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5 Common Habits of Highly Sexual Couples

Sex is an important aspect of a healthy relationship, no doubt about it. Some couples have a strong sexual connection, while some couples are having a hard time in increasing the intimacy in their relationship, and making their sex life more passionate and increase intimacy. But couples, who are very sexual, make it easy and less stressful, and they can teach you a few things about sexuality in long-term relationships. But before that, let’s make one thing clear; when it comes to sexual performance and satisfaction, there's always some room for improvement.

Below are five most common things most highly sexual couples can live without:

1. Highly sexual couples spend more time with each other
In dating and relationships, not spending enough quality time together will ruin the love and intimacy. Yes, we all are busy with work and other obligations, and we are so exhausted at the end of the day that sex and spending time with our partners is the last thing we have on our minds. But, sometimes, people don’t like to spend time with partners or ignore, even when they have some time. This will destroy the relationship. Highly sexual couples always prioritize spending time together. So, if you are very busy with your schedule, try to find at least 30 minutes to spend with your girlfriend. Spending with your spouse doesn’t always mean you should have sex; you can do anything you like; talking, kissing, touching, cuddling, etc.

2. Highly sexual couples want to be pleased and please each other
Do you know what is secret to have good sex? It is the act of receiving pleasure and pleasing your partner. Our hectic lifestyles, sometimes, get us so overwhelmed that, we forget our utmost desire to feel pleasure and be pleasured sexually by our partners. We also forget or ignore what are our partner’s sexual needs, and desires are as well. For example, let’s talk about oral sex. Some people love giving it, some people like receiving, but they are reluctant to give anyone of it. However, deeply sexual couples don’t have any problem s with this. Why? Because they love being pleasured and giving pleasure. And they want the same for their significant others.

3. Be confident
Be confident about yourself and your bodies. Because, if you don't feel confident about yourself and the way you look and have low self-esteem, you are less likely to have sex. Learn to love your body, and give your sex life a significant boost.

4. Highly sexual couples talk about sex
One-night stands are easy. They don’t need much work when compared to a committed, long-term relationship. Having a meaningful, passionate sex life in a real relationship needs work. Communication isn’t only important to have healthy, long-lasting relationship; it is also crucial to have a satisfying sex life. So, don’t feel uneasy or uncomfortable to talk about sex. If you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend what you like or don’t like in sex, how can you pleasure one another? So, talk about sex with your partner, so he or she can understand each other’s sexual wants and needs.

5. Highly sexual couples experiment with sex
Having sex in the same position all the time makes the beautiful act of sexual intercourse robotic, monotonous and emotionless. Highly sexual couples experiment with different sex positions, sex toys, and other things to make more enjoyable. So, be creative, experiment, and have sex in different positions.

5 Important Traits of People Who Are Successful Daters

Just like everything else in life, dating also comes with its ups and downs. But, before you get involved in a relationship, it is important for you to remind yourself why you are dating in the first place. You should date and spend time with a person who will give what you want and need. When it comes to dating and relationship, everyone should deserve only the best. Having said that, what is the most important thing you need to keep reminding yourself when you are out there sharing meals and drinks with girls while looking for love? The answer is to stay true to yourself. How can you do that?

Well, here are five traits of successful daters you need to know:

1. You can't escape from someone you're attracted to
If you fantasize of dating a tall, sexy, blonde woman, no one can stop you. If you want to date a lady who is a high school teacher, or a model, or someone who’s both, it means that you know to whom you are attracted to and who will be a good partner to you at the end of the day. So, don’t fight it. Convincing yourself about someone who is perfect for you in paper when that’s not the person you feel attracted to will only disappoint further down the road.

2. Never settle for less than you deserve.
It is a bad idea to put too much effort into a woman if you know for sure that she’s not the right girl for you and not going to make you happy. If you want to date a woman, first be true to yourself. If you want a girlfriend and after going out with her for few times, you find that she’s having second thoughts about you or realize that she can’t commit to a long-term relationship, don’t go out with her again. It’s nothing but a waste of your time and effort, both for you and her.

3. Remember you can't change someone
Guys, if you happen to date a woman who says she doesn’t want a man, listen to her. Don’t attempt to make her into one of your pet projects. Pursue or court a woman who wants to be in a relationship and wants to be your girlfriend. Don’t date a girl because you want her to be your significant other.

