on your mind.

4. You seriously hate your partner sometimes.

The stress of caring for a new baby is really going to take a toll on your mood, so don't be surprised if you lash out at your partner. You may find that you're annoyed by little things they do – things that never annoyed you before. You may end up in screaming matches over whose turn it is to do the laundry or comfort the baby when it's crying. There will be moments you could literally rip your partners head off.

5. …but you also appreciate them more than ever.

While you may hate your partners guts sometimes, you'll come to appreciate them in a way you never thought possible. You're caring for a newborn together. This is the most important thing either one of you has ever done. The stress of it all may drive you to the brink of insanity, but you're in this together. Having a baby makes you see your partner in a whole new light. They're your shoulder to lean on in the midst of newborn-baby-chaos.

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Impending Doom: 6 Signs Your Relationship is About to End

When a relationship ends, many of us wonder what happened or where we went wrong. We look back and try to think of exactly when the relationship started on its downward spiral. It turns out there are certain signs of a relationship nearing its end. To give you a heads up, we've got six signs that show your relationship is about to end. Read on to check them out:

1. You're flirting with/thinking of other people.

If you or your significant other have started focusing your attention on other people, the end is near. Maybe you've found yourself daydreaming about your cute co-worker. Maybe they've found themselves flirting with the barista at Starbucks. If either one of you is flirting with or picturing yourself with other people, consider your relationship on shaky ground.

2. You don't apologize to one another.

If you and your partner have stopped caring about one another's feelings, your relationship is nearing the end. If you're getting in fights and neither one of you is apologizing afterwards, it shows that you've both lost your empathy for one another. Neither one of you is concerned about how the other one feels, which is not a good sign for your relationship.

3. You've stopped talking about the future.

Did the two of you always discuss your future or make plans for your relationship? Do you find that those conversations are no longer happening? When you both stop discussing the future, it's a sign that there probably isn't a future. Either you or your partner is no longer picturing a future together, which means the love affair is over.

4. The conversation is awful.

If the conversation between you and your partner has become terrible, this is not a good sign for your relationship. When you first got together, you loved talking to one another. You could stay up all night talking and telling stories without ever getting bored. Now you dread having a conversation with them and agonize over what to even talk about. This is a surefire sign that things are winding down.

5. You're both being selfish.

When you both start being selfish, look at it as a bad sign. Maybe your partner used to do special little things for you like bringing home your favorite snack after work. Now they come straight home from work with their favorite coffee, bringing nothing back for you at all. When you're looking for something to watch, maybe you only consider what you want to watch and don't ask for their input. If you're no longer thinking of one another, consider your relationship over.

6. You don't try to spend time together.

Spending time together is the most important part of a healthy relationship. When the two of you no longer make an effort to spend time together, it's a sign your relationship will soon be over. Maybe you're choosing to spend your free time alone or with friends. Either way, you're actively choosing to not spend it with your partner. Consider this the beginning of the end.

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Romantically Challenged: 4 Reasons Millennials Can’t Find Love

They are the most talked-about generation that exists. They are the butt of many jokes and have earned some harsh nicknames (cough – snowflakes – cough). Of course we're talking about millennials. While they may have become a punchline in recent years, one could argue that millennials are the most important generation. They are the primary consumers of many products. They are up-and-coming entrepreneurs, inventors, doctors, lawyers, teachers and more. Millennials are the future of this country, so what they're doing with their lives is of some importance. One area where millennials are significantly lacking is in their relationships. So many millennials are struggling to maintain long-term, committed relationships. Why is this? We don't have a scientifically proven answer, but we do have four of our own reasons that millennials can't find love. Check them out:

1. They're unrealistically picky.

You've heard all the jokes about millennials. They're all vegan gluten-free hipsters who eat avocado toast every morning. While these are obviously stereotypes, they come from a kernel of truth. Millennials are passionate about their convictions, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, when it comes to dating, you have to pick which convictions mean the most to you. What common values must a partner possess? If you expect them to also be an environmentalist who follows an organic vegan diet and practices tantric yoga, you're asking too much,.

