Baby Makes Three: 5 Ways Your Relationship Changes After Having A Baby

Having A Baby

So you're having a baby! This is the most exciting time of your life. You are bringing a little human into the world who is half you, half your partner. The two of you are going to love it, raise it and care for it. While this is a wonderful thing and will bring you endless joy, it's also going to bring some scary changes to your relationship. Don't be alarmed; consider this your heads up. We've got five way your relationship is definitely going to change after having a baby.

1. The concept of privacy is gone.

Once couples welcome a baby into the world, they throw privacy to the wayside. You might find that the chaos of taking care of a new baby makes you forget all about privacy. Maybe you never ever left the door open when using the bathroom, and now you're freely going while your partner is in the room changing the baby's diaper. I mean, your partner did just witness a baby coming out of your body so there's not much left for them to see.

2. Sleep. What is that?

You used to stay up all hours of the night having fun. As a couple, you were the life of the party. After having a baby, this is so not the case. Between changing diapers, feedings, baths and more, you're absolutely exhausted. You and your partner now have a designated bedtime and it's earlier than you ever imagined. You go to bed at 9PM, and then you find yourselves up again at midnight…and 2AM…and 5AM. The baby is crying constantly because it's hungry or needs to be changed, and it's definitely made sleep a foreign concept.

3. Sex? What is that?

After having a baby, you'll probably see a significant decline in your sex life. There's just not much time for sex because you're constantly caring for the baby. Besides, you probably won't feel very sexy anyways. Your clothes are full of spit-up and you look like you've just walked out of the aftermath of a tornado. Your new idea of dirty talk is discussing your baby's bowel movements. Sex is definitely the last thing on your mind.

4. You seriously hate your partner sometimes.

The stress of caring for a new baby is really going to take a toll on your mood, so don't be surprised if you lash out at your partner. You may find that you're annoyed by little things they do – things that never annoyed you before. You may end up in screaming matches over whose turn it is to do the laundry or comfort the baby when it's crying. There will be moments you could literally rip your partners head off.

5. …but you also appreciate them more than ever.

While you may hate your partners guts sometimes, you'll come to appreciate them in a way you never thought possible. You're caring for a newborn together. This is the most important thing either one of you has ever done. The stress of it all may drive you to the brink of insanity, but you're in this together. Having a baby makes you see your partner in a whole new light. They're your shoulder to lean on in the midst of newborn-baby-chaos.

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