The Best Way To Make A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship Work

“Friends with benefits” relationships can be exceptionally worthwhile if it’s done the right way. Defining a “friends with benefits” relationship is relatively simple. You and your friend are sexually attracted to each other and have a mutual understanding that you will get together and have sex…but with an explicit agreement that this lifestyle will not develop into a romantic relationship. Both of you will enjoy hot, steamy sex, while the two of you are free to explore other relationships.

The dynamics of this kind of relationship can be a little bit tricky. You probably know that “friends with benefits” needs a lot of communication just like any other relationship. In fact, you might even argue it takes more communication to make this kind of relationship thrive. In order to feel satisfied having casual sex with your friend, the two of you need to be upfront about your wants and needs and how the relationship benefits you. You both should also be wary of protecting each other’s hearts from emotional damage.

In a traditional monogamous romantic relationship, you don’t have to be worried about these issues. In a traditional relationship, you go on a first date with a woman and you tell each other what you like, what you don’t like, how you want the relationship to progress, etc. If everything goes as expected, you both decide whether you will go on a second date. On the other hand, if you are in a “friends with benefits” relationship and you start to have romantic feelings for your friend, it’s important to tell them about your feelings. If you were dating a woman and fell in love with her, and she didn't have any feelings for you, you would want that person to be honest with you. After all, no one likes to be given false hope.

Hiding your romantic feelings from your friend isn’t outright betrayal, but the two of you have entered into this kind of arrangement with clear guidelines. So the best and most decent thing you can do is to let the other person know if there’s any change in your feelings. It’s fully possible for a “friends with benefits” relationship to never transform into a romantic relationship if it’s done correctly.

Sure, you have sex with this person, but this whole arrangement works well because you have already decided beforehand that this person is your friend and always will be. You know she will never be your partner or soulmate. In the meantime, if you realize that you have developed romantic feelings for her, you must tell her ASAP. It’s likely she might have the same feelings for you. If she doesn’t, then it may be a hassle to find someone new you can have regular sex with. But it is way better to avoid sex and save your friendship than to suffer a heartbreak given the fact that you have hidden your feelings for her for a long time.

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