Blake Shelton Workout Helped Him To Loose Weight Amazingly Fast After Divorce

The Voice star, Blake Shelton caught everyone's attention with his massive weight loss in 2015. After he divorced Miranda Kerr, Blake came to the public eye with 30 pounds less, which he attributes to the stressful period that he went through after his separation.

Blake made his debut in music in 2001 with the single “Austin” which spent five weeks as number one on the Billboard Hot Country Song Chart.  Overall, as a singer,  he had so far charted 31 country singles, including 21 number ones, 16 of which were consecutive.

Shelton also became even more famous for his judge roles in singing competitions as Nashville Stars, Clash of Choirs and more recently – The Voice. Being so much of fan's attention, Blake got everyone used with his chubby look. Therefore, his new physique absolutely stunned everyone.

We talked with him and we found out that apart from his stressful period when he didn't eat too much, he also trained a lot and used Blake Shelton Supplements which helped him lose weight faster. “I really just stopped eating a little bit. I didn't really think about it, and so now I feel like that happened so long ago. I lost some weight and now I'm like, ‘How did I do that? I need to do that again”, Blake says.

Blake Shelton Workout


Monday: Chest, Abs and Biceps

Bodyweight Push Ups(chest)

Bicycle Crunch(Abs)

Close grip static hold Pull- ups(biceps)

Compound exercises:

Exercise One: Barbell Bench Press

Exercise two: Barbell Row

Exercise three: Weighted Ab Machine

Exercise Four: Standing Db Bicep Curls

Wednesday: Anabolic Legs and Abs

Exercise One: Barbell Squat

Exercise two: DB walking lunges

Exercise three: wall sits until failure

Exercise Four: stiff leg dead lift

Exercise Five: Leg extension

Exercise Six: Prone Leg Curl

Exercise Seven: Weighted Abdominal Plank Holds

Exercise Eight: rope crunches

Friday: HIIT Intervals

Exercise One: Sprint Intervals

Exercise Two: Leap Ups

Exercise three: Burpees

Exercise Four: kettle bell circuit training

Sunday: Full Body Compound

Exercise One: Barbell incline bench press

Exercise Two: Barbell Deadlift

Exercise three: wide grip pull up

Exercise four: Db 1 arm row

Exercise five: Barbell Front squat

Exercise six: Weighted Abdominal crunches

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