4. Have confidence in yourself
When you realize you are confident and awesome, people around you will feel it too. When you compliment and appreciate yourself, other people will compliment and appreciate you. You will only have fun dating and enjoyable if you realize how great you are. Always tell yourself that you are a great catch and you should only be dating a woman who is chasing you.

5. Always be true to yourself
When a man meets a woman they are attracted to, he turns into the man of her dreams. This isn’t healthy. It isn’t reality. Relationships don’t work this way. High expectations can destroy a relationship. Remember that honesty is the best policy. So, instead of turning yourself into someone your girlfriend wants, be true to yourself and who you really are because your true self will eventually come out someday.

Want To Have Successful First Date? Then Read This!

Let’s make one thing clear: dating is all about having fun and enjoying the experience. When you are dating, and want to meet the girl of your dreams, you have to put yourself out there. You have no short cuts and keep dating until you find someone right for you. Sometimes it will take a while, but in the end, it’s always worth the time and effort. However, just like most things, dating also has rules. If you want to be successful daters, you should abide by these rules, so that you don’t make these common mistakes that can ruin your date.

Below are five things you should be doing on the first date:

1. Ask her questions
The best way to know someone new is to ask that person questions. So, ask your date a ton of questions to get to know her better. But, remind yourself that you are dating a woman, not interviewing for a job. So, ask your lady questions related to her and the date. And, trust me, everyone loves to talk about themselves.

2. Get dressed up
It is important to present yourself appropriately if the situation requires it. After all, the first impression is the best impression. Whether it is a date or a job interview, it is important to put yourself together all the time. You don’t want to attend a job interview wearing a shirt of your favorite basketball team and jeans. Because that’s not what you should wear on job interviews. Wear your comfy clothes while hanging out with your friends while watching your team play. But, when you are going on a date, dress-up. Wear clothes that make people think you are going to impress someone.

3. Confidence is the key
Unless you have high self-esteem and confidence, having a girlfriend will be extremely hard for you. Confidence is important when you are looking for a relationship. Women want to date men who love themselves and sure about what he really wants in his life. They don’t want to date someone who feels insecure and always doubting himself.

4. Be informed
Women feel attracted to guys who are smart, confident, and sophisticated. Ladies prefer men who can bring something special and unique in the relationship. But, you don’t have to be a millionaire or a rocket scientist to do that. Just be yourself and be informed of what’s happening on in the world.

5. Be open and honest about your feelings
Honesty is the best policy. Most men, while dating a woman, tend to become someone else that their date will like. In other words, guys turn into “Mr. Perfect” for her. But, sooner or later, your partner will find out who you really are because you can’t continue forever with this charade. Don’t be a wimp and hide your feelings when you are dating someone casually. If you are dating someone, ask for what you want on a date. Be open and honest about yourself. Life is too short to keep your thoughts and feelings hidden. So, if you like someone, be true to yourself, and make her aware of it too.

Build An Epic Relationship By Following These 3 Tips

When you think of healthy, perfect relationship, what often comes to your mind? Total harmony? Lots of smiles and laughs? No misunderstandings? No fights? No hurtful feelings? Can you build a relationship or a marriage that stay healthy and grows stronger every passing day, month and year? Are you in a situation to remain in a relationship despite the fact that it keeps on deteriorating? It’s true that our lives aren’t certain, and we have no idea what will happen to us in the future. There will be highs and lows, bumps, tight corners, long miles, etc. in our lives and relationships. But, we don’t give up and quit because we had some bumps in our lives. We take steps to improve our relationship, and if the relationship is beyond repair, we will abandon it and invest in a new one.

Let’s face it: a healthy relationship requires nurturing. There are many great ways to invest in your relationship and increase its longevity, but most of us don’t know where to start? Below are three ways to have a healthy relationship and make it stronger in the years to come:

1. Plan a date night each week
Yes, we know that your schedule is nuts. You are stressed and tired from work. You have chores, bills to pay, do the laundry, go shopping, etc. It never ends. The process never stops. Just because you can take a break from all the madness in your life, doesn’t mean that you can set aside some good quality and intimate moments for you and your partner. So, schedule a date night, each week. Don’t make any excuses. Give it a try anyhow. The date night doesn’t have to elaborate or expensive. You only need to dedicate some time for the both of you. If a date night doesn’t seem appealing to you, go to the play or a concert. Whatever you do, just don’t forget to make it special.

