This What Brad Pitt Eats To Keep His Body Sculptured

Brad Pitt doesn't need too much presentation as absolutely everyone knows him. However, being a SUPERSTAR is not only about glitter and fun. You have all the fans' pressure on you as they analyze every small detail and they will immediately judge you if anything is wrong. Therefore, Pitt has a hard work to do in order to keep his fans happy. One of his tasks is to keep his body in a harmonious shape and make every role that he is playing as authentic as possible. Often times he has to change his appearance from a skinny guy to a god-like physique extremely fast, keeping at the same time his authenticity.

Therefore, his workout is focused on cardio in order to keep his fitness level high and be able to adapt to any role's requirements. He is also keeping an eye on what he is eating and tries to keep his diet as balanced as possible. In addition, he is using Brad Pitt Supplements that give him the energy that he needs and helps him get jacked extremely fast.

“Age doesn't forgive anyone so I am using all the tricks I know in order to stay young as long as possible. Therefore, my diet is clean and I eating lots of healthy stuff. Even though I receive roles where I have to gain weight fast, I still do not change my diet, but I try to achieve the targets by working out more and using the supplements that my trainers recommended me.

brad pitt diet



Eggs – 6 whites, 7 yolks
75 g oatmeal with raisins

Mid-morning snack

Tuna on whole wheat


2 chicken breasts
75-100 g brown rice or pasta and green veggies

Afternoon Snack (pre-workout)

Protein bar
Whey protein isolate shake

Post-workout Snack

Whey protein shake


Grilled fish or chicken
Brown rice or pasta
Veggies and salad

Evening Snack

Whey protein isolate shake
Or low fat cottage cheese (slow release protein)

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