2. They're too proud of their independence.

There is nothing wrong with being independent. In fact, being independent is a great quality that many people strive for. However, it becomes a problem when people refuse to let go of their independence. Many millennials aren't in relationships because they think it will diminish their independence. They don't want to let go of their independent lifestyle and are afraid of becoming co-dependent on aa partner. For this reason, many millennials stay away from relationships all-together.

3. They're obsessed with social media.

It sounds silly, but social media is so prevalent in our society, especially among millennials. A recent study showed that millennials spend anywhere from 7 to 10 hours a day browsing social media. This means that browsing Facebook or Instagram is taking up the majority of their day and keeping them from partaking in other activities. How are you supposed to maintain a healthy relationship if you are obsessing over social media all the time? Millennials have not realized that spending time with their partner is more important than Instagramming a picture of their lunch.

4. They don't want to commit.

Millennials love their freedom. They love the ability to do what they want, when they want. Millennials enjoy the single life so much that they have difficulty transitioning into a relationship. Many millennials enjoy playing the field and dating several people casually. Being in a long-term relationship and committing to one partner just doesn't have the same appeal that it did decades ago. Why tie yourself down to a partner when you can spend you time hanging out with friends and hooking up with different people?


Asking Too Much: 5 Signs You Expect Too Much From Your Partner

Relationships are complicated things and we often wonder how we can improve them. One way to improve a relationship is to take a look at your expectations. Are you asking too much of your partner? Do you expect too much from them in the relationship? It's one thing to expect your partner to meet a certain standard. It's another thing to expect them to meet an unattainable standard. We've got five signs that you're asking too much from your partner. Check them out here:

1. You expect gifts and attention all the time.

If you expect your partner to shower you with gifts and attention all the time, you expect too much from them. You're also spoiled, but that's another topic for another time. You cannot expect your partner to spend all of their free time with you, or to spend all of their money catering to your every whim and wish. That is not a relationship.

2. You compare your relationship to other people's.

If you are always comparing your relationship to other people's relationships, you're probably expecting too much. You can't constantly compare your partner to other people. Every person is different and every relationship is different. It's also important to remember that other people's relationships are not perfect. You may see their relationship as being ideal, but you have no idea what goes on in private. You may be comparing your partner to someone who is actually a terrible person in their own relationship.

3. You compare your relationship to fictional ones.

If you're not comparing your relationship to other people's, you might be comparing it to fictional relationships. This is definitely a sign you expect too much from your partner. Relationships on television shows and in movies are not real. They are portrayed as perfect and idealistic. They very rarely meet realistic standards. You may think that the husband or boyfriend on your favorite TV show is perfect, but you have to realize that he is not real. It is unfair to compare your own partner to a fictional one.

4. Your partner has vastly different expectations in the relationship.

Another sign that you expect too much from your partner is if their expectations are vastly different from yours. Your partner may be perfectly happy with your relationship and only expect small things from you, whereas you expect grand gestures. For example, if your partner expects you to cook dinner twice weekly, while you expect them to buy you expensive jewelry once monthly, your expectations are vastly different.

5. You expect your partner to change who they are.

The biggest sign that you expect too much from your partner is if you expect them to change who they are. Wanting someone to change the person they are is a death sentence for a relationship. People can only change so much, and asking a person to change is cruel and unnecessary. If you expect this from your partner, then they should not be your partner. This is an unfair and unrealistic expectation.

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Reading His Mind: 6 Things Guys Think About But Will Never Say

Wouldn't you just love to know what's on a guy's mind? Women spend so much time obsessing over what their boyfriends or husbands are thinking about. We eventually assume or imagine they're thinking horrible things about us or our relationship. The truth is that guys think about many of the same things we do, they just don't make it known. To help you get inside his head, we've got six things guys think about but will never say:

1. He's terrified of losing you.

Your guy may seem calm, cool and collected when it comes to your relationship, but that's not always the case. One of the main things guys think about is how scared they are to lose their partner. He's terrified that one day you'll leave him and break his heart. Since most guys will do anything to not seem weak, he'll likely never tell you this.

2. He has physical insecurities, too.

You might think you're the only one who feels insecure or wishes they could change things about their body, but this is so not true. Guys have insecurities about their bodies and wish they looked different sometimes. They might wish they had bigger muscles or a more defined six-pack, but they keep these feelings to themselves.

