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4 Signs That You Have Found The Love You Deserve

Relationships can be messy and difficult, but they can also be the most beautiful thing in the world. If you've had many toxic relationships and painful breakups, you're probably wondering if you'll ever find the love you deserve. After being mistreated and heartbroken, you might be thinking that you're unworthy of real love. The reality is that you are worthy of this and you will find it. You just need to know the difference between a toxic relationship and a great one. If you've consistently been with the wrong people, how will you know when you're with the right person? The following are four ways to tell that you have finally found the love you deserve.

You're Inspired

The right relationship will make you feel inspired to be the best you can be. You might feel more creative or more determined at work. You might finally have the courage to achieve a goal you've always dreamed about. You might want to take that vacation to see the destination you've always thought of visiting. Bad relationships usually make us feel down. They weaken our spirit and leave us with little desire to see or do new things. The right relationship will have you feeling inspired to live life to the fullest.

You’re Not Doubtful

When you're in a toxic relationship, you often feel insecure and unsure of yourself. You may doubt your partner's sincerity or their love for you. These relationships send us down a sad and bleak rabbit hole of insecurity and low self-esteem. When you've found the right person, you'll never feel doubtful. You won't have to question their love for you or what their priorities are, because they'll make it clear that you are what they care about.

You Feel Safe 

In the right relationship, you should feel safe. Bad relationships are often unstable and chaotic. There might be constant fighting or disagreements. You never know if your relationship will be over at any moment. When you've found true love, these things are never a concern. You know that the two of you are in this for the long haul, and you won't be scared of the relationship coming to a sudden and drastic end.

You Feel Deeply Loved

Once you have found the love that you deserve, you'll just feel it. You will feel that you are truly and deeply loved like you've never felt with a previous partner. It may be from little things that your partner does or memories that you make together. It could be in a certain way that they look at you or a particular thing they say. When you look at the aspects of your relationship, you'll never question whether they care for you or not; you'll just know it.

4 Things to Know Before Dating a Woman With Kids

Guys, let’s make one thing clear: Dating a mother is no different than dating any other woman. There's only one teeny, tiny difference: …she has kids. Okay, so that isn't the teeniest or tiniest difference, but it shouldn't stop you from dating a woman who happens to be a mother. Women with kids want the same things all women want.

While dating a woman with kids can be strange or difficult for some men, it really shouldn't be. Entering a relationship with a mother can be turn out to be a beautiful thing and guys shouldn't count moms out! Here are four main things to know before you start dating a woman with kids:

She's Still Sexy

There's a crazy notion held by men that once women have children, they aren’t sexy anymore. A lot of men just don;t look at moms as sexual beings. Frankly, this is ridiculous. Having children does not make a woman any less sexy or desirable than she was before having children. We've all heard the term MILF, right? That exists for a reason! Many mothers are absolutely beautiful women, sexy women. They are just as beautiful, if not more, than before they had children.

Children Are the First Priority

This is important to consider before dating a woman with kids. You have to accept that you will not be the first priority. There is nothing wrong with this on her part. A woman's children should always be her first priority and if they aren't, that might not be the kind of woman you want to date. She brought them into this world and they are her main responsibility. If a man is truly interested in dating a mother, this shouldn't be an issue for him. It should be admirable that she cares for her children more than anything. He shouldn't mind playing second fiddle to the kids.

Her Ex Will Be in the Picture

If you're dating a woman with kids, hopefully her ex will still be in the picture. Wait…what?! You never want an ex-boyfriend still in the picture, right? Not the case here. Her children have a father and if he's a good one, he'll still be in the picture even though his relationship with their mother is over. If something like this bothers you, dating a woman with kids might not be a great choice. But if you're really interested in a particular woman who has kids, you shouldn't mind their father being in the picture. Appreciate the fact that the kids have a father who wants to be a part of their life.

She Won't Take Any Crap

Finally, before dating a woman with kids, know that she isn't going to take any of your crap. Moms are tough! Woman with kids are among the strongest people in the world. They have to deal with miniature monsters after all! (No really, kids are great…kind of.) A woman with kids has seen it all and been through it all, so she isn't about to deal with any nonsense from you. She already has children to look after; she doesn't need a grown man to look after also.