2. Find small ways to encourage your partner
Find ways to motivate your significant other multiple times throughout the month or week. For example, if your girlfriend has a job and hates Mondays, make sure you fill that day by sending her happy, funny emojis or texts all day long. You can also share a funny video or meme on her Facebook page to make her smile. Say “I love you” to her every time she wakes up in the morning and before going to be, in case you both are married or living together. Leave a lovely or funny greeting card on the backseat or any seat of her car. Fill her purse with her favorite candy or make a playlist of some of her favorite songs and share it with her. Always keep looking for all the small things to encourage and show love to your girlfriend or woman, and remind her that you are her biggest fan.

3. Plan a “big deal” in your relationship
Choose a resource to enhance your relationship. It can be a workshop, podcasts, a webinar, a series on YouTube, etc. Also, plan for a “big deal” that will happen in your relationship or marriage. For instance, pick February (Valentine’s Day is on February 14) to read a marriage book and discuss it. Fix a weekly date night to talk about what you’ve learned. Maybe you will learn some new tips on how to have amazing sex or how to make your marriage better.

Guys! Ask These Questions First Before Getting Married

Let’s make one thing clear: don’t get married unless it feels right deep within you. Getting married to the right woman can be the best thing that can ever happen in man’s life. Getting married is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make in your life. So, you need to be absolutely right on this one. Most guys take this life-altering decision lightly, which they regret later. With almost half of the marriage ending up in a divorce, don’t tie the knot until you are 100% certain that she is the one. It’s not uncommon to see guys getting married too young or got married because people they know are doing it. Later they regret the decision; they grow apart from their spouses or fall in love with someone much younger, hotter woman.

Relationships and life are complicated. But, sometimes unexpected things happen in relationships because we can’t tell what lies for us in the future. If something bad happens in the relationship or marriage, it might be your fault. So, don’t blame your girlfriend or spouse for all the negativities in your relationship. So, it’s important you do your homework and think long and hard before making a major decision like getting married.

Here are some questions that men need to ask themselves before getting married:

“Am I ready to be married?”
Marriage isn’t a joke. It’s a lifelong commitment. So, before taking that leap be fully aware of what you are signing up for. Marriage is a strong bond that is built on trust, respect, and love. So, look deep within yourself and ask yourself whether you are making the right decision by getting married. If you are having second thoughts, pause, take a deep breath and ask yourself again. If you are still having hesitations, maybe you need to reconsider your options.

“What future will I have with her?”
Peek into your future and envision the kind of life that you will have with your partner after being married. Think about your work, where will you live, play, vacation, travel, or buy a house. The more you think about these things, the more questions you will ask yourself. But, always try to imagine the “best” things you will have with this woman.

“What are her expectations?”
Marriage isn’t all about you. The woman you married will invest her time, body, mind and spirit in you, and she rightfully deserves to have a clear idea what it will be like to be married to you. If you think that she’s the right person for you, make sure you don’t keep any secrets from her, which will make her rethink or regret of being married to you. Let her know about your hopes, dreams and aspirations and how you will always be there for her. Before getting married other questions, you need to ask yourself are, “Do we both of you want kids? Does she make me laugh? Does she fight fair? Do we share the same interests and values?

“Will I be happy and content having sex with one woman for the rest of my life?”
This is a difficult question for guys to answer in many ways. One of the basic tenets of marriage is to have sex only with your girlfriend or wife. In a monogamous relationship, you must be faithful to your partner. And if you tell yourself that you are a horn dog, or prefer an open marriage or an open relationship, then a normal marriage isn’t for you.

Pronabolin Review

If you are searching for a testosterone boosting supplement that will make you feel better, improve your mood, get in better shape, and satisfy your partner in the bedroom, I am sure you became confused in choosing the best supplement that works for you. Well, we won’t blame you as the market is flooded with cheap and inferior supplements, but there are solid products out there. One such supplement is Pronabolin, and it’s available online both through its website and through Amazon. But, the question is, does it work?

What is Pronabolin?

Pronabolin is a natural testosterone boosting supplement that helps in boosting the levels of free testosterone in the male body in order to improve a man’s athletic and sexual performance. You see as men start aging; the body doesn’t produce enough testosterone. During adolescence, our bodies were swimming in testosterone. But in our 30s and later, our testosterone levels start declining. As a result, we feel sluggish, tired, gain weight, your workouts aren’t the same, feel less interested in sex, our stamina and energy levels are low, etc. Your need testosterones to make you grow, make you strong, make you driven, and yes, make you horny. Some men think about taking hormone replacement therapy, but there is something easier like using testosterone boosters like Pronabolin. This daily, all natural supplement will boost your body’s natural testosterone production; get rid of all the symptoms that we talked about above.