3. Your family drives him insane.

He doesn't want to upset you or cause any problems with your family, but sometimes he just cannot stand them. Maybe the weekly dinner with your parents is just too much for him. Maybe your sister's high-pitched laugh sends him into a fit of rage. Whatever the reason is, disdain for their girlfriend's family is one of the main things guys think about but will never say.

4. He's not confident about his sexual performance.

Men like to act like their sexual performance is incredible. For most guys, this is just a front. The reality is that he's not sure how good he is. He often wonders after (and during) the act, if you're truly satisfied. Even if you're making it explicitly clear that you're satisfied, he's still skeptical about his skills.

5. He doesn't want to seem clingy.

You know how we debate whether or not we should call/text? Yeah, well it turns out guys do that too! In the same way that we're afraid of seeming clingy, guys worry about being clingy also. They may be thinking of calling or texting us, but they wonder if they've already contacted us too much or if it's the right time.

6. Alone time is still important to him.

Everyone needs their alone time. Men value their time alone very much, but they might be afraid to tell you that. They don't want you to think that they don't like spending time together. They love spending time with you, but they still need time alone to focus on their hobbies or to just think.

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Dating On A Budget: 30 Fun and Affordable Date Ideas

Whether you just started seeing someone or you've been together for a while, it's important to go out on dates together. Dates are a fun way to connect with your partner and make memories together. The only problem is that some dates are expensive! You shouldn't have to empty your savings to have a good time with your partner. Fortunately, we've got thirty fun and affordable date ideas that won't destroy your budget. Check them out here:

  1. Take a long, scenic walk together.
  2. Browse interesting books at a local library or bookstore.
  3. Go see a local band play at a nice club or bar.
  4. Soak up the sun at the beach.
  5. Go out for brunch at a restaurant you've never been to before.
  6. Have a stay-in date, watching movies and eating take out.
  7. Lay under the stars outside on a beautiful night.
  8. Go for a leisurely bicycle ride.
  9. Explore a neighborhood you've never been to before.
  10. Make a nice picnic and enjoy lunch at a local park.
  11. Enjoy the rides and games at a carnival.
  12. Bring out your inner child at an arcade.
  13. Go for a boat ride on a nearby lake.
  14. Volunteer with a local charity together.
  15. Improve your landscape by gardening together.
  16. Connect with the wild outdoors by going camping.
  17. Get in shape by trying a new workout routine together.
  18. Check out the exhibits at a nearby art gallery.
  19. Admire the animals at your local zoo.
  20. Get caffeinated by checking out a new coffee shop.
  21. Test your knowledge with trivia night at your favorite bar.
  22. Explore new routes by taking a long drive to an unfamiliar city.
  23. Learn some new things by visiting a museum together.
  24. Drink it up tasting craft beers at a brewery or fine wines at a vineyard.
  25. Challenge each other by playing a game or sport.
  26. Explore your artsy side by doing crafts together.
  27. Spot some great finds at a local flea market.
  28. Take in a gorgeous sunset together.
  29. Play photographer by staging photo shoots of one another in a scenic area.
  30. See a new side of each other by playing “Never Have I Ever”.

Date Ideas

As you can see from these fun and affordable date ideas, going out doesn't need to break the bank. You can connect with your partner and make memories doing the simplest of things. Most of the time, these little things end up being far better than the most extravagant, expensive date that you could have dreamed of!

Ladies Know Best: 8 Relationship Tips From Women to Men

Most men like to think they know it all, but ladies know that just isn't the case! Love and relationships is an area where men often struggle, and women can lend a helping hand. We've got eight great relationship tips from women to men:

1. It's Okay to Be “Uncool”

The first of our relationship tips from women is to not worry about being “uncool”. You don't have to jump through hoops to portray a certain image to a woman. If you consider yourself a nerd and like comics, that's great! Don't hide these things, because the perfect woman for you is one who has these “uncool” things in common with you.

2. Remember the Little Things

It's important to never forget the little things in a relationship. Things like bringing her flowers or calling her at the end of the night may seem like small gestures to you, but they mean a lot to her. If you start neglecting and forgetting this little things, she's going to become detached.

