Be Realistic and Don’t Expect Perfection While Dating

We aren’t perfect. We all have flaws. Our partners aren’t perfect either. So, don’t expect perfection from them as well. Instead, learn to accept them for who they are in person and mind.

It’s interesting, how we so willing to ignore the flaws or traits that make us uncomfortable in the early stages of relationships. Some traits seem to look cute, and we usually overlook them. Or, it can be that we are so much in love that we readily ignore them because the good traits have overshadowed these “flaws” or “annoying quirks.” Some believe that they can “change” or “fix” these flaws once they get to work on them. These are the reasons why we sincerely forget about these perceived imperfections in our dates and move ahead with the relationship.

As the relationship matures over time, we arrive at a point that somehow these perceived “flaws” we have previously noticed in our partners all of a sudden become important and the “flaws” themselves get highlighted. It’s true that we said to ourselves these negative traits were cute and won’t create any problems in the relationship later, or we can change them. But, now it becomes clear that those “flaws” aren’t going anywhere and are here to stay.

You’ll also turn paranoid to change someone in an attempt to make them perfect for you. Well, that’s not going to happen with some severe consequences. A lot of relationships have ended because one partner tried to change the other person and things got out of hand.

So, what happens now? We have seen that it’s these flaws that have created a ridge between the couples as they no longer see the good qualities among themselves that brought them closer together in the first place. All those wonderful traits like – his silly sense of humor, the way she cares about children, his caring attitude towards stray pets and so forth suddenly become less important. And all you argue about now is he leaves the toilet seat up, or she doesn’t water the plants.

Imperfections are inevitable in humans, and we must accept them as they are. No one is perfect, and if you are married to someone, it’s probably that their attractive attributes have surpassed their weaknesses. Perhaps, it’s time that you recall the qualities of your partner that made you attracted to him or her and then take a stand on those flaws in a broader spectrum. We can easily say that these “flaws” will be washed away by the powerful waves of the good qualities. Being vulnerable is the essence of romance. If someone is genuinely attracted to you, loves you, he or she won’t be scared to expose their flaws. It’s their flaws that make who they are and who they are not. That’s what important.

The bottom here is we all have our good qualities and flaws. The key to a lasting relationship is to focus more on the wonderful attributes and thinking less about the imperfections and how to make those “imperfections” perfect. Life is better if we start looking for beauty in the flaws, instead if criticizing them.

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