Pronabolin Benefits

Some of the claimed benefits of using this supplement are:

1. Boosts testosterone levels in the body naturally
2. Increases stamina and endurance levels
3. Increases blood flow to muscles tissues
4. Assists in building leaner and defined muscles
5. Enhances sex drive and sexual performance
6. Helps to have better erections
7. Reduces fatigue and sluggishness
8. Reduces excess fat
9. Sharper mental focus

Pronabolin Ingredients

Unlike most natural testosterone boosters, Pronabolin has posted an image of their ingredients label online, which includes all ingredients and their amounts. All the ingredients used in –

Here is the list of all the ingredients and their amounts:

• Tribulus Terrestris (650 mg)
• Fenugreek Seed Extract (300 mg)
• Digestive Blend (250 mg)
• Coleus Forskohlii (125 mg)
• Milk Thistle (120 mg)
• Alpha Lipoic Acid (100 mg)
• Eurycoma Longifolia (100 mg
• Horny Goat Weed (100 mg)
• Black Pepper Extract (15 mg)

Pronabolin Pros and Cons

Advantages of Pronabolin
1. It is all natural
2. The ingredients and the amounts are listed online
3. There are some positive reviews from real users who have used the supplement
4. Money back guarantee is available
5. No reports of side effects

Disadvantages of Pronabolin
1. The terms and conditions of the money back guarantee is a bit unclear.
2. Some users have posted some negative reports about it
3. The supplement doesn’t do much-raising testosterone levels, despite the fact that it addresses some of the symptoms of low testosterone levels.

The Bottom Line

Pronabolin is a testosterone boosting supplement that isn’t that much unique than what the competitors are offering. It is generally safe, but the supplement would have been much more effective if it contained D-Aspartic Acid and a few other ingredients which Pronabolin doesn’t have. It is important to mention that D-Aspartic Acid is clinically proven to effectively boost testosterone levels in the body than any other ingredients.

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Testo Vital Review

Male enhancement and testosterone boosting supplements are in high demand now, especially among older men and among people who are having issues in their sex life. Aging men want to increase the level of testosterone in the body so that they can have more stamina and energy, and workout for a longer period without getting tired easily. As we said above, men of all ages also take male enhancement supplements to improve their sex drive and to replenish sexual energy quickly.

What is Testo Vital?

Testo Vital is an all natural testosterone boosting supplement that claims not only to increase your energy during workout sessions but also improve your performance in the bedroom. But, here we will focus on how this male enhancement supplement will improve your sexual well-being. Testo Vital promises to increase your libido and give you stronger, harder erections. Your stamina will also increase by taking this supplement so that you can satisfy and impress your girlfriend or partner. Using Testo Vital on a daily basis will make you more confident that will make women want you.

Benefits of Testo Vital

Some of the main benefits of Testo Vital are:
1. Increased stamina and energy
2. Increased libido
3. Stronger, harder, long-lasting erections
4. Increased staying power
5. Increased penis size
6. Enhanced sexual confidence
7. Better Orgasms
8. Increased Focus

Ingredients of Testo Vital

The makers of Testo Vital were hard to verify whether they really made this supplement or whether it is a recycled product, which is pretty common in the supplements industry. The supplement website didn’t list the ingredients used in the formula, though we found the ingredient list on the product label.

Sarsaparilla helps in increasing testosterone.
• Wild Yam Extract – regulates hormone levels, keeping the balance between estrogen and testosterone.
• Boron – strengthens the bones. It also helps to increase natural testosterone levels, which will boost both your sex desire and performance.
• Epimedium – it is an aphrodisiac that boosts your libido. It also helps to have better erections.
• Nettle Extract – it supports prostate health and also increases testosterone levels.
• Tongkat Ali – it is a well-known aphrodisiac and helps to increase libido. It also works to maintain normal hormone levels and assists in increasing free testosterone as well.
• Saw Palmetto – it supports prostate health, improves overall sexual health and also increases the level of testosterone.

