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5 Ways To Build Confidence While Dating Women

It’s tough for a man, who feels shy, insecure or inexperienced around women to say and do the things rightly to attract her. At times, it can be impossible. If you’re one of those guys, blame your lack of confidence in it.

But, there’s good news. Any man can build up his confidence if he can master these five simple behaviors mentioned below:

1. Be Direct
One big mistake most guys make while approaching women they like is that they aren’t direct enough. Most make the fatal mistake of consistently over explaining or convincing women to date them. If you want to date a woman, tell her directly. If you want to know more about her – ask her. Want her to spend time with you – ask her. Tell her that you have a life, want to be with her, and want to do something together with her that you’re passionate about. Don’t persuade her, be direct.

2. Be Emotional to Things That Are Right!
Women love men who are capable of reacting emotionally to things that are important in his life such as his family, his friends, his career, his interests, his hobbies, etc. If a guy can show real feelings and passion about important things in his life and other, it communicates confidence. But, don’t get upset and emotional about the wrong things like insults, arguments, etc., as it shows that you feel insecure.

3. Take Charge
You’re the captain of your ship; here it’s your life. Take charge of the things you want and passionate about and steer them in the direction that you want it to go. It’s doesn’t matter what decision you’re making such as where to go for a date or dinner, what movie you will watch, and so on. Just decide what you want to do, and go for it! Don’t think too much or ask questions and seek approval of your decisions from others.

4. Stop Asking For Compliments And Approval
Plenty of guys act cool, show off and brag to gain attention and compliments from women they’re interested at. They boast about their achievements. They shower their girlfriends with expensive meals and presents. They trash other guys. But, all this does is it exposes to a woman that you feel insecure, needy and desperate. Stop doing it, and watch your confidence score grow!

5. Disagree In The Right Manner
Sometimes, two people can disagree about something. You can build up your inner confidence by being a good communicator. Don’t be like most men who think that the best way to communicate with a woman is by winning every argument with her, and prove that he’s always right. When you disagree with a woman, use it to your advantage to establish an emotional connection with her. You can do this by asking her how she feels about this, why she feels it that way, learning more about her, and use that knowledge to find new approaches to have more fun with her.

One of the main elements of a healthy, successful relationship is excellent communication. Communicating confidence to a woman is not about to impress or win her. Instead, it’s a weapon to eliminate the desperate, insecure, needy and approval-seeking behaviors that kill the attraction women feel towards men. And replace them with habits that will build deep inner confidence in a man.

How You Can Learn To Love And Trust Again?

You thought you'd found the one. You’re happy and relieved that at last, this relationship is heading somewhere. And then the unthinkable happens. The relationship fell apart. You both parted ways. All you are left is a broken heart. We all have been there. When our hearts have been broken, it feels like our whole world has been destroyed. We begin to think that we will never find love again. Some of us even don’t try to date someone new.

But, if we want to keep our hearts and spirits open and alive, we have to trust people, and we have to love so that we can get back our trust on people. Think how your life will wind up without love and companionship. This reason itself should be the main reason for you to love again because doing so is better than not loving at all. We understand you don’t want to love because you’re scared someone will break your heart again. But, think for a second, would living a life without any fear or insecurity be satisfying to you? Would you find it meaningful and fulfilling? If you stop loving again, the acute pain from your past breakup will grow on you, eventually leaving you with never-ending emotional pain, disconnection, and isolation.

You might tell yourself that your last boyfriend or girlfriend was your soul mate, your destiny. But, sometimes, your destiny has something better stored for you. Maybe the end your relationship is a precedent that someone better than your ex is out there for you. It may be difficult for your to imagine it right now, but you will never know the truths if you stop loving again, and aren’t interested in finding that new person, who might be your perfect match. Besides, the demise of your last relationship has made you stronger and more resilient. You’re much wiser than before, and you’ve learned and grown as a direct result of the painful moments you’ve experienced in your life. All these have transformed you into a much better person.