3 Texts to Never Send an Ex-Girlfriend You Want Back

Breakups can be terribly painful especially if you’ve been together for a long time. Now that your relationship is over, you’re feeling depressed, lonely and yearning for your ex-girlfriend. While most breakups are ultimately for the best, some are a mistake. You may feel like you can patch things up with your ex-girlfriend and make things work a second time around.

So how exactly do you go about getting back together with your ex-girlfriend? You can always just go right to her and let her know, but that might be too soon and too direct. Today's world places a lot of importance on using text messages to communicate. So, with that in mind, texting might be the medium that you can use to get your ex-girlfriend back. Hold up, though; don't grab that phone just yet! There's three types of text messages that will send her running away from your arms, not into them.

Three texts that will destroy your chances of getting back together with an ex-girlfriend:

Rehashing Old Drama

It may be tempting to text her asking what went wrong. You might want to figure out what could have been done differently. You're probably wondering why she wanted out of the relationship. …but you shouldn't text her about any of these things. Once the relationship was over, it was over. Texting her about any previous drama will only drive her further away from you. If you want to get her back, you need to create a clean slate. Don't live in the past.

Blaming Her

This goes along with the previous idea. You do not want to text your ex-girlfriend anything that indicate she was the reason for the relationship ending. Do not try to make her feel guilt or place blame on her. The two of you are now separated, so any contact you have should be trying to rebuild a friendship. If you're constantly texting her about how awful she was to breakup with you or things that she could have done differently, she will never want to get back with you.

Being Desperate

When you’re attempting to reunite with your ex-girlfriend, acting desperate is like shooting yourself in the foot. This means don't text too much or too often. Act like you have moved on with your life, but still want to keep in touch. Don't let her see that you're miserable without you. If you act like you're doing fine without her, it will only make her want you more. So avoid texts that are too sappy, sad, or make you seem like you're pining for her affection. If you use your texts to portray an image of confidence and stability, you'll have her back in no time.

3 Ways to Be Happy After a Brutal Breakup

Breaking up with someone you love is never easy. It’s terribly painful and one of hardest things a person can do. It doesn’t matter how peaceful you try to make the end of a relationship; there's always going to be pain on one or both sides.

If you’re going through a painful breakup or divorce, it’s highly likely that you’re dealing with a ton of miserable thoughts and emotions. You’re struggling to find the light at the end of the tunnel. It's totally normal to feel this way after a relationship ends. Your mind is probably full of questions: What went wrong? Will I ever love again? Will I ever be happy again?

The answer is “Yes, you will be happy again.”

Even after the worst of breakups, there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will find love again. You will find happiness again. After a particularly bad breakup, we are often left feeling hopeless, unwanted, insecure and basically any other negative emotion in the book. The prospect of being happy again seems unimaginable. But as impossible as it may seem, you will be happy again.

Here are three ways to find happiness after a bad breakup:

Be Kind to Yourself

For starters, the first thing you need to do is to be kind to yourself. You need to acknowledge that all the feelings you’re having are natural. They say it can take six months to a year to recover from a breakup, depending on how long the relationship was. During this time, it's likely that you'll feel down about yourself and wonder why your relationship failed. Instead of belaboring over what went wrong, begin to build yourself up again. Remind yourself of the good things about you and your life.

Figure Out Your Priorities

The period after a breakup is a good time to start figuring out what you want in your future. You might evaluate your career choices, places you want to travel, and of course future relationships. You have plenty of time to think about the goals you want to achieve and the kind of people you want to be around. It might help to start a journal and keep track of your ideas and set goals for yourself. You'll have something solid to remind you of all the things you’re yet to achieve. Following this approach will make it much easier for you to start finding happiness after a breakup.

