Blind Dating Advice For A Happy Blind Date

The practice of looking for a romantic partner online by sharing your information and replying to the messages of the person at the other end is not at all a new concept. This is what an online dating requires. It is simple and thousands of people have got their love of life through the online dating site but at the same time on the other hand, unfortunately, they had to go through several trials and failures while reaching to their better halves.

Online dating is as difficult as the real life ones, but one can say that you need to put up with little more extra in this regard. What I believe that online dating gives you a chance to weed out the people to whom you are least attracted to. It offers you a platform to converse and decide whether you two have a connection or not. Undoubtedly text messages and chats are not reliable, but it is better than simply having no idea in your real life date.

So, if you are all set to take a chance online to find that perfect one for you, you should get yourself ready for the obstacles which you are going to face through your way. You need to encounter the following problems:


Catfishing is something which is quite normal nowadays. You might end up talking to someone who is not the person you are expecting. A woman can turn out to be a guy and vice versa. It is as tempting and luring someone by making fictional online personas. There is a need to stay cautious about these fake IDs. Keep on looking for the signs that tell you that something is fishy. You may request for a video call to clear up your suspects.

Baiting and switching

This is close to catfishing but in such a case they can make themselves more attractive than they really are by posting old videos and pictures. Moreover, they can make the amendments in their profile and omit certain aspects related to your jobs and experiences.


You need to be very careful while starting a relationship online. You never know that the person you are talking to is a stalker. Stalkers may vary from a mere annoyance to downright scary. Never leak out any sensitive information about yourself until you are clear about the person’s activities, interest, and personality.

Long-held attitudes

When you find a person with emotional baggage, then this is something they hold from their ex or one can say a personality disorder. Such people keep on complaining about their lives rather than enjoying a nice conversation with you.

The rejections

While conversing online, you may face rejections. Do not take it to your heart. If one has rejected, there might be a lot of them out there who feels that you are just awesome. So do not bother about the unanswered messages and keep your head high.

The Trolls

Some people are on these sites just to pass their time or make other people embarrass. Watch out for such losers and block them immediately.


Like the real world, criminals are present online as well. Be aware and vigilant in giving information about yourself. Provide a complete data and information about the one you are dating to your family and friends. Never trust them instantly and try to find about them as much as you can.

Dating online is no more different than dating in a real world. The only plus point is that you will get to know a little bit about the person rather than bumping into a complete stranger at a mall or party.

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