Bored With Sex? Here’s How You Can Start Enjoying Sex Again!

Have you lost the physical intimacy between you and your girlfriend? Does it sometimes appear to that you two are more like roommates than lovers? Does it sometimes occur to you the only common thing you share with your partner is the same job? If this is the case, then you aren’t alone. You see when you have been in a relationship or married for a while, as time passes the relationship becomes mundane and routine. You notice that the relationship doesn’t have the same amount of love, magic, and sensuality like before.

One of the main reasons for it is that each partner is busy doing their part in the relationship regarding work and household chores. And this can negatively impact the intimacy and passion in the relationship. But, there is a solution. To enjoy having sex with your spouse again, you need to follow these tips:

1. Avoid the functional lifestyle
When couples in a relationship get comfortable with each other, it is a wonderful thing. It makes each other to feel safe and secure. But, there is a downside. It can create boredom, or the relationship can become monotonous because the couple knows each other behaviors and routine all too well. This becomes evident in the bedroom. If a couple finds a sex position or sexual act that works for them, they will probably keep doing it all the time. It will bring them pleasure, but sooner or later, the couple will get bored with it over time because they don’t find anything special about it. Sometimes, this kind of boring sex can lead to coupes not having sex for a long time. Sexless relationships can lead to the demise of the relationship in the future. So, avoid the utilitarian living if you want to enjoy having sex with your girlfriend or wife again.

2. Be commitment from each other
Nurturing intimacy and keep it alive in a relationship is important if you want to bring the enjoyment of sex back into your relationship. And for that to happen, you need to be committed to each other more than ever. Schedule a weekly time where the both of you can be intimate with other, and make an effort to stick to that routine. Having sexual intimacy at a “fixed” time can be a very enjoyable and an enlivening experience.

3. Get rid of the spontaneity
You and your significant other might be worried having sex by following a schedule or plan will make this intimate moment to lose its spontaneity. But, let me tell you something, it is better to have planned sex than not having any sex at all. One notable thing about scheduled sex is that it creates intention. And intentions are very powerful in relationships. Why? Because it is the intentions that make things happen including sex.

4. Sexual Exploration
If you want to enjoy having sex with your spouse once again, both of you should consider the life of sexual exploration with one another. You and your partner should also commit to expanding your sexual horizons. This doesn’t mean that you both should start having sex with other people; it means that you need to explore each other’s erotic innocence, which has been lost from most of us.

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