3. Honesty Above All Else

Being honest is the biggest of the relationship tips from women. You should always be honest with your girlfriend or wife. If you're consistently lying and she cannot trust you, then it will be nearly impossible for your relationship to continue. Trust is what will drive your relationship forward and make it last.

4. Be Yourself

This is one of the most important relationship tips from women. You must always be yourself. Don't get caught up trying to impress her by being something that is not true to who you are. Also, if a woman wants you to change and be something you aren't, she's not the right woman for you.

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5. Show Your Emotions

So many men are hung up on the idea that showing emotion is not manly. This is a myth. Women appreciate a man who is in tune with his emotions and is not afraid to show them. Let your girlfriend know how you feel and don't be afraid to be emotional in front of her.

6. Take Charge

Women like men who can take control in a situation. This doesn't mean you should be a control freak and dominate your entire relationship. It just means that you should be able to make decisions and call shots when it's necessary.

7. Be A Friend to Her

If you want a lasting relationship, you need to be your girlfriend's friend in addition to her partner. Be someone who she can turn to when she needs to talk. Be a shoulder she can cry on. Your girlfriend should be able to call you her boyfriend as well as her best friend.

8. Give Her Space

Sometimes women just need a little space. You can't be clingy all the time or contacting her all the time. If you're always with her or checking in on her, it will only drive her away. Trust in her and let her have time to herself when she needs it. This will only strengthen your bond.

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In It For the Long Haul: 10 Small Habits That Lead to Long-Lasting Relationships

We all strive to have happy, healthy relationships. While this is what we all want, it's not an easy thing to achieve. Relationships come with many obstacles and most of us struggle to keep them afloat. It turns out there are little, everyday things we can do to have happier, longer-lasting relationships. The following are ten small habits that lead to long-lasting relationships:

1. Accepting Small Differences

Happy couples have learned to accept their differences…the small ones at least. We're not saying you should accept huge differences that impact the future of the relationship, like one of you wanting children and the other never wanting them. But if you like watching comedies and your partner only watches sci-fi movies, that's a small difference you should accept.

2. Holding Hands

It may seem like a trivial, silly thing, but happy couples hold hands! No matter how long they've been in a relationship, they still enjoy holding one another's hand like they would have back in high school.

3. Saying “Goodnight”

An important habit in long-lasting relationships is always saying “goodnight”. It seems like a small gesture, but it's very important. Even if you've had a bad day or you and your partner got in a fight, always say “goodnight” to them before bed. It lets them know that even during bad times, you're still in this together.

4. Picking Your Battles

Healthy couples have mastered the art of picking their battles. This means you don't have to turn every single disagreement into a huge fight. Before you confront your partner about something, think about whether it's worth it or not. If it is something that is detrimental to the relationship, then go for it. If it's just something that irked you a little, it's probably not worth arguing over.

5. Focusing On the Good

People in long-lasting relationships have learned to focus on the good things, rather than the bad. Don't focus on the little things your partner does that annoy you. Instead, focus on all the things they do that make you happy and enhance your life.

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6. Hugging

Physical touch is vital in long-lasting relationships. While a hug may not seem like an important interaction, it may be to your partner. Take notice of when your partner is having a hard time or stressed out and give them a hug.

7. Saying “I Love You”

After being together for a long time, you may think that your partner knows you love them. This is not always the case. In long-lasting relationships, both partners consistently tell the other that they love them. Sometimes hearing the affirmation makes all the difference.

8. Sleeping Together

We don't mean sleeping together as in sex (although that is important in most healthy relationships). We mean literally, physically sleeping together. Always go to bed together and always try to go to bed at the same time. If one partner is falling asleep on the couch while the other goes to sleep in the bedroom, it creates a strong disconnection.

9. Showing PDA

People in long-lasting relationships aren't afraid to show a little PDA. We're not suggesting gratuitous public displays of affection like groping one another in the grocery store. We're suggesting a kiss or hug in public, to let your partner know you're proud to be seen at their side.

10. Checking In Throughout the Day

For a healthy relationship, it's important to check in with your partner throughout the day. You shouldn't text or call them compulsively to the point where it's disruptive. Instead, you can call them on their lunch break to see how their day is going. This will let them know that you're thinking of them while you're apart.

