Become The Best Boyfriend She Could Ever Ask For!

Modern girls are very choosy with almost everything. They do not want to make compromises at the stake of their preferences and choices. In context of a relationship, girls take a very conscious decision for making a boyfriend. It is the prevailing modernity in the society, women’s education, financial independence and broad thinking that has changed the traditional format of love and relationship between the guys and girls.

Most of the girls take their time to know whether the guy whom they are dating or the one, with whom they are planning to date, is suitable for them or not. They want to get assured at the beginning so that they do not have to regret at the end. So the guys, be alert and do not take a girl for granted. If you want to get into a relationship with her, you should learn to become best boyfriend. It is quite easy for any guy to impress a girl and become her boyfriend but it is much more difficult to retain the relationship for so long. Here are some important points that should be considered for becoming the best boyfriend of her.

Keep your promises

It is annoying when he promises her to do something but at the end he does not get around it. If you also have a habit of doing the same then get rid of it right now. Girls like a man who knows well how to keep his promises no matter what happens. Suppose you feel that you won’t be able to keep your promise for so long then you should politely accept the fact that you won’t be able to keep the promise but you will try your best to do it. Never make false promises to her for the sake of benefitting your present. Your single act of breaking promise can lift up her trust on you and she can start taking you for granted as she knows that you won’t be able to keep your promise.

Make her feel special

If you do not know how to make your girlfriend feel special, then you can never become best boyfriend for your girlfriend. To make her feel special, you should not miss a single chance to appreciate her. Appreciation acts like the butter to make a girl fall for you. When you appreciate her, she feels confident about herself and feels that she is special.  It also inculcates the feeling of security in her that you want her and you are happy with what she is. There are many more ways by which you will feel that she is special. You can plan for the romantic date with her, give  her gifts, often visit her or pick her from her home, college or office, spend more time with her to make her feel special. You can organize a surprise party for her, invite her parents or dear friend for a surprise party, keep a note of all the important days for her and make  her remind of that,  appreciate her efforts, praise her ideas and  thank her for making your life better. With all these acts, she will feel herself nothing less than a princess.

Sexual satisfaction is very important

One of the important aspects of getting into the relationship is meeting your sexual needs. These days’ girls too enjoy getting into the casual relationship and don’t mind to approach the guys. So, if you are in a relationship with a girl and you have not gone sensual with her, then there are possibilities that she may feel that you are not sexually fit.  Therefore, it is very important to discuss on intimate topics with your girlfriend more often and get into the sexual relationship with her. You need to show your love and care for her. She should not feel the lust in your love making. Be gentle in all your actions and ask what she expects from a guy in the bedroom to fulfill her desires and make her completely satisfied.  If you are able to please her sexually, you will win her heart and become best boyfriend for her.

Another important thing that should be noted is that you should never compare her sex appeal with that of your past girlfriends. It could hurt her emotions and she will feel so low. Each girl has her plus and negative traits so love her without any comparison.

Give enough space

You should also not show your possessiveness for her. It is very obvious for the guys that they get jealous on seeing their girlfriend with some other guy. Even if you see your girl with someone, instead of getting angry over her, you should ask her gently about him and trust her what she says. It will enable you to built a trust based relationship with her and you will be able enjoy your relationship with her. Girls like to fall over with the guys who are calm and composed. She expects him to handle the problems and negative situations very maturely. It enables the girls to check the problem handling skills of the guys and she will be able to know whether he could handle the future problems or not. Instead of showing your anger, you should act maturely to handle the situations.

Another best quality to become best boyfriend is to give space to your girlfriend. You should realize that getting in relationship with you doesn’t mean that she has quit her life.  As an individual, she has her family, friend circle, professional life and social life, so when you accept a girl as your girlfriend; everything is automatically accepted by you hence, there should be nothing to fuss about it. You should give complete independence to your girlfriend and respect all her decisions. If you feel that she is going on the wrong path, then you can discuss with her and make her realize of her mistakes in s polite way instead of fighting with her or getting angry with her as it can have negative consequences for your relationship.

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