So clearly, there are lots of good reasons to be willing to love and trust again. But, it isn’t easy. For most men and women, who experienced a breakup, the tricky part is to make themselves do their part of loving again. Here are some important perspectives on moving ahead and for loving again.

1. Give yourself some time to heal. Before you get into a serious relationship, take some time off from dating, and deal what you recently went through. Moving ahead after an awful breakup in an honest and authentic way requires hard work and determination. Enjoy spending time and meet new people, do something exciting and fun to cheer you up.

2. Earn back your trust. In the meantime, if you find someone interesting, don’t rush to profess your love to him or her. Be patient, take your time, and let things progress gradually and naturally. Watch how the new person responds to your romantic approaches. There’s no reason you’ve to take you new relationship from zero to sixty.

3. Tell your story. Once your new love interest starts to open to you, ensure that both of two communicate about your fears, vulnerabilities, and concerns. It can create connectedness between two people, which can lead to more trust.

Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s also a source of intense pain one can experience. So, when you’re looking for someone or a relationship, be hopeful, resilient and adaptable.

5 Things to Remember If You Are Dating While Unemployed

It can happen to anyone. And it happens to good people too. We get laid off, fired or decide that it’s time we move on to the next job or change our careers. The news can be scary or good, that depends on you. Either way, life goes on, and you don’t want to be out or love or your love life to stop simply because you’re in a ‘career transition.'

Here are five tips that will motivate you to stay upbeat and have fun, even when you’re feeling the pressures of you being out of work, or in a job transition.

1. Remind yourself that this is temporary. You will find a job and work again. Stay motivated and be realistic that searching for a suitable job takes time. So, it’s important that you stay cheerful and have fun so that you can be a positive, balanced and interesting person when you talk to potential employers and other people while looking for a job or face interviews. Searching for jobs or looking for a new career, helps you to stay current on what’s currently happening in the area of your work, what new skills are in demand, and so forth.

2. Use your free time of being unemployed to explore new ways of working. Reconnecting with what you really love doing and want, will make you fall in love with your job again. Amp up your interest and passion in your work will make feel alive and rejuvenated. Learn new skills that are in demand, which will make more marketable and be demanding to your future employers. Use your free time to search for business, trade shows and read magazines that will expose you to new people and organizations. Who knows, you’ll also meet your future partner there!

3. Use your free time getting to know someone special before your job begins. Sooner or later, you’ll be back at work soon. So, enjoy all the free time you’ve now to date, take your love interest to dinner dates, and get to know your special one better. Just remember not to keep your expectations unrealistic.

4. Get real. Every one of us has been through a job transition or looking for jobs. You tell other people about what it’s like going to this critical phase in life based on your experiences. However, keep in mind not to share details about deepest fears of being unemployed, or bash your previous employer or company for you losing your job. It means that what you’re looking for, what you hope for, and aspire to do in your next job. Even better you can have fun by asking your date to take mock interviews with you. It’s a good way to know someone!

5. Necessity is the mother of invention. It's fine if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on dates or while searching for work. Get involved in activities that you won’t normally do when you were doing a regular job. Be creative and easy on your finances, while having fun. Rather than checking that new restaurant, and watch movies – order some food, go to the theater in the park, have a drink and take a stroll on the beach. You can also attend a lecture or a networking function, which can help meet new people both for work and potential partners as well.

Can You Break Up With Someone In A Decent Way?

Regardless if you’re the dumper or being dumped, breaking up is hard. You might be in a relationship with someone for a few dates, weeks or even years, but the way you break up with them is your last chance of making a lasting impression on your exes. Here is our guideline for a decent man to break up


1. Focus On The Breakup
There is nothing worse than being connected to your ex even after the breakup. Just like relationships, you should be committed to your break up. Therefore, don’t check on, call or text your ex after the ending the relationship. Stay away from meeting your ex. Some men and women decide to be friends after the break up immediately, but that’s something both parties to need to agree. And there’s no point of being friends if they can’t keep the relationship strictly platonic. When you've realized, it’s in the best interests, that you both break up, and move on, be adamant to honor that commitment. Not all breakups are permanent. Sometimes both parties resolve their differences and decide to be coupled again. But, if you choose to date each other without addressing the problems that you faced, which ended your previous relationship in the first place, you will be back to square one after a few weeks or months.

