Blake Shelton Diet Shredded Him To Half Of His Previous Weight

After the divorce from Miranda Kerr, Blake Shelton stunned everyone looking 30 pounds less. Was he really suffering or did he try a revolutionary diet? He is no longer the chubby star that we got used to seeing on The Voice. Now he made his appearance looking slimmer and fitter than he had ever been. Even though he says that the divorce is responsible for his transformation, sources say that in fact, he decided to change his diet and opted for healthy food instead of junk.

He gave up eating cereals, bread, and crackers which were only increasing his blood sugar in a very negative way. On top of that, he was a big fan of fried chicken and pickles which did not bring any nutrients to his body. However, on top of the new healthy diet that he is following, he is using also Blake Shelton Supplements that have the main purpose of accelerating his metabolism and burn the excess of fat.

“You know I just think, not the actual break-up part, but just the whole stress of getting through all of that is just weird, I was eating as many fried pickles and stuff. Now I am doing great, but it’s just I wasn’t eating as much I guess. I also decided to get rid of the unhealthy eating habits and try to take more care of what I am putting inside my body.”

Blake Shelton Diet



3 Whole Eggs pan fried in garlic and 1 tbsp. coconut oil

1 Bowl of Oatmeal topped with sliced banana, blueberry, honey, flax seeds

Mid-Morning Snack:

2 Sliced Ezekiel Sprout less grain bread topped with Organic Honey


8 Ounces Grilled Chicken Breast topped with ½ sliced avocado

6 Ounces Red Skin potatoes topped with olive oil

Late Afternoon Snack (pre-Workout):

1 Sliced Apple topped with Organic Cashew Butter

Post Workout:

Fat-Free Frozen Yoghurt


6 Ounces wild caught salmon

1 cup steamed veggies

Late Night:

3 Hard Boiled Eggs


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