What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Distancing Him In A Serious Relationship

Lately, you’ve felt that something’s off in your relationship. You’ve felt like your man has been distant. Every passing day he’s becoming more withdrawn and holding back from you. It feels to you that your boyfriend has a huge weight on his shoulders, he has become overwhelmed by obligations, but he won’t tell you about it because he doesn't want to disappoint you. He also hasn’t said anything you about it, and when you ask him he denies directly, but you know it’s there.

Your mind has already started to run wild; you’re constantly wondering what could be wrong and even come to the conclusion that the relationship is doomed. But, the time has arrived of thinking in such extremes yet.

Here’s what you should do in case you’re in a serious relationship:

1. Don’t Panic
Don’t panic! Your relationship isn’t over. When it comes to committed relationships, a guy pulling back is a regular part of the deal. Sometimes in life things always don’t go as expected. There are issues with work, health, or family that can make guys feel like they’ve been failing as a man. Often, guys deal with these situations by resorting to their inner strengths and reaffirming that they can handle things without relying on you or others. You freaking out that the relationship is doomed is exactly the opposite of what your man needs when this is happening.

It’s important that he knows you’re there to support him. It’s even worse if you push him when he says he wants to deal with the problems by himself. And yes, there is also a possibility that he might be losing interest or having second thoughts about the relationship. Either way, you getting panicked isn’t going to help in that scenario.

2. Give Him Space And Let Him Know You’re There For Him
Make it clear to him that you’re there for him, and then leave it. Tell him you know things have been a little off for the time being and you’re there for him if he wants to talk. If he doesn’t respond to it, it's better you leave it. If you do this repeatedly, he’ll think that you’re pressuring him, and if he crawls back to himself, that’s not he needs at this stage of the relationship. Instead, give him all the space he requires to figure his shit.

3. Focus On Yourself
Giving your partner space isn’t always easy. You might want to ask what to do with that space? What is true identity outside of the relationship? Answering these relatively straightforward questions isn’t easy particularly if you’ve gotten used to your significant other filling your free time. So what will you do? The answer is to focus on yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’ work, a hobby, your missions or friends, this is the right moment to put all of your focus that makes who you are.

The Bottom Line
Keep on continuing until your partner gets himself sorted out, gets his confidence again, and comes back to you. When it comes to relationships, and you see that your partner is pulling away from you, the general rule is that if he’s willing to put some effort on it with you, and takes all the decisive actions, there is good chance that you can make your romantic relationship great again.

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