Best Cheesy, Yet Working Pick Up Lines: Fun And Love At The Same Time

Cheesy pick lines are something special. They are complicated to explain, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. The biggest advantage of them is the fact they are fun and they are perfect icebreaker. However, they bring a lot of risk, so be careful when you use them. In general, cheesy pick up lines have the highest success rate and the highest risk. They are commonly used by alpha males, so we can say that using them is recommended.

There are a lot of cheesy, yet working pick up lines but all of them can be categorized. We will divide them according to the amount of risk they bring.

Low-risk cheesy pick up lines

Pick up lines from this category are simply the best alternative, but they won’t work on women who are ‘’tough’’ and who believe they are extraordinary (more than others). However, as an icebreaker, they are simply the best and you can use them as jokes, in order to eliminate the quiet period. Here are the best of the best.

  • Can you give me your picture? I want to show to Santa what I want as a present for Christmas.
  • You may fall from a tree or fell from the sky, but I still want you to fall in love with me.
  • You are Google, right? Because I have just found what I was searching for.
  • When you hold 10 roses and you stand in front of a mirror, how many beautiful things you see? I guess 11.
  • Your hand is heavy, can I hold it for some time?
  • I am studying history, important dates. Do you want to be my most important date?
  • Hi, I am going to commit a perfect crime, I am going to steal your heart.
  • I must borrow a kiss from you, but I will give it back to you straight away.
  • I speak the language of love, kissing. Do you want to talk with me?
  • Close from here is a laboratory right? I am feeling some chemistry here.
  • I was stunned by you so I had an accident, I hit the wall. Now, I need your name and contact info, my insurance demand it.
  • You are so cute that I forgot what I need to say.
  • Your parents are thieves, right? They have a masterpiece.

Mid-risk cheesy pick up lines

Cheesy, yet working pick up lines from this category is more severe. They bring more risk, but they are funny and they may be more successful. In any case, you can use them, just make sure a girl who you are talking to or want to talk isn’t too sensitive to jokes. If you are slightly drunk, you can use all of them and they will be more successful than the previous type. Also, if you are approaching to a drunken girl, use some of these pick-up lines.

  • I am going to tie your shoes (use it only if she actually has shoes). I won’t allow you to fall for anything except for me.
  • I want you and I want to have a relationship as pi. It will be everlasting and completely irrational.
  • Can you see what I am wearing? Only a smile, you just gave me.
  • I need help with math. Please help, give me your number.
  • You like sale? A big one is in my bedroom. Clothes will be 110% off.
  • Kissing burns some calories. Want to exercise right now?
  • Don’t worry if a fat man puts you in his big bag. It is Santa, bringing you to me. I wanted you as a gift.
  • Shit, something seriously is wrong with my smartphone. She will ask you what. You say ‘’your number isn’t memorized in it.’’
  • I have a rainbow on my lips. Want to try it?
  • You are a perfect score. Can I take you home and show you to my parents?

High-risk cheesy pick up lines

High-risk cheesy, yet working pick up lines are far more severe than all the others here. You must be 100% confident, you must use them at the right moment or they will fail. Another reason why they are high-risk is that you can use them only once. If you succeed, a girl is yours, if not, she will go away. The best part is that you can use them when you are completely drunk and they almost always work on drunk girls. Addition: If you know that a girl is slutty, these pick up lines will be your first choice.

  • You look exactly the same as my mother.
  • You just dropped something. Then you must point at the ground and wait until she ask ‘’what’’. Then you say ‘’ your standard for tonight.’’
  • Do you know I have a big (make a pause) house.
  • Your ass is perfect. Please don’t sit on it.
  • Photograph her, and then tell her that you will show that photo to your mates, so they can see your next girlfriend.
  • LOL, your lips are lonely. They should meet mine.
  • Hey sweetie, my lips cannot kiss themselves.
  • Here are a lot of fish in the sea, but you are the only one I want.
  • Wow, so cool your jeans are. I must get in them.
  • A drink costs $10, a room $120 and just one night together with you is priceless, right?

The bottom line

All other pick-up lines you can use anytime you want and they are relatively safe (except sexy ones), but these are special. In order them to work, you must have confidence and you must be charming. If you just tell anyone of these, because you want to, your effort will fail. Don’t forget that if a pick-up line isn’t successful for the first time, it doesn’t mean it won’t be the next time you use it.

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