Testo Vital Pros and Cons

Advantages of Testo Vital
1. The formula is made of natural ingredients.
2. No side effects have been cited after using this supplement.

Disadvantages of Testo Vital
1. The customer reviews aren’t real. They are all made up, rehashed and reused.
2. The official website is made up, rehashed and reused.
3. The supplement is only available by signing up for their free trial offer that isn’t free at all.
4. The ingredient list is not strong enough.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing special or unique about Testo Vital despite the supplement claims that their formula is powerful and effective. The male enhancement supplement market is saturated and full of options. So, if you are looking for something that will make to perform better in the bedroom, there are better options than Testo Vital.

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Xplosive Vital Review

Xplosive Vital is a male enhancement supplement that helps aging men to enhance their sex drive and increase their energy and stamina. The product also promises to increase penis size, eliminate erectile dysfunction and improve overall sexual performance. The supplement contains all natural ingredients that have been used traditionally for many years in improving stamina and performance, especially during sexual intercourse.

How Does Xplosive Vital Work?

Xplosive Vital is a testosterone booster that is effective in increasing libido and enhancing your energy. The maker of Xplosive Vital promotes this supplement that will improve performance and endurance in the bedroom as well as during intense workouts. Using this product regularly will also increase penis size and help in achieving a longer, thicker erection as it enhances blood flow to the penile chambers. The supplement also prevents premature ejaculation. The supplement’s ingredients that also reduces anxiety, improves the mood and gives users a more confident feeling.

Xplosive Vital Benefits

Checking out the official website of Xplosive Vital, we found the following benefits of using this product:

1. High sexual satisfaction
2. Better and long-lasting erections
3. Increased confidence
4. Increased sexual energy and stamina
5. Boosts your testosterone levels, as a result increasing your sex drive
6. Assists in building lean muscle mass

Xplosive Vital Ingredients

The Xplosive Vital supplement is sold in a pill form and is made from only natural, organic ingredients that have long been used to increase libido and preventing various sexual issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (ED). All the ingredients are safe and will heighten your sex life in a sustainable, effective way. The ingredients list is:

• Tongkat Ali: hinder premature ejaculation and raises libido
• Saw Palmetto: helps in providing stamina and supports the prostate gland
• Maca Root: Enhances sex drive and libido
• Horny Goat Weed: functions as an aphrodisiac, and enhances blood flow in the penis for harder, powerful erections
• Wild Yam Extract: works as an antioxidant, reduces anxiety, and helps in relaxation
• Sarsparilla: promotes relaxation
• Nettle Root Extract: functions as an aphrodisiac
• Boron: boosts free testosterone levels in the body
• Orchic Substance: it helps boost natural testosterone production

Xplosive Vital Pros and Cons

Xplosive Vital Pros
1. Consists of natural ingredients that boost sexual stamina and performance
2. A prescription isn’t required to use this product
3. No side effects have been reported.

Xplosive Vital Cons
1. There is no official website for the supplement
2. Pricing is unavailable
3. Not be suitable for everyone
4. Information about the manufacturer isn’t found
5. The amount of the ingredient on the website is difficult to know and verify
6. The isn’t any powerful ingredients in the formula
7. The supplement can only be purchased via a free trial offer, which isn’t free at all
8. There are no real customer reviews, just testimonials.

The Bottom Line

Xplosive Vital is a male enhancement supplement that will enhance your sexual performance, and treat sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, premature ejaculation, and so on. Compared to other similar products on the market, this supplement contains the same ingredients and offers similar benefits. So, there isn’t anything special or unique about this product.

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Testo RPM Review

The online dietary supplement market is huge, and it just keeps on growing with more new supplements joining the list. Whether you are old looking for ways to reverse the symptoms of low testosterone levels, or a young guy seeking to improve your athletic and sexual performance to the next level, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Here we will talk about a new product called Testo RPM. Let’s take a closer look at this product to find out more.

What is Testo RPM?

Testo RPM is a post workout and testosterone boosting hybrid supplement that promises to provide your body all that it needs to recover faster and better after an intense workout session. Despite the word, “Testo” on its name, the supplement doesn’t mention that it is a testosterone booster. The manufacturer just promotes the product as a post workout recovery supplement.

