How To Avoid Too Much Pain While Breakup

A heart can’t be broken without a heartbreaker. Believe it or not, it’s true. It’s also encouraging to know that some heartbreakers are more graceful and compassionate than others. But, how can you tell it?

There are no simple answers. But, there is a way you can end a romantic relationship without smashing the other person’s heart into millions of pieces. So, what’s the approach you may ask? The answer, make a clean break.

Most men and women when deciding to break up with their partners don’t say it directly to them. They think it’s inhumane and disrespectful. Instead, they will gradually implement a series of disappointments that will make his or her partner so miserable and resentful towards you that he or she will break up with you. This type of emotional torture can also be called emotional terrorism. Not only does this emotional terrorism, belittles the other person, it can also ruin their self-esteem and confidence.

The best approach is to be direct and honest. But, that mean that you will meet the other person and break the news that this romantic relationship is over in their faces. The key is to convey the message compassionately. How do you do this? First, communicate it in person. You might think that it’s too obvious, but you’ll get surprised to know a lot of people break up over the phone, text message, email or even by changing their relationship status on Facebook and other social media sites. Some leave messages on the answering machine, while some even ask their friends to tell his or her, boyfriend/girlfriend, the relationship has ended. It’s indecent and utterly disrespectful to your ex. If you’ve decided to break up with someone, then break up like a man. Make a clean breakup, be truthful and be honest.

Being honest and being harsh isn’t the same thing. Some heartbreakers were super mean. They think they can shut their eyes, forget about the relationship, and somehow can make the relationship go away. These folks can do it because they’ve lost all of their common sense and courtesy, and have pointed every known flaw their soon-to-be-ex ever had.

Then some folks sugarcoat the rejection with false promises of reconciliation. They give out mixed messages such as they’re interested in him or her, but they don’t want to be in serious relationship. So, they end the relationship with that note. The biggest problem with being so conciliatory is that the other person won’t listen what you want them to hear. They will take your words literally and will begin to envision a happy future with you. They only recall the positive side of the message and conveniently ignore the actual message you wanted them to hear. You still can make a clean break; you just have to gentle and honest. Start by telling the person what you like about them. Don’t point out their weaknesses, and appreciate their strengths and remind them what made you attracted to them in the beginning.

Getting over a breakup isn’t easy, but if you follow these bits of advice, breaking up with someone will be much less painful. Besides, moving on after a breakup and finding someone new will also less hard.

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