Avoid Those Awkward Silences On Dates With These 4 Tips

We've all been there. You’re meeting your date for the first time; the conversation has been flowing, and you’ve already asked basic questions like, “Where are you from? What are your interests? What do you for a living? What are your hobbies?”Where do you live? What do you love to do?” etc. You begin to feel that the longer the silence continues, the less are your chances of ever seeing your date for the second time. To you, I will tell don’t be a victim to awkward silence in dates. Many potential couples have succumbed to this horrible fate and look for yourself where they stand now? Still single.

So, if you want to have a great first date, you’ll need to get rid of those awful, awkward silences on dates. Here are four tips that will help you achieve that:

1. Give Them A Safe Compliment
One great way to fill any silence is to compliment them. Take a deep breath, make yourself comfortable lean forward, and say, “You look lovely this evening,” or “That’s a beautiful dress.” A compliment will surely make your date smile and feel comfortable. Besides, it's a nice way to show that you’re interested in her and would like to see the date turn into something more meaningful like a relationship. But, be careful not to take things too far, as this will make look like a creep. So, if you just met her for the first time, don’t tell that she has amazing legs unless she’s fully into you. Otherwise, it will scare her off.

2. Nod, Smile And Make Eye Contact
you what makes a woman talk on dates? It’s nodding, smiling and making eye contact. These three important body language gestures encourage your date to strike up a conversation with you. These easy to understand moves let them know that you’re having fun with them, enjoying what they're saying, and you feel interested to hear more about it. When you’re on a date, and you’re acting distracted or looking away at something or someone, your date will think you're not interested in her. And the awkward silence will begin consequently.

3. Listen To Her And Respond, Genuinely
Naturally, people like to talk about themselves. If you feel nervous about the date, encourage her to talk by asking questions that will give you a glimpse into their hobbies, their passions, their interests, and what they like to talk about. Every time she tells you something, affirm it by making a statement. Later, you can ask a question. For instance, when says that she just got her cat from the vet, respond to it by saying that you love cats. Don’t stop there; keeps the conversation going by asking her, what kind of cat do you have? You get the idea.

4. Don’t Make The Date Look Like An interview
Remember when you’re on a date with someone you like, don’t make it seem like an interview. A date is not a job interview! That’s the last thing your date has on her mind after a hard day at work. Nobody wants to be confronted and be drilled on a date. Therefore, don’t think of asking questions like, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, “How do you feel about marriage?”, or “Why did you break up with your boyfriend?”. These types of questions will surely make your date go running in the opposite direction.

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