2. Choose A Suitable Location And Time
Unless, your personal safety is on the line, breaking up with someone in a public place, at a party or a restaurant is just cowardly. The person you’re splitting up with should demonstrate strong emotions after hearing the demise of the relationship. Be decent and respectful with your soon-to-be-ex, and tell it over a long stroll or at the privacy of his or her house. Also, remember the timing. You don’t break the news when your partner is at work, on their birthdays, or on vacation with family or friends, and so on. You probably have been thinking about breaking up with your spouse for some time now, so there is no way to believe that you came up with this life-changing decision right now. So, plan your date and time to break up accordingly and stick with the schedule.

3. Break up In Person
Breaking up with someone over a phone, text message, email, Facebook or any other a social networking site is an improper way to break up. Breaking up by phone is fine when you’re in long-distance relationships, but other than that it’s just plain disrespectful. Break up with someone face-to-face. We know this will be hard for most men and women, but the other person should be able to find closure. And this can only happen if he or she sees and hears your feelings about the relationship, which can’t be done online. You don’t have to reflect on the person’s looks or personality or recall the habits that annoy of the other person while breaking up. The dumpee has the right to know the reasons why you’re breaking up with him or her. But don’t humiliate them in the process. Be kind and considerate. Show respect to the person you shared your love life and being emotionally and physically intimate with, even if you dated for a few days or years.

6 Wrong Reasons to Break Up

If you’re having troubles being in long-term relationships, apart from wrong partners, maybe you’re ending relationships for all the wrong reasons. After all, not all wrong reasons lead to break up, and not every problem is insurmountable. Some of us understand that the relationship has run its course, but we still giving our best to salvage it before we call it quits.

Here are six terrible reasons to break up with your partner:

1. You had a big argument with your spouse. What’s a relationship with fights and arguments? Having a conflict with your partner should never be the sole reason to break up with somebody; in fact, you should be together and try to the best of your abilities to resolve the differences. Something small and petty issues like, ‘he always keeps the toilet seat up’ might trigger serious fights. So, keep an eye on that, and refrain or avoid doing or saying things that can kick start your partner’s anger machine. Most people agree that resolving conflicts in relationships make it more resilient and last longer.

2. He or she doesn’t like everything you like. Not two people are same, so does each other’s interests. So, what your partner don’t like pizza, or you don’t like to watch sports, that’s not the reason to split up. In fact, having your own things to do and interests to pursue, and give your relationship some variety and space it needs. Relationships end only if two of you don’t share any common interests.

3. Your partner finds other people hot. Just because both of you are a couple, doesn’t mean he or she won’t be attracted to attractive men and women. We are surrounded with beautiful people, heck; they’re also on TV, magazines, billboard, etc. So, it’s impossible for you to keep your partner shielded from attractive people. Instead, find a better way to manage it. Individuals who are in committed relationships know that if they don’t check out other people in public, it could jeopardize their relationship.

4. The relationship doesn’t always make you feel happy. Love is an element in a relationship. Relationships exist not to make you happy; it is a source of your happiness. It’s not a magical elixir or drug that you keep you smiling forever, or prevent you from getting sad ever. Your partner is obviously a source of support in your life, but ultimately it’s you who is responsible for your own happiness.

5. Your partner doesn’t do as you say. Your partner isn’t your pet, who will do or act as you order it to do. Your partner has his or her views, opinions, interests, way to do things and lifestyle. Maybe you dislike your partner hanging out with their friends too much, or you don’t like to hear her opinions on certain issues, and so on. If this is the situation, then the problem is yours, not your significant other. So, don’t quit the relationship, and try to find common ground with your partner.