Get Back Out There

Once you've taken the time to mourn the relationship that ended, it will be time for you to re-enter the world of dating. It will seem daunting at first, but it will benefit you in the end. Once you're comfortable with the idea of being in a relationship again, start going out and meeting new people. The excitement of meeting someone new and going on dates will make you forget all about the relationship that ended. Before you know it, you'll be in a better relationship and you will have found the happiness you never thought you'd see again.

3 Zodiac Signs You Don’t Want to Fall in Love With

Not everyone is romantic or cut out for romance. While we all are frantically looking for love and acceptance in our lives, some people feel they’re less romantic than others. When it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air, you’ll find these men and women rejecting the traditional ways of showing love. These folks don’t want to be bothered or they prefer to express their love for their partners in nontraditional ways.

Just because certain zodiac signs are less traditional when it comes to love, it doesn't mean that they’re incapable of loving or showing love to someone. The thing is that they don’t show their love in a typical way, which can be off-putting to many people in romantic relationships.  Below are the three least romantic zodiac signs:

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

For people born under the sign of Pisces, romance is significant…but they show their compassion differently than most. These people are known to be highly emotional, and this can make a relationship with them chaotic or unstable. They’re afraid of rejection and if someone they dated happens to reject them, it’s very likely they’ll be devastated. While they love to be loved and cherished, they may avoid it all-together just to steer clear of rejection. This will make them back off from all romantic gestures before they even begin.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

People who are born under the Gemini sign fall in love quickly. Romance comes quite naturally to a Gemini, but when it comes to showing or expressing it, that’s a whole other story. If you’re in love with a Gemini, don’t dream about waking up in the morning with a passionate kiss or a bunch of roses. Don't expect hand-written poems on your birthday or anniversary, either. However, they’ll come through for you when you're in need. Though a Gemini might inadvertently make you feel less desirable than usual, they do still care. You just need to look very hard to see it, which can be difficult for people in a relationship.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

The Scorpio partner is at most times rational and dismayed by displays of emotion. They dislike people who show signs of neediness and desperation while looking for love. When it comes to showing affection for their lovers, Scorpios are the least romantic. It’s not that they don’t want love or are incapable of loving someone. It’s that they know what their priorities are, and romance isn’t one of them. A Scorpio thinks love isn’t that important and not something to waste much time on in life.

The Difference Between “I Love You” and “I’m in Love With You”

“I love you” vs. “I'm in love with you.” Two seemingly similar phrases, both filled with endearment but still very different. While many people think that loving someone and being in love with someone are the same thing, there's some debate to that. You can feel love for a multitude of people and you can show love in many different ways. To be in love with someone is something entirely different.

These are some of the things that make being in love with someone different than loving them.


This is the first difference in these two very similar phrases. While one is strictly for romantic relationships, the other can be applied to any kind of relationship. When you tell someone that you are in love with them, that implies romantic love. You are feeling passion, lust and excitement. When you tell someone that you love them, it implies a strong endearment. This can be felt for anyone in your life. You are usually in love with your spouse, while you love family members or friends.


These two phrases are different in the vulnerability they place upon the person who utters them. When you tell someone that you are in love with them, it takes you into a more vulnerable position. To be in love with someone essential gives them the power to break your heart. You have invested a romantic passion in them, and if it is unrequited or betrayed, you're left hurting. When you tell someone you love them, there is less vulnerability in that relationship.  It is possible to still love someone who hurts you. It is nearly impossible to be in love with someone who hurts you.


The phrase “I'm in love with you” holds much more passion than a simple “I love you.” This is not to minimize loving someone at all. It is just saying that to be in love with someone is usually an immediate, passionate and exciting feeling. You are engrossed in everything about that person and cannot get enough of them. To love someone is less passionate because it does not imply the same excitement. You can love someone who you care for a great deal, but do not feel the same passion and excitement around.


Finally, these two phrases differ in their permanence. To be in love with someone does not always last. Often times, people fall out of love with someone. People may be in love with their boyfriend or girlfriend, but if the relationship ends, that feeling is gone. When you love someone, there is more permanence to that sentiment. When you tell a family member you love them, that feeling is unlikely to change. Even people who do not stay in contact or go through rough patches, they still have love for one another.

