Are Your Bad Dating Habits Holding You From Finding Love?

When looking for love, most men and women have a list of habits and behaviors they like to see and don’t like to see in their potential partners. While the absence of some good habits and the presence of bad traits can be compromised but some habits are total deal breakers. Read on to find more:

1. Expecting your dating life to be comfortable. In life, nothing is free or easy. You have to strive to find it, make it work, maintain and keep it improving. Dating and relationships aren’t easy, but you can make it worthwhile if you do things right. Finding a man or woman to love and share your life with isn’t as simple you think. At times it can be difficult, defeating and frustrating. But, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on love? Of course not! Instead, be patient and persistent.

2. Falling for someone who isn’t right and interested in love. Often we find ourselves pursuing someone who doesn't want to be caught. It means that he or she isn’t interested in falling in love or be in a long-term relationship. Many of us have wasted a lot of time and efforts to be with that person, who don’t want to commit to a relationship. If they aren’t attracted or interested to be in love like you’re – set the loose and move on.

3. Blaming one date to not to date anymore. This is a very common occurrence to some single men and women. It only takes some people to not to date anymore. We all have had bad dates, bad breakups, and suffered more or less in some way or another while dating. But, that shouldn’t be a valid reason to make ourselves unavailable from the dating scene. The opportunity and challenge here are to learn from our previous dating experiences, mistakes, and learn to accept not to make it personal. We should also let go of our anger and resentment against our own and past dates, and look ahead. Give the new person you’re dating a chance to show you how nice and great they are, rather than assuming that they too will hurt or reject you at the end.

4. Giving up who you really are. In the pursuit to impress their dates, some men and women forget who they really are, their actual personalities, abandon their friends, opinions, and interests. The outcome of doing this won’t be pleasant, so consider giving up this bad habit altogether. Don’t forget about yourself and what makes you – YOU!

5. Always reminiscing over past relationships. By far, this is the fastest way to destroy your potential date with someone, or your current relationship. Most men and women have little to no interest to hear you persistently talk about your exes, and how to hurt you’ve been by your past relationships. Be at your best at your current date and live in the moment now. Forgive you ex for the things that didn’t work. Also, Forgiveness is a healthy and attractive characteristic.

6. Always expecting your significant other to be flawless and perfect. We aren’t perfect. We have flaws. It’s the delicate balance of our perfections and imperfections that define who we are. Therefore, it’s justified to think that your partner won’t be perfect either, so don’t pressure him or her to be. Accept them for who they are, with all flaws. It will help you find love quickly and will lead to in a happy and ever-lasting relationship.

If you’re looking for a woman or man, abandoning these negative traits will help you find love faster.

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