6. You have little time for a relationship. We know your job or career is imperative to you, and your life will collapse if you don’t dedicate enough time to it. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have some time to spend on one of the most important and greatest pleasures in life, a loving relationship. So, divide yours equally on all tasks and activities in your daily life, including your relationship, which makes it even more worthwhile.

6 Subconscious Mistakes That Tells Your Date Isn’t Interested In You

The first dates are always hard to read. Unless you specifically tell your date that, ‘you like him or her.' But, most men and women are looking for subtle and subconscious cues from their dates that tell them whether they’re interested in them or not. Sometimes, you may be sending the wrong signs that will prevent you from having a second date with him or her. So, the next time you go on a date, make sure that you don’t make these subtle and subconscious mistakes.

1. Rigid body language
When creating a positive impression with someone new, your body language is 50 percent responsible for it. So, for making a connection with someone new, be sure to have an open and inviting body language. Looking at your date’s face when you’re talking to them, and make sure your body is leaned towards him or her. It shows that you’re listening to them and interested in him or her. Also, don’t keep your arms closed or folded for too long.

2. Monotone voice
The next thing that plays a crucial role in making a connection with a potential date is the tone of your voice. Adding high and low periods to your conversation makes you sound more interesting and engaged. It means adding variety to your voice and matching with your date’s voice while conversing will make them feel more approachable and at ease.

3. Answering questions in brief
It’s in the details connections are made. When you give one word or short answers to questions, it gives off the impression that you’re not interested. We understand most people don’t like to give or share details about their life, but it’s necessary on dates. Practice answering general dating questions with your friends, coworkers or family members until you feel comfortable.

4. Using absolutes
It’s unwise to use words like “don’t”, “can’t”, “nope”, while having a conversation with your date, mainly when talking about various events in your life, you life goals, etc. Some of these words convey that you aren’t ready to be or commit in a relationship. You might not be conscious of these words, but trust us, these words may be jeopardizing your dates.

5. Not Smiling
We know most of us aren’t in the mood to keep smiling every time we see someone new. But, guess what, if you don’t smile and do nothing to erase that miserable demeanor off your face, you’ll have a hard time having dates. So, keep on smiling. Smiling is inviting. If you can’t smile when it is needed, think of a funny thing that will make you laugh.

6. Setting a negative vibe
You’re bitter because you’ve been dating for a while and failed to find a partner. You seem to lose your confidence while searching for the right person, and your body language and voice shows that in your recent dates. It will lose your chances of finding a date even more. Therefore, self-bashing and complaining about all the dates, including bad dates with new people. Quit your negative attitude and listen what your dates say to you and what you say to yourself.

Finding someone new and right for you isn’t simple, but if you follow the advice above, dating someone new and securing a second date with them will be pretty easy.

Why Successful Women Find It Hard To Date?

From our experiences, we have found that most men overwhelmingly tend to go for women, who don’t care much about their life and only looking for a man and a relationship. Well, this is really disparaging for successful women and for ladies who have their act together. It’s a mistake many men might be making; there is no doubt about it.

So, why is that men fall for women less successful and ambitious than them? There are two big reasons.

First, Men Are Misreading You
Does being successful in career change the way you act in love and relationships? Even for men, balancing work and relationships can be a real challenge. So, ask yourself if you’re going to have the same level of success as men in your business or career because you seem to be more organized? One big mistake most men make that they can apply the same skills to make their relationships healthy and successful, which have made them successful in their professional lives. But, it doesn’t actually. If you bring your office at home, the additional stress from working from home can be detrimental to your relationship. This also applies to professional women too. If you’re persistently stressed out and busy with work, you won’t be able to communicate your gentle and feminine side of you to your boyfriend or husband, or to your family. If a man fails to see your soft, feminine side of you, he might misread you for a woman who is seriously looking for love and intimacy.