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All Fun and Games: 5 Things You Should Know About Dating A “Funny Guy”

There are few things sexier than a sense of humor. Guys like Paul Rudd, James Franco and Ryan Reynolds are all hilarious and loved by women all around the world. Sure, they're good-looking, but it's their sense of humor that makes them even more attractive. A good sense of humor could take even an average-looking guy and make him attractive. This is the reason that so many women gravitate towards funny men. Before you run out and find yourself a comedian boyfriend, we've got five things you should know about dating a “funny guy”:

1. They Might Joke During Serious Moments

Some so-called “funny guys” use their sense of humor as a defense mechanism. This means that anytime they feel uncomfortable, they'll crack jokes to ease the tension. This means they joke around during serious discussions. They might even joke around at inappropriate events, like at a funeral. It's not that they're insensitive. It's just that some of them like to use their humor like a safety blanket.

2. They're Great at Parties and Social Functions

If you're not the life of the party, then it's great for you to date a funny guy. His sense of humor will take away from the fact that you're not a social butterfly. People will focus on him and his jokes rather than you. He makes a good distraction for any awkward behavior you may display at social functions. His sense of humor also makes him more likeable, which means you can readily take him to a family get-together without worrying about your parents disapproving.

3. They'll Make Any Day Better

Whenever you're having a bad day, you'll be particularly glad you're dating a funny guy. He'll be able to bring you out of even the most stressful times. When you're down and out, he can joke with you to lift your spirits. No matter how upset you are, how could you not feel better after a really great joke?

4. They're Not Obsessed With Comedy

If you're dating a funny guy, it's important to remember that they're not all obsessed with comedy. Just because they are funny, it doesn't mean they want to watch every funny television show or comedic movie. It doesn't mean they want to go to comedy shows every weekend. It also doesn't mean they're obsessed with Seinfeld re-runs or Woody Allen movies.

5. They Can't Be Funny All the Time

This is the most important thing to remember when dating a funny guy. He cannot be funny all the time, and you shouldn't want¬†him to be funny all the time. You have to realize that your “funny guy” is still a person. He has good days and bad days. He's not always going to feel like being funny, so you can't expect him to be. Besides, joking all the time will eventually get old and lose its novelty.

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More Than Puppy Love: 4 Things That Young Couples Are Tired of Hearing

Love can occur at any age, but many couples meet when they are young. Some couples were high school sweethearts who have known each other since they were teenagers. Being together for such a long time is usually considered a great thing, and something that many other couples wish they had, but there are often naysayers. Young couples are hounded with certain statements or questions from people who just don't see being in a long-term relationship at a young age as a good thing. The following are four things that young couples are tired of hearing:

1. “Don't you want to see what else is out there?”

This is the number one thing that young couples hear. Everyone assumes that young people want to “play the field” or “sow their wild oats”. They believe that young people should be dating numerous people so that they can see more of what's out there, and then make a decision based on that. Young couples are tired of hearing this because they see no reason to look at other options. If you know in your heart that you've already found the one, why waste time with anyone else?

2. “You're too young to know what you really want.”

This statement is particularly annoying to young couples because it implies that they are ignorant. It's saying that because of their age, they couldn't possibly make a good decision about a relationship. The reality is that even at a younger age, people do know what they want. A young person knows what they like and do not like in a significant other. Sure, there is some added wisdom that comes with age and experience. With that said, young people do know enough to know that they're happy in their relationship and want to continue it.

3. “You're missing out on the best years of your life!”

This statement is only partially true. Your younger years may in fact be the best years of your life. The part that is not true is that you are missing out on them. Just because you're in a relationship, that doesn't mean you're missing out on the fun of your youth! You can have just as much fun as a young couple than you would alone. In fact, you may have more fun as a young couple. You get to make memories with your significant other that will last a lifetime.

4. “It's just puppy love. It'll never last.”

Young relationships are often trivialized as being “puppy love”. Older people doubt the legitimacy and sincerity of a young couple. For this reason, they often tell young couples that their relationship will never last. This is not only incredibly rude, but very untrue. There are endless couples who started out as young couples, often as high school sweethearts. Those very couples were probably told that their relationship would never last, but they are now reaching 20, 30, or 40 year anniversaries. There is no certain age that determines whether or not a relationship will last. The only thing that can determine that is the love and connection between the two people involved.

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