5 Places To Meet Women Besides Tinder

Are you looking for a relationship? Whether you want a casual or committed relationship, it can be difficult to meet women. The latest craze is meeting a partner through Tinder. But what if you don't want to spend hours swiping through profiles on an app? What if you want to meet a woman in a more natural, authentic way?

Here are five great places to meet women that don't involve using up data on your phone:

1. Restaurants

Everyone loves a good restaurant! Restaurants are a great place to meet women. If you see a woman sitting by herself at a restaurant, she's either waiting for someone else to arrive or she's there alone and easily approachable. Meeting a woman at a restaurant gives you the opportunity to sit down and talk (if she invites you to take a seat, obviously). It also gives you something that you immediately have in common – the same taste in food!

2. Parks

Parks are not only a beautiful place to spend time, but also a great place to meet women. Whether it be taking a leisurely stroll or working out, you're likely to see lots of women at the park that you can introduce yourself to. If you want to make things even easier, bring your dog to the park. The theory that women gravitate towards men with dogs has a lot of truth to it. If you're taking your dog for a walk at the park, you'll have women approaching you in no time!

3. Networking Events

Networking events are a great place to meet women because they are usually geared towards a particular group or interest. For example, there may be an event for single people who love painting. These events are convenient, because you already know that others are there to meet new people; you won't have to worry about introducing yourself to someone or being intrusive. You also know that you already have something in common with whatever the particular group is.

4. Cooking Classes

Cooking classes can be really fun and also a great place to meet women. While mastering your culinary skills, you can meet a woman who is also interested in cooking. Even if a cooking class isn't particular interesting to you, it's always an important thing to master. Women will also appreciate the fact that you're a man who is willing to cook for himself!

5. Gyms and Yoga Classes

Any type of workout class or gym is a good place to meet women. Women enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle. They'll appreciate a man who likes to do the same. Participating in a workout class together will give you something to have in common with these women and something to talk about. Even if you don't meet the girl of your dreams in a workout class, it's still something fun and beneficial to do.

Power Testo Blast Review: Perfect Solution for Decreased Energy and Libido?

Power Testo Blast is a specially designed formula that boosts testosterone levels in the body and supports an active lifestyle. The supplement constitutes a blend of natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to elevate the production of testosterone. Increased testosterone helps men to improve their physical training programs and increase their sexual performance and stamina. The manufacturer of this health product also claims that it improves a man’s mood and assists in improving his self-esteem and confidence.

How Does Power Testo Blast Function?

Testosterone is a male hormone that exists in both men and women, but it plays a crucial role in various organs and functions in the male body. Testosterone is responsible for the growth and development of reproductive organs. The hormone is responsible for an increase in penis size during puberty. It also plays an important part in maintaining bone health, muscle mass and sexual function in adult men. As men age, their muscle mass decreases, belly fat and other unwanted fat in the body increases, and erections are weaker. All of these indicate that testosterone levels in the body are going down. This makes men, particularly older men, perform below average while working out. Low levels of testosterone also decrease a man’s libido and sex drive, making it harder for them to have a satisfying sex life. The Power Testo Blast formula helps to restore testosterone at optimal levels, which enables men to reclaim their sexual abilities, enhance muscle mass and burn excess body fat.

Power Testo Blast Ingredients

The key ingredients found in Power Testo Blast are:

  1. Sarsaparilla – This plant and root extract are commonly used to balance sex hormones in the body including testosterone levels.
  2. Orchic Substance – This element is found in the testicles of cattle. It is primarily used to support testicular health and functions in the male body.
  3. Boron – This mineral assists in raising testosterone levels.
  4. Tongkat Ali – Commonly known as “herbal Viagra”, this herb has been used for centuries to improve sexual health. Tongkat Ali also helps to increase libido and sex drive, enhance testosterone levels and improve sexual stamina.

Other main ingredients used in this testosterone booster are nettle extract and horny goat weed, which assist in increasing testosterone levels and improving sexual performance.