Second, It’s Not Your Success; It’s The Attraction That Matters
To tell the truth, if you’re a successful woman, you’ll be surprised to know a man isn’t after your personal accomplishments, your Ivy League degree or that impressive job title. He is looking for a woman to love. If you think that concealing or downplaying your success will help you to find a great guy, the truth it will not be very useful in making or breaking a relationship in the end. If you want to get a man’s attention and interest, he needs to feel it when he’s around you. We aren’t referring to the physical attraction here, though it also plays a small role. But, what we are actually pointing out here is the emotional appeal, which is much more imperative than physical attraction. A man will get emotionally attracted to a woman when he notices something particular and unique about a woman’s personality. It’s this kind of woman a man will seriously consider having a committed and long-term relationship.

The Bottom Line
Now that you’re aware that a man isn’t really interested in your resume, but it’s your personality that’s he is after, and how you make him feel when he’s around you. Personality is very important while searching for a relationship, both for men and women. When you’re creating great moments and experiences with a man or a woman, don’t let your career or achievements come in between your love life. Being successful as well as being in a fantastic relationship is itself a great accomplishment and a bonus.

Why Aren’t We In An Exclusive Relationship?

A relationship can only become exclusive, only if both partners are ready to make that kind of commitment to each other. You can’t have an exclusive relationship when one partner is in, and another one is out. One of the reasons, why most men and women don’t want to commit to an exclusive relationship is that it’s difficult to know a person with two or three months fully. Some date multiple people at the same time and date casually. They only make their relationship exclusive if they have a lot in common in shared interests and chemistry. And it’s not simple for most people if they date only one person. If you want to be in a serious, long-term relationship, it’s never a good idea to rush.

When you’re dating someone for some time and have expressed your true intentions and feelings honestly to your boyfriend/girlfriend, it’s also imperative that he/she be honest about their real interests. Often, the truth isn’t something you want to hear, but it should be told nonetheless, and you should be prepared for it.

You, boyfriend/girlfriend, enjoys being with you, but he/she isn't interested in having an exclusive relationship with you. Now that you’re aware of your date’s intentions, and acknowledged that he/she doesn’t share the same interests and values with you, but is interested in still seeing you, it’s time that you make a decision if this is something that you can accept. He/she is giving you as much as they can, and has honestly expressed what he/she wants from this relationship. You boyfriend/girlfriend’s feelings might change over time, but he/she has already that they’re looking for a casual relationship.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend is really serious about you, he/she will call or reply to your texts and emails in a warm and personal manner. When you call, send texts or emails to your boyfriend/girlfriend, and find that he/she doesn’t reply or makes delayed responses, and see the content of his/her emails and texts to be very impersonal, it's time you ponder on the issue. It's clear to see that your boyfriend/girlfriend’s feelings for you differ that those you feel for your love interest. It’s fine for your boyfriend/girlfriend to keep on continuing with this kind of casual relationship, as he/she has already made it clear that they don’t want to commit. It’s is entirely acceptable for them, but it’s not okay for you.

We understand ending a relationship so quickly is extremely heartbreaking, but you should think about the future of your relationship. If you’re looking for an exclusive relationship, and the person you’re currently dating isn’t ready for it, it’s best that you let go. We suggest people to date multiple people at the same time as the chances to find someone who want to be in a committed, exclusive relationship will be relatively easy. If he/she comes back to you and is ready to give you what you want, then we think that it is something that you can consider. In such circumstances, we hope that you find all the happiness you expected to find in an exclusive relationship.

The Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day Go Hand-in-Hand. Here’s Why!

Super Bowl Sunday is a sacred day for most American men. Meanwhile, across the hall, we go the Valentine’s Day, which is equally as sacred for women. With both of these two major events only nine days apart, it’s easy to the point that the Super Bowl for men is prized equally as the same way as Valentine’s Day is for the ladies. Whether you’re a lost lover or a crazy football fan, comparing these two events will help you comprehend how crucial these days are for men and women.

So why that is the Super Bowl for men is similar to Valentine’s Day for women? It’s pretty simple. Both men and women, dedicate all their emotional efforts of these larger-than-life events. The ladies would never understand what’s so important of watching two teams score to her boyfriend. And for the guys, they know very well, that if they don’t do anything special or romantic for their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day, they won’t be able to get a date with them on February 15 or later.

