Be Aware Of The New And Scary Dating Trend “Kittenfishing”

If worrying about being catfished wasn’t enough, a new trend in online dating has emerged, and it’s even scarier than being catfished. It’s called” kittenfished” and people who use dating apps need to be careful about it. So, what is kittenfishing? In short, Kittenfishing is a less offensive act which involves misrepresentation of information on a dating profile. So, kittenfishing is the smaller cousin of catfishing. Thus, it’s called kittenfishing as a kitten is smaller than a cat.

Anyways, for most people, it will take a few minutes to understand why any guy or a girl looking for a potential partner online would care about kittenfishing. What I am trying to tell here is that kittenfishing appears to be was less dramatic than catfishing, at least on paper. However, when you learn more about this shady little tactic, it will surely scare you, even more than catfishing. The act of kittenfishing is all telling little white lies while dating online.

Men and women, who are kittenfishing don’t completely pretend to be someone else, but they do tell some lies while getting to know each other and those little lies can actually jeopardize a potential relationship. For example, you can upload pictures of yourself when you looked fit and were 20 pounds lighter. You could tell your potential match that you are a college graduate, but in reality, you are a college dropout and never bothered to finish college. Imagine a girl you liked online telling you that she’s 25 years old, whereas she’s actually 30. These lies aren’t that serious, but I am sure that you will be startled to find out the truth regardless. Nobody likes to be lied to! But, things get even worse is that this is very common when it comes to online dating, and most people don’t even realize that they are doing it, and it’s a wrong thing to do. What they don’t realize that they will be rejected if the person they have been dating online decides to meet him or her in person when they see that the person isn’t as tall or skinny as they have been told. And it’s downright sad.

Nonetheless, it’s the dating app Hinge that has coined this new term and has compiled some actual data of users who are kittenfishing. According to Hinge says 38 percent of men and 24 percent of women admitted that they had kittenfished before. But, only a mere 2 percent of men stated that they had kittenfished someone else. For the ladies, it’s even less at only 1 percent. These figures don’t seem accurate giving the fact catfishing or kittenfishing is rampant when it comes to online dating. It means that people don’t know they are doing it or they are simply too embarrassed to admit it. Damn!

So, there you have it. This is what kittenfishing is all about. It’s true that it’s difficult to avoid being kittenfished while looking for a partner online, but at least you can do your part to stop doing it at your end while dating online.

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