Some Badass Excuses For Avoiding A Date

There come plenty of times when you don’t want to carry on with a date that you have scheduled. Either you really are not interested in that person, or maybe you have just agreed to the date when you were drunk. Blind dates too can be really awkward, and you might be looking for some reason to avoid it. Getting out of a date is not that of a complicated process, but you need to be well aware of all the excuses so that you can use the right one at the right time.

#1 Auto failure

If you are coming from a distant area, then the best excuse is to say that you have had a mechanical breakdown. This works every time and because you are at a distance; the person would not even offer to pick you up. Just be sure to not to pass by their area while cruising the next day.

#2 Busy at work

Work comes before anything, and you need to be always available for it. The best way to use your work as an excuse is to stay that you have to stay late at work and therefore the date will have to be cancelled or postponed. This may make the other person angry, but there is an equal chance that he/she might be impressed by your dedication to your career.

#3 Family emergencies

They are always a great option. You have to pick your sister up from school or take your mum to her parlour appointment. In any way, you have to be there for them, and the person will be empathetic enough to understand your situation. These are your responsibilities, and your date has no choice but to accept them.

#4 My phone was stolen/not working

Just put your phone on silent and don’t answer any of their calls or texts. Be sure not to read their messages on WhatsApp and/or Facebook. Just ignore his/her calls for at least two or three days and afterwards tell them that your phone had issues and you were out of touch with everyone.

#5 I’m gay

This will only work on dates that are totally new. You hardly know the other person, and because of this, you have the chance to say something extremely unexpected, because there is no way they will be able to find the truth. Just say that you’re gay and make it all emotional saying that you don’t want to ruin your date’s life and it is better that they look for someone else. By doing so you will make sure that the date is canceled and you will get rid of that person forever.

#6 Spill it out

The last option may seem blunt, but it is what you should be doing when you have no other option. Just say that you don’t want to attend the date because you are not into that person. Say that you don’t want to prolong the relation and it is best for both to accept it and move on.

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