Guys patiently wait the whole year for the Super Bowl. Women wait enthusiastically throughout the year hoping that their boyfriends will either propose or make their relationship exclusive. They also hope that their significant others will tell them, “I Love You,” or at least take their online dating profile down or change their Facebook status to, “In A Relationship.”

Men come down prepared for the Super Bowl. They decide with whom and which venue will they like to go to enjoy watching the game. On the other hand, women start giving out clues to their boyfriends about their favorite romantic beaches or restaurants, hoping that their man will understand the hints, and book the place in advance before it gets overbooked.

Meanwhile, when a guy’s team loses the tournament, he will be upset for a while but will get over it pretty fast. He knows that his teams has another chance of clinching the title next year, and will spend the whole football season supporting his team. In contrast, it’s entirely different for women. If a woman’s beau or someone she likes doesn’t ask her out for a date on Valentine’s Day, there is little chance she will get over it. She will think that her man is dating someone else, and she’s not at the top of his list. It’s very likely that she will erase this man from her dating list.

No woman wants to be at the bottom of a guy’s dating list. She will unfriend him from her social media sites, and won’t return his desperate phone calls or respond to his texts or emails. In short, he won’t have a second chance to ask her out, unless he was out of the city or in a long distance relationship.

So, whether you’re a crazy romantic or die hard sports fanatic, when you’re dating someone, talk to your love interest about what these days mean to you. If you’re still looking for someone, use this chance to accept all invitations to both the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Days singles. It doesn’t matter, if your team loses or failed to get a date, you still had fun and met some great people!

Want To Have Healthy Communication In Your Relationship? Here’s What You Should And Shouldn’t Do!

Good communication is one of the important building blocks of a successful relationship. Healthy and effective communication can resolve absolutely everything in the relationship. If you assume that you have poor communication skills, ask yourself how your communication skills were in the last year? Did you sound frustrating and blaming? Did your partner tell you were open, caring and loving? Have you ever been in a situation where communication has been so challenging that you thought that, no matter how hard you tried, you won't get it right?

Fortunately, don’t get worried about it. Below are some easy tips that will help you to develop loving and healthy communication in a relationship.

1. Stop focusing on what is missing in your conversations

Before talking if you think about things like, “she doesn’t like me, or she takes me for granted” you will continue developing communication habits that will reinforce those same thoughts and feelings. If you don’t do anything about this, eventually it will build up resentment and misunderstanding between you and your partner.

2. Focus on want your ideal communication to be

Instead of thinking, “she doesn’t like me, or she takes me for granted” think, “I want her to compliment me once in a while and let me know she appreciates me more.” Later, make some adjustments to your compliments and express your desires to her in an encouraging non-judgmental manner. For instance, you can tell your partner that you like her the way she looks and it makes you love her more.

3. Don't expect your partner to be ready to talk to you all the time

People are different. Their wants and needs are different. If you want to have an important discussion with your partner pick a time that suits both of you best. Choosing a wrong time to have a discussion will fail for sure. Also, choose the time when your partner is most open for communication. Don’t strike up a conversation when they aren’t in the mood or is emotionally unavailable.  Don’t forget to share your timing preferences with each other and always be respectful of them.

4. Restrain yourself when things get heated

When it comes to communication, sometimes we lose control of our emotions, and our tempers get in the way that can lead us to say something to our partners, which we immediately wish we could take back or regret. So, don't be harsh on yourself or your spouse when things don’t go as planned every time. It takes time and skills to nurture an open and non-judgmental communication process in a relationship.

5. When you have a communication breakdown, don’t solve it all alone

There is nothing unusual when sometimes communication in the relationship breaks down. In those circumstances, most couples will rush to their family and friends for advice, but that’s not a good idea. It’s better not to rely on them for suggestions regarding your relationship. You may ask why? Because they might be, or not, qualified for it or they can’t be fully neutral. It’s highly likely that they will take sides. So, we can safely tell that they won’t be able to help you to take the needed initiatives for a healthy communication in a relationship.