Benefits of Testo RPM

1. Testo RPM promises to deliver the following benefits such as:
2. Replenishes energy levels
3. Restores essential nutrients
4. Reduces the time of post workout recovery
5. Helps in muscle building efforts

Ingredients of Testo RPM

Testo RPM doesn’t disclose a complete ingredient list, but they did disclose the names of the three key active components such as Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, and Fenugreek Extract. It’s a little strange as Testo RPM promotes itself as a post workout recovery supplement. But, from our experiences, we can tell that these three ingredients don’t promote post workout recovery directly. In fact, these three substances mainly assist to increase testosterone levels naturally. That’s why they are found primarily in testosterone boosting supplements.

• Tribulus Terrestris is thought to increase testosterone levels naturally. But in some studies, it’s been reported that Tribulus Terrestris helps to increase libido.

• Horny Goat Weed works an aphrodisiac and helps improve blood flow resulting in better erections. It also hinders erectile dysfunction (ED). This herb is generally used in male enhancement supplements, though it is also used in testosterone boosters and muscle building supplements as well.

• Fenugreek Extract has a positive effect on male virility and improves sex and physical performance. It also assists to increase the production of testosterone in the body naturally, but the assumption isn’t clinically tested.

It appears that these ingredients do add some extra benefit to your masculinity and enhances your sexual performance, but they don’t directly address post workout recovery. This makes us confused because addressing post workout recovery is the promised benefit of Testo RPM.

Pros and Cons of RPM

Advantages of Testo RPM
1. The supplement doesn’t contain any harmful or synthetic ingredients.
2. All the ingredients are natural and potent.
3. Have no reported side effects.
4. The supplement boosts mood and helps to improve the overall cognitive performance of the user.
5. It has a free trial offer.

Disadvantages of Testo RPM
1. The ingredient list doesn’t offer promised benefits.
2. The listed ingredients are mainly found in testosterone boosters, not on post workout recovery supplement, which Testo RPM claims to be.
3. The free trial offer isn’t free.
4. The supplement is quite expensive compared to other similar supplements.
5. There’s no customer feedback regarding the use of Testo RPM.

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Still Single? You Will Be If Keep Doing These 5 Things

If you aren’t happy about your dating prospects lately, you probably might blame everyone else and everything else around you. You tell yourself you aren’t meeting more new people, or the women you dated are liars, flakes, or even gold diggers. Or perhaps you are simply fed up about how people date nowadays such as online dating. But, have you ever thought that maybe it’s your own actions that are preventing you from landing a girlfriend? If yes, the good thing is if you can adjust your approach to get better results.

Here are some of the mistakes you keep doing that are hindering your efforts to be in a relationship:

1. You don’t post decent/attractive photos
Want to pique someone’s interest in you? Then, start posting more decent and flattering pictures of yourself. This is a critical part of the dating process. Make sure that the pictures you are sharing or uploading are recent and regularly updated. Don’t forget to include snaps of your summer barbecues, vacations, and ski trips. You can ask a professional photographer or a close friend to snap some photos. But, keep in mind not to look desperate.

2. You delay responding to texts or emails
Taking too much time to respond to texts or emails is a bad habit. It doesn’t matter if you are dating online or at work, delaying responding to texts or emails sets a negative impression about you. You don’t have to respond to every text or email immediately. But if you take ten hours or a day to respond to a text, it’s highly likely your match will think you aren’t seriously looking for a relationship. If texting or emailing feels like a chore, it’s a sign that you aren’t interested in someone.

3. You aren’t ready to date or be in a relationship
Sometimes people need to be encouraged to start dating again after a breakup or divorce. But if you find yourself checking your ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page now and then while dating someone new, it’s highly likely that you aren’t over your ex and not emotionally ready to welcome another person into your life.

4. You can’t look past of your date’s flaws
We aren’t perfect. We all have flaws, even the best of us. If you take a closer look at someone, you can find out what’s wrong with anyone. Ask yourself are you baiting your dates with questions that expose the qualities that seem unattractive to you? For example, if you see your date isn’t slim enough, it’s not helpful if you ask her what her favorite foods are or ask her why isn’t she going to a gym. Instead, give people a chance to shine and make them feel good.

5. You don’t show interest, or at least, enough of it
The truth about dating is that we are attracted to people who like us. So let your feelings flow. If you like your match tell her what you like about her. After a date, tell her that you had a great time if you enjoyed it. Tell her that you want to get together again. If you truly are interested in your match, schedule your dates in advance, show enthusiasm, and make her excited about you dating her. Make your match and dating her your priority.