Power Testo Blast Benefits

  1. Boosts testosterone levels in the body naturally
  2. Increases muscle mass
  3. Increases energy and stamina during workouts
  4. Reduces muscle recovery time
  5. Increases libido
  6. Enhances sexual stamina
  7. Increases power and duration of erections
  8. Helps older men feel young again due to increased testosterone

The Bottom Line

Power Testo Blast is mainly used to boost testosterone levels in the body naturally and safely. Men can use this supplement to improve their performance both in the gym and the bedroom. It’s a male enhancement supplement, so it’s recommended to be taken by men only and users above the age of 18. As all the ingredients used in this product are natural, it has no known side effects.

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The Most Important Quality to Look For in a Partner

When it comes to marriage, most relationship therapists cite one question as the most frequently asked: “What are the most important qualities or traits to look for in a marriage partner?” There are numerous essential qualities to look for in a marriage partner. To be honest, only a saint will possess all of them. While there are endless qualities on the list, including attractiveness and sense of humor, which quality is considered the most important in a partner?

I believe there is a unique and distinctive quality in every person that not only defines who a person truly is but also who he or she will become in the future. This is the ability to love deeply. It is the ability to love deeply, even after heartbreak or unimaginable loss. The ability to love deeply and unconditionally is the most important quality a potential partner can possess.

The adversity a person faces in life varies. After a challenging time, a person must rebuild their life and their spirit. However, not every person is quick to re-establish their life and their ability to love after trauma. After heartbreak, many people don’t like to take risks again. They are afraid that they won’t be able to bear the same pain if it happens again. While this is entirely normal, an ideal partner is someone who is looking for happiness again and has the capacity to love again.

After a lot of heartbreaks, the average person has little motivation to learn from his past relationships. Most men and women measure their life based on comfort and security and stay away from risk and possibilities. It’s perfectly natural and good for self-preservation, but it can be an emotionally destructive life choice. We know that the possibility of risk and gain are equal, but many of us prefer to limit our joy and happiness depending on much they are willing to risk losing again. When looking for a partner, look for someone who is willing to the the risk to love again.

If you are looking for a new relationship or thinking of getting married, don’t let your past sorrows and disappointments prevent you from fully embracing what the future could hold. Be that ideal partner that someone else is looking for. If you already have the capacity to love again, look for someone else who is looking to again, too. whether it’s good or bad. Being able to risk it all again after the demise of an intimate relationship is by far the most important quality to look for in a woman or a man while searching for a partner.

Why is it So Hard For Men to Understand What Women Want?

When it comes to relationships most women will tell their partners exactly what they want – both physically and emotionally. Women want to be desired physically and respected emotionally. However, for women who don't explicitly tell their partners this, they are often left wanting. While men want to fulfill their girlfriend or wife's desires, they often don't know what those are unless they're told. Not knowing what women want can lead to men making huge mistakes in their relationship and hurting their partner.

It's normal for men who appreciate and respect women to want to please them. However, it's often difficult for men to figure out exactly what it is their partner wants or needs. Men tend to be primal and animalistic. They take what they want and make it very clear how they feel. Women tend to be more calculated and will often keep their feelings to themselves. This leads to confusion in a relationship. In order for men to understand what women want, a balance of physical and verbal communication must be established between the partners.

With a lot of understanding, loving and caring, men can begin to understand what women want in a relationship. Obviously it's easier said that done. Building a healthy relationship takes a lot of work. To create a successful relationship, take it slowly. Work on your physical and emotional connection. Work on your communication. If a woman is not blatantly telling her partner what she wants, he may want to ask. Men often neglect the importance of verbal communication. It never hurts to ask the woman in your life what she needs or wants out of the relationship.

By no means are we criticizing or questioning how women communicate their needs. We are only saying that it's almost impossible for men to figure these needs out without being told. It's challenging for men to actually understand where women are coming from and what they desire. While many women need to start voicing their desires more, many men need to start asking women what their desires are. It will take work on both parts. With a lot of time, patience and effort, men can